Hypnotized Harem


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My beloved grandfather who cherished me passed away.

My father asked me to organize the articles that he left behind.

While rummaging through one of my grandfather’s boxes, I found a smartphone that would forever change my life.

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04/15/21 Reckless Translations v1c12
04/08/21 Reckless Translations v1c11
04/01/21 Reckless Translations v1c10
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02/15/18 Reckless Translations v1c1
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barashkafromro rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: c139
The series itself is fine. Typical wish fulfillment harem fantasy. MC even gets himself nice sugar mama, though it doesn't prevent him from acting s*upid and not asking for help where it really matters. He even got her daughter in danger. The Busty Loli was completely unnecessary and annoying addition to harem. But author realized later that he failed and started making her less clingy or cling not just to MC all the time.

But the translator Horny Translation is horrible. He butchers chapters to 1/2 or even 1/3 and tries... more>> to pass them off as full chapters. He translated less than half of chapter 3 and labelled as full chapter, less than half of chapter 4 as chapter 5. Raw text clearly says Coffee and he translates it as milk tea. Very many paragraphs are simply removed from the text. Cut and Cut translation. It gets very obvious and off putting when you look at the original. <<less
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May 10, 2018
Status: c3
Chapters are insanely short. Also, links to chapters 4 & 5 are broken at the time of this 'review'.

Setup of the story seems fine, but the total amount from the first 3 ""chapters"" doesn't qualify for the length of a single chapter of a normal story. I look forward to more, but there's nothing to really read yet.
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