HxH: God of Choice System


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I wasn’t hit by a truck, nor was I struck by a thunderbolt, yet here I’m inside Hunter X Hunter world, and I even have a system, but it’s really a weird one, it always gives me these kinds of choices:

【1:Join the Ryuudan. Reward: Magma Fruit.】

【2:Destroy the Ryuudan. Reward: Ice Fruit.】

【3:Ignore the Ryuudan. Reward: Fire Fruit.】

Allan sighed, “The problem is I’m really an indecisive guy…”

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Skoll028 rated it
November 11, 2020
Status: c140
First review:

... more>>

This is a preliminary review. I'll try to come back for another one at 100+ chapters.
First of all, I'm reading on their Patreon, so I'm a bit ahead of the free releases.

This series shows quite a bit of promise to be honest. Unlike a lot of fan-fics the main character begins changing a lot of things in the story fairly early on. They aren't s*upid, nor have they become a murder hobo (yet), although the power scaling has me a bit worried.

On the main character's personality: They aren't a coward, they definitely aren't s*upid, and could clearly weigh pros and cons in a given situation. Not an overly cruel person (yet) either. More information about their tendencies:

The main character seems more like a true neutral/chaotic neutral person. He said that he would be willing to kill people if the mission from the system required it, but would otherwise avoid it. Has no issues about leaving people powerless/defenseless in dangerous environments where they would almost definitely die however. At the same time, he's willing to help out Gon, and protect him, partly because he likes Gon's innocence, partly because of what Gon's aunt asked him to do.

Power scaling:
By chapter 30, he can already fight Ugovin from the Genei Ryoudan on fairly equal grounds. Not to the point of being able to kill him easily, but at least push him hard enough that the boss of the spiders has to step in for a moment.

That aside, the story starts off with the main character progressing from Gon's island, and meeting Gon there.

The system is interesting, in that it appears in the form of multiple choice options, based on certain events around the main character, although it has the habit of being a prankster at times. The system doesn't converse with the main character (yet), so don't come for this one if you're looking for the witty (and more often s*upid) conversation snippets between the main character and the system.

Regarding romance, The main character teased Gon's aunt fairly early on, implying that he was interested in her, twice asking her to go out with him, but then playing it off as a joke right after. No further significant interactions with females (yet), and no signs of this being a harem story.

Edit: Okay, signs of a possible harem now, implied by one of the multiple choice options given to the main character by the system. Not sure if it'll actually happen though.

Edit Edit: Nope, no harem


Second review (about chapter 96) :


Edit: Chapter 96 review:
It's continued to be much the same as before. The main character gets assigned various tasks to complete by the system, based on his current situation. He seems more than willing to help out the original main cast, but he's also not overly dedicated to them. More fighting with Spiders too. At this point, we're at the final phase of the Hunter Exam arc, and the main character has agreed to teach Leorio, Kurapika, and Killua Nen skills later, in part due to the system rewards.

Weapons and skills:

He received one of the famous swords from One Piece and also some swordsmanship skills.


Edit: 3rd review, about 146 chapters in


146 Chapters in, and the story has honestly lost a lot of tension. No harem yet, in case you're wondering, but damn, the author scaled the main character way, way, way too fast. Also, the main character is starting to develop chinese young master syndrome.

He starts killing people for petty reasons (not even system motivated), he's strong enough to hold his own against the chairman of the hunter association by 115-ish, and is able to have a pretty darn good fight against the zoldyck's grandpa.

One of the people he decided to kill was because they showed up to the arena late, and looked at him funny when he called them out on it (not exactly, I'm exaggerating this part a bit).

Also, starts to show a general disregard for bystanders, not really minding too much if the attacks he throws at his opponents hit random people instead.

I'll still read, but definitely less interested now.


Currently, I'd put it pretty solidly at 3/5. Lost a lot of the aspects that made it interesting early on.

That's it for now! Hope this helped you decide if you wanna read or not. <<less
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Monomololo rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: --
Overall, the writing and translation is decent. Interactions and grammar are serviceable.

The system is overpowered and nonsensical to the extreme and canon behavior is ignored entirely and in-universe rules are thrown out.

The pre-requisites and difficulty of learning nen are thrown out the window entirely, whereas in canon Gon needed like 5 arcs of physical and mental training and evolving as a person as well as being naturally talented due to his heritage before having his nen unlocked forcibly, which was implied to be deadly to anyone who was unprepared, in... more>> this fic he learns it just as easily before he even catched the giant fish at the start of the story. Not to mention so does Mito of all people, who literally is a civilian. Nowhere is this implied to have been aided by the system either, just done as a task to get rewards from the system.

So yeah, decent, if you're willing to ignore the massive OOC stuff and canon discrepancies.

Also forgot to mention, this HxH story takes place in an alternate universe, canon is way off the rails, random characters from the story appear in all sorts of nonsensical places. <<less
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mja rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: c55
This is just another system power fantasy where the MC gets massive power-ups just for doing the most basic and or easy tasks. There is no suspense as the character is overpowered right out of the gate and there is no sense of character development it's as if he just copy and pasted every power leveling system novel into the HxH world and expected it to be good.

Secondly, there are multiple inconsistencies and plot holes in every chapter and the author clearly doesn't understand the character's personalities well enough and... more>> tend to gets multiple things wrong that could have easily been solved by looking them up.

in conclusion, this is just another bad fan fiction written by a lazy author who literally copies and pastes plot devices and character traits from his other novels. I'll just go watch the anime again for the millionth time since reading this novel made me want to cleanse my brain from the s*upidity of this novel.

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Greycat rated it
November 9, 2020
Status: c10
Okay. I've done the first 10 chapters. My initial reaction: It's fun. It really is. It's got some humour in it, the MC isn't a jerk and has already started upsetting the plot. But the writing isn't bad, I enjoy the work the translation team does, and the System seems to be a minor troll, which does a lot to ease the impact of how broken these things are.

Honestly, I'm looking forward to seeing where the author takes us with his plot, if he's gonna stick with the canon storyline... more>> and Gon, or branch out and take our MC on his own adventure. <<less
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dtfyg rated it
December 26, 2020
Status: c30
Very generic power fantasy fanfic.

Idk why I read this. Characters go OOC extremely often. Dialogue is very "whatever goes as long as its easy to write and progresses the plot" and has completely ended my suspension of disbelief multiple times.

HxH's rigid combat/power system of nen is somehow transformed into chinese xianxia-esque style.

Overall, pretty average by fanfic standards, maybe even a bit above average, with the harem-route fake out.
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ReanuKeeves rated it
May 6, 2021
Status: c75
Not the worse.

But could be better.

Author clearly doesn't follow Hunter x Hunter lore or background much. This is where I gave it a pretty big hit in rating, cause of the dumb crap in lore. Such as early on with what the MC did with Gon, do not want to spoil that, but you should know that that method is extremely dangerous and there is no way MC was proficient enough to pull it off.

Furthermore interactions with other characters or other characters reasoning in being at the Hunter Exam. Yea...... more>> I think author was asleep watching anime or reading manga or whatever there.

Not only that, this fails to bring much of anything new to the world. All the MC is doing is following the lead character and the story is basically the same minus Author pooping all over it with lack of knowledge of HxH lore. Sure, some can say.. "Well, this and this happen instead." The main gripe I have is. The MC is still basically tagging along to the story. It isn't bringing anything NEW or DIFFERENT. Events so far still play out in some shape or form and doesn't seem to have to heavy of impact on story path of original HxH world. I would probably been more inclined if MC took alternative choice and just left that freaking island at start of story instead of being a tag-along.

This shows the author doesn't want to break or add anything game changing original in context to the story besides editing the existing story to fit whatever and still keep it going as it would have went in the original anime/manga.

All and all it is just horrible. I like the concept. It is just poorly executed as are many fanfictions these days.

2/5 is what I am giving it to be generous.

Edit: This review was up to C75. I went ahead and gave it a chance and read up to 99. Now I wish I could edit my rating. This novel is straight up dogs***. It doesn't even deserve a star, but at the time of the review I gave it two out of generosity. If I could edit, I would bring it back down to 1.

I won't go to spoiler heavy. But mainly it revolve around the 'additional, ' character and probably ways the MC can get additional party members. It is dumb as f***. It might as well be harem as well with the direction this is eluding to. But seriously, I hope this fanfiction gets a lot of backlash up to chapter 90+. I am dropping it for real this time and won't touch this garbage ever again. <<less
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DiabolicGod rated it
March 11, 2021
Status: c79
It seems cool at first, but the author sucks a bit at deciding the timing of events and pacing of the story, making the whole fanfiction at most mediocre.

Fights are cool when they are well-written, and the fights here just barely make it into that category. However, the whole story basically only has fights, most of which I can remember last for multiple chapters, even if a long fight does not fit at that point of the story at all or if it should by all logic be finished quickly.... more>> This drags down the whole story into nothing more than never ending fights with occasional plot or character development, both of which don't happen nearly enough.

Maybe I would feel different if I read it within a short time, but when I read about one fight for nearly a month in over four chapters, anyone would get annoyed at both the translator who doesn't finish translating even a single fight in nearly a month and the author for needlessly stretching the fights. So, from this point alone, I don't recommend reading this translated fanfiction while it is still ongoing.

The system is also a bit neglected as a way to introduce inner conflict to the MC, as whenever a choice appears, he does not really want the thing that he would get if he chose to do something he would not do anyway.

All in all, a nice "fast-food-chinese-fanfiction" to read if it is completely translated and you are bored and not looking for more than a wish-fulfillment journey (with cultivation style) like what many novice writers write, but nothing more. <<less
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Trixuny2000 rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: c135
This is a really good book up towards most of the hunter exam. Then it becomes not so great with him getting massive rewards for no reason and far more than he had been. Essentially every little thing will present a choice with OP rewards.
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Shuryo_CN rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: c43
It was a cool idea to make a system like this but the story pacing was so strange for me that it became boring. Also, I couldn't gouge the Mc's strength properly, he acquired abilities through the system but gained battle experience from training with Gon in whale island? Then he had a fight with Ugovi- (the big guy Kurapika killed from the Spiders) and he needed help to at least to care of him, what? I just don't understand personally, and it got boring, so Peace out for me.
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Jwoozi rated it
April 9, 2021
Status: v1c87
This fanfiction is really really great!!! I hope this can continue for a longer time! I'm sorry that I can't support financially though as I still am a student and don't have money, enough to donate... but here is my 5-star rating!!
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hypersniper159 rated it
May 18, 2023
Status: c86
Solid writing, I guess? Worldbuilding/system changes with the flip of a coin. Characters are nothing like the original, plot is pointless and forgettable at best. It’s just fight p*rn. It’s also very easy to read. I got up to 86 within an hour or so. Eh you can bother your self with it, and get out of a reading slump, yet otherwise, there is nothing to it.
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sir rated it
April 6, 2021
Status: c10
Egh, it's, just so cringey, you have a character who is both s*upid (In the bad way, not the endearing way) and that everyone likes super fast, like, I get Gon is a friendly guy, but even he has boundaries. Also he's not even indecisive, he decides things prettty damn fast. Also ... more>>

Somehow he's an excellent teacher of nen? Like, he gets Gon's caretaker to become a literal genuis with nen, not even becuase of his system in any way, all he got was the ability to use nen from the system, not how to teach others it. Gon had a reasonable learning time, but also, he now has a massive admiration to the MC, which is annoying to see.

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Sovterion rated it
February 23, 2021
Status: v1c75
Some lags in the writing here and there such as missing words but overall is readable and enjoyable - some stuff such as dialogue or characters actions/thought process seems a little forced but I'm only reading for fun and it certainly is good for that.

If your looking for a canon focus ignore this fanfic because it's more like a alternate universe/character mishmash.
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