How To Win My Husband Over


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I became the Villainess who died at the hands of her husband in the novel.

To be exact, as a supporting role who dies after being used by her father and brother as a tool for political marriage.

One day, my goddamn father crawled out and brought my fifth groom.

The problem is that he is the husband who will kill me, and is the best paladin in the north who will bring down my family in the future.

First of all, I have to find a way to live.

Before I find a way to save my sister-in-law,

In the original story, before I find a way to save my sister-in-law whom I was supposed to kill, there are many difficulties, such as my husband’s coldness, the northerners’ contempt and check, but if I seems harmless to the people here—

Won’t he save my life later on?

“I have a crush on you!”

So please save me!

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How to Get My Husband on My Side
남편을 내 편으로 만드는 방법
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46 Reviews

New xiyhan
Nov 26, 2023
Status: Completed
I actually thought this would be bumped on my top 5 best manhwa adaptation/novel. Because it has all the right element tbh (good plot, amazing character, great climax of story, great writing). Unfortunately, it fell flat by the ending as well as the side story. It was such a disappointment, probably author just wanted it to end I guess.
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Mar 11, 2021
Status: --
I just want to say thank you to the person who decided to take this BEAUTIFUL novel!
I've been reading it in its original language for a while and this novel is beautiful. You must read it seriously.
The evolution of the characters is simply perfect, I liked that they did not fall in love instantly like other cliches that I have read (I also like to read cliches) this novel is something fresh and a bit harsh (since it talks about abuse, trauma. And eating disorder).
When you read... more>> it, do not get angry at first, since the attitude of ML is like that and it is super natural that he is distrustful of FL.


At first he treats her somewhat indifferent since it is super rational for him to distrust her (the FL has a bad record) but he never disrespects her.



The girl has a bad record thanks to her brother and her father who have abused her and practically sold her to different people (it is not yet clear to me why they do all that)


What I like most about this novel is its evolution as they grow up and fall in love. The ML in love is PURE GOLD

There is also a lot of s*xual tension, that was something new for me. I mean something new because in the novels I have read I have always felt that THAT is missing in the characters and well this novel does give us all that s*xual attraction that they felt. I was so excited by every touch and look they gave each other.


He loves her so much that they do it all the time;) (the FL says that the ML looks at her with eyes of pure love)


I also love how ML gives him her place as her wife and takes care of her.
He may be a bit rough, but he lived a somewhat harsh life.
Really read this novel, it's a gem <<less
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Jul 31, 2021
Status: c8
I can't stand it any longer. Whoever added the tags and genres to the description of this novel are scammers.

... more>>
  1. Comedy?
    1. Do you think an MC with a warped mental state from brainwashing abuse is funny? MC does not crack jokes, the only thing she cracks is her back from apologizing and acting pitiful.
    2. I haven't read a single funny thing.
  2. Shoujo?
    1. Do you even know what Shoujo means? You might have been confused because shoujo is "the point of view of a young female protagonist and usually involves romance and drama" and this novel contains drama and should contain a smidge of romance because the characters are married (don't count on romance here). BUT shoujo is light-hearted and would never contain an MC with such realistic problems like mental illness or eating disorders.
    2. Josei doesn't fit here either, this story has more in common with Shoujo than Josei. BUT THIS STORY IS NEITHER SO JUST DON'T ADD THE GENRE.
  3. Tags.
    1. Are you joking?
    2. Are you joking?
    3. You must be joking.
    4. Out of the 13 people who rated this novel and the many more who read like ghosts...... None of you thought to add an Abuse tag. Abuse is present throughout 8 straight chapters.

Anyway, I'll fix it. I've only gone 8 chapters but I have some trigger warning tags to add. ALSO. I'm removing that damn comedy genre. Must've been selected by someone who hasn't read the novel, even from ch 1 the abuse was present and no comedy was seen. HERE IS A PSA. If the story is slightly funny, use the "comedic undertone" tag. Not the comedy genre. This story is not funny at all.

MC is not blackhearted nor is she good at scheming but this girl is so messed up to the point of no return. I'm talking about "3 years of therapy and shows slow progress". She was tormented in her previous life, and when she transmigrated it got worse.

Author, did you have to give MC such a brutal life where, what should've been an escape from her situation, she couldn't rest and her abuse was continued by her new family? Abused by her family in her first world, abused by her family in her second world. WHAT MAKES THIS WORSE IS, her pathetic personality was adopted to help her survive.

"If you open the door of the cage to a bird that has been trapped in the cage for too long, the bird cannot leave the cage. This is because the bird has been trapped in the cage for so long that it has forgotten how to exit and fly." This is MCs tragic situation. MC is the bird who has forgotten how to fly after being caged her entire life, threatened with violence from both of her families she became a "harmless innocent" who has no will of her own. It's possible that MC will attempt to free herself from her abusers but her personality does not have any fight left in it. When anything happens she wears a harmless smile and/or cries.

Because she feels detest, for her family and her older brother, I'm assuming she has enough strength to attempt an escape. But fear and obedience are engraved in her core, so I won't expect anything.

Back to the birdcage analogy, if MC had someone to open her birdcage she would struggle really hard to fly out. The author will most likely use the ML's hand to save MC, and the MC will struggle to separate herself from her abusers (probably even fail). After all, MC has been through so much trauma she's practically brainwashed to act harmless and innocent to avoid abuse.

Ah. I forgot to add why I hate this novel.

MC is a broken little white lotus. The author will not give MC room to breathe. The ML is not my favorite. MC's personality sucks. MC's first family was awful. MC's second family is twisted and chilling. MC's brother gives me a weird pe*verted "she is my toy" vibes, I'm pretty sure he is expelling his s*xual desire by placing MC on his lap and petting her head (oof I'm going to puke). MC's personality sucks.

Really, the author is overdoing it. MC's personality is so pathetic and hopeless. ("maybe the author wanted you to think of the MC in that way" NO.)

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Oct 17, 2021
Status: c86
If you can't handle abuse in fiction, don't read this novel. It's a lot. Eating disorders, physical abuse, mental abuse, su*cide, and the brother has creepy possessive feelings toward FL. I feel the author is very respectful of the topics nonetheless, particularly for eating disorders, shown through how thorough their research is into the effects on a person's body, mental state, as well as the effects on the people around them.

And of course, thank you so much to Yui and Rae for working on this novel...! It's become my all-time... more>> fave.

This is the first time I've felt like FL is reacting reasonably to her own trauma. I mean this girl is really, seriously traumatized, it breaks my heart every time. Seeing her open up slightly only to regress when something happens really highlights how hard it is to overcome that level of brainwashing. The reactions of the people around her who are unaware, from confused to frustrated to horrified, feel very appropriate, rather than overly gushy. I'm excited to see more characters learn the truth (and the perpetrators be punished!!)

The ML is cold at first (with reason) but not disrespectful. You could argue he's neglectful, but it's a bit murky given the other circumstances going on. Once he commits, though, this man...! I really enjoyed watching their relationship evolve, and watching ML struggle with his feelings and how to treat FL. How much he thinks of her after he finally commits himself to being her husband, and how hard he's trying to get through to her. Sometimes he's a little clumsy, but he's doing his best. I can also see how people might feel his change was "sudden", but I felt that we could see the turmoil he had been in over FL for quite some time. That's my personal feelings, anyway!


I'm also so excited to see where the plot with the monsters is going. Their relationship with FL and ML's response to them are so good! But what is the reason!?!? Popo and griffin and obese lizard, I hope you're all doing well, thank you for supporting our FL..!


TL;DR it's a very dark novel, but with a FL you really want to see recover, and villains whose downfalls you crave to watch. <<less
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Oct 23, 2021
Status: c81
I’d like to write a proper review later but for now:

This story contains very heavy themes including abuse, mental illness, and eating disorders.

I spent 4 hours binge reading the first 50 chapters and crying my eyes out at how relatable the protagonist was.

I’ve seen many complaint’s on the MC’s personality and how her trauma makes her act/freak out. To that I hope everyone can realize that individuals all respond to trauma differently.

The MC has crafted a sort of alternate personality of being a “cute idiot” that she puts on to survive her abusive household. This is something that I’ve seen a few people hate, but I found it so relatable. Having to fake your reactions, fake your affection, walk on eggshells around everyone, basically there were many bits and pieces of her sad sad life that I found relatable coming from a messed up household myself.


As such, for me, I’ve stuck around this far and am looking forward to more because the MC’s inner thoughts remind me so much of what my own once were (and sometimes still are). I’m really happy with the way the author has written it so far, though that may be because all the other heavy themed LNs I’ve read so far were just #not it yk.
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Nov 12, 2021
Status: c78
Read this story, it's so heart warming. I'm too emotional and want to continue reading from the chapter I just read. So I will say that my favorite part about this story is that the FL is weak. It's realistic, she was traumatized, abused, depressed, used, and so much more happened. She doesn't picks fights like the common "strong female lead" and although those stories are really interesting I really like the message the author was trying to convey here. One of the issues that I had most with the... more>> "strong protagonist" troupe is that they had to change to be loved, even when no one else around them did. It was only in their second life did they become loved. The reason why I love this story so much is that the female lead didnt have to change to be loved. She didn't have to suddenly overcome her trauma which is so hard to do, to be loved. I love the message that your still worthy no matter how bad people make you out to be and how little your may feel about yourself. The relationship between the female lead and the male lead is extremely heart warming.

The female lead is weak, she's scared and all she wants to do it survive. So she acts harmless, she let's things go, she doesn't pick fights, but that doesn't mean she's s*upid or naive. That's how she learned to survive after being abused and manipulated, which is a very real issue in real life. And it's to the point where she doubts the ML and distrusts him. (And there isn't any huge/constant misunderstandings because even when she wants to push him away and not believe him, her emotions get the best of her and she ends up relying on him and telling him the truth. It's to the point where it's shocking.) And I hope you don't get mad at her. Her family would say nice things and abuse her in the next, she doesn't know what to expect, she constantly went through times where she would have hope, although very little, and would be disappointed. Her responses and actions are really expected of a traumatized person, that you would honestly wonder why she wanted to be alive. And finding that out was heartbreaking. And what I love about this story, that I had issues with other stories, is that she didn't have to change. She didn't have to change to be loved, she didn't suddenly have to become a strong character that she never was, nor do things that she's too traumatized to do. I like that despite her doubts with the ml, he still loves her. And even when he gets mad because she doesn't trust him, he still stops and feels sad as to why she's like this. Instead of ignoring her trauma and simply being mad at her, he tries to understand her and asked her how he can help her and that he's on her side. This is really healthy behavior. Oh also don't misunderstand, I'm not "defending bad behavior" the female lead is actually a really sweet and likeable main character. I'm not trying to say she's a b**ch but she acts like this because this, this, and that. (Sry if I confused you) No I was trying to say why she's really timid where you just want to give her a hug. This story really makes you root for her and you want her to be happy. It's very satisfying.

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Nov 01, 2021
Status: c47
Here are the reasons:
-Main problem here is the writing, the author has difficulties describing emotions. Dialogues are undefined, very... dry, and repeating.
-MC's character is built on lies and fear only, with that her relationship with others felt fake too, it'd be fine if this behavior was cut short but the whole story was built on top of it so it didn't get any better...
-Readers say ML is a tsundere but what? Naaa. He's written around "involuntary" neglect and verbal abuse. It's been toned... more>> down but doesn't matter since he acts like an emptied tree log for a long time. Such a bad paring with her meek and scared character.
-Character growth? What? Where?
-Emotional satisfaction this story gave me: ZERO. I hoped it slowly get better but I don't care after this point.

I don't know why I read this many chapters when I couldn't connect with any of the characters.
Definitely doesn't deserve this many 5 STARS.
[ I really enjoy the manhwa though. The art style is beautiful and more descriptive, many negative elements from the novel are covered. Start from the manhwa if you can. ] <<less
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Mar 23, 2022
Status: c120
Novel not recommended to read.

MC basically just being abused for the first 40 or so chapters, after which the author vigorously attempts to whitewash the scumbag ML.

MC immediately falls in love with the only person not actively abusing her and even then the ML is still a completely disgusting human being.

... more>> Novel issues:

1) MC is suffering most of the story

2) ML instantly whitewashed and rewarded for his terribly behavior by getting the MC. ML is never called out on his actions or suffers consequences. (No, searching for MC after you let everyone abuse her and then feeling tired is not a consequence.)

3) The sheer insanity that occurs: Okay? So everyone in this world is human scum, but still no one ever finds the stuff MC does weird? She has a number of outbursts and sounds very fake but no one questions anything.

4) Romance is completely toxic one-sided

5) Mc's control of magic creatures (demons) is thoroughly not explained till later and then seems even more ridiculous when you realize MC could've become a dragon rider etc and not have come back to be abused 24/7.

6) Lack of location detail (Novel is really minimalistic but also suffers from mediocre worldbuilding like the whole nonsense behind the poisoning etc).

There's a number of other issues as well, like how strange the descriptions are from Mc's perspective, or the horrible depictions of cruelty in Mc's newly married household, or how paper thin the fodder scum characters are, but those are minor issues. Author attempts to go the extra mile of suffering with eating disorders, monthly pains, and constant times MC catches a fever or takes water damage but it's all ultimately pointless as these events cause no future toll.

Overall, mainly just a world populated with scumbag human beings who really are just complete tr*sh. An extremely empty experience with no goodwill behind the writing. -900Quintillion/10.

P.S. MC absolutely should have just left the territory as soon as she could have or at the very least taken better advantage of the huge amount of free rubies available. Really despise how much suffering the MC has to go through for basically no reward. Oddly enough does seem like one of those novels where the author would cross into the novel after writing such a bad end for the MC. <<less
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Oct 29, 2021
Status: c96
tbh I really like this novel lmao, I binged it in one day (translated chapters) and I dont get why so many people are hating on it.

its probably one of the best knovels that potray abuse. Alot of times abuse is just glossed over and treated with the 'power of love' or the abused MC is rational enough to distinguish who will hurt her and who wont.
Its not that easy. Theres a lot of reasons for her behaviour as well ML's behaviour and its explained pretty well. But all... more>> I see is people taking it lightly lmao.

A parent's death is a huge turning point of life. Even for full fledged adults the acceptance doesnt come easy. ML was 13 when his mom hung herself and he was the first one to find her body.
That is Trauma and its absolutely valid that he doesnt wish to get close to anyone or fall in love with anyone.
His mom died and he's estranged from his dad, dude never even had proper parenting and yet he spoils her so much. Thats a good man and a good personality.
He's cold? Hell, if I was to marry someone from the enemy family which is as powerful as my family, I would also be cold. He fully expected her to leave so he never bothered getting attached to her. Later he constantly asked her, if she wants to leave and she said no. She said no and he decided to accept his feelings. For him it was that simple.



FL's trauma ranges over two different lives. (Maybe even three if the dream she had was truly her and not og rudbeckia)
Being treated as a trophy in both life, all she had to do was be affectionate, smile and laugh. For Caesar, it worked. She put caesar and izek on the same pedestal of scary because caesar was obsessed with her and izek was supposed to kill her.
so she thought if it worked on caesar, it will work on izek. But what izek fell for was her interactions with others she was comfortable with, the split second bantering that showed her real personality.
before their first night, both of them already felt attracted to each other. FL was not emotionally available and now is slowly opening up while ML fell headfirst into love when he got to know her.
Author is not abusing the FL too much. Abuse is forever. It doesn't "end". Even if abuser is gone, the memories will stay and the fear will stay, what matters is whether there is someone helping you through it.



as for romance, I dont think it was fast lmao, rn it started as desperate need for survival and has evolved into ML spoiling her rotten and FL gaining more confidence and feelings for ML.
It's more emotional support than romance for FL rn and much needed honestly.
he asked her on their first night, if she wants to leave and FL told him no. That made him stop holding himself back and doubting her and he decided that he would be her everything.
he teases her, he spoils her, he kisses her and he loves her. All the mundane things she lacked he is trying his best to give her.
dude doesnt know how to deal with panic attacks and I cant fault him on that because even in modern age people dont know lmao

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Jul 28, 2021
Status: c17
I want to delete this review but sadly I can't, creator please delete this, really thank you.
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Nov 01, 2021
Status: --
If you guys cannot take how dark this novel are, don't read.. If you guys don't like how the story flow, don't read.. You have problem with how the author write this story, go PRIVATE message the author.. No need to spoil everything just to keep ONLY yourself satisfied.. This people doing a really hard work to translate this story for you guys but people like you are the one who can make them lost their job n money.. If so many people don't like this story, the translator will... more>> not be translate this story until 100th chapter.. You guys can hate the personality of the FL because its not you in their place.. You think the FL want to be s*upid like that? You guys took so lightly what trauma n abuse can do to you n much worse, it's from your own family.. What's wrong with FL need help from ML? It's a brave things to get people to help you as you cannot control your mind n body when in trauma state.. Please do not get angry to FL because she didn't share everything to the ML.. They still don't truly know n trust each other but things do make a progress.. Just please pray for the FL poor soul to keep fighting back n find her happiness.. <<less
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Aug 29, 2021
Status: c63
This is a great novel! I've read quite a few of them and this one is not that different EXCEPT. Woah. I actually felt like crying a few times. The situations are actually pitiful which is not new but instead of thinking we'll she could just do this or that you understand the heroine and her struggles. The MC is I think the best. She has depth.

... more>>

I was especially surprised by the mentioned mark on top of her hand which is a sign of bulimia or anorexia. I googled it to check. And it surprised me how through the autor is but also that I actually learnt something from a Korean novel!


Anyways. Give it a try. It's worth it! <<less
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Jul 29, 2021
Status: c21
This is so good. The FL is pretty entertaining and I love how the cold ML is starting to warm up to her. *Squeal*

Be warned though that there's a lot of trauma that's mentioned here. She cries a lot but she uses it to her advantage lol she's a bit sly 😋.

You'll probably hate the ML at first (I didn't though because in a way I tried to see it through his eyes). He's got promise. I really want to see them fall in love now, and destroy ... more>>

that bish Freya


I can't wait for more chapters. <<less
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May 09, 2022
Status: c1
idk how much I have waited for someone to pick this up but the site I used to read got taken down and here the chapters are all deleted... hope the new translating team upload fast.

as for the story, hey if u have problems with reading about abuse, ed or depression, stay away from this novel. it discusses alot abt those issues too.. as for the story, I may be biased but this novel is among my top 3....i really really love this novel. the storyline is cute as well... more>> as heartbreaking.... the characters are cute and the ML & FL are dumb at certain time but the ML is so whipped for the FL so it makes it up lol <<less
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May 17, 2022
Status: c118
Now this is what you call character development and actual romance. As excepted of the author of A Stepmothers Marchen. This is pure gold BTW.

The author knows how to control your emotions by creating characters that'll make you feel emotions. Characters that actually feel real in some ways, the MC has trauma that hurts her every second and the ML doesn't know how to comfort her. But the character development guys... It's worth reading through the sad and angry scenes.

The story is not new but written in a new way,... more>> it's something that I simply won't let be because it's too good.

The downsides are, the misunderstandings. If you don't like them, you might want to shy away from this. There is so many misunderstandings, of course they come to light but at the beginning you'll want to cry because of them. But the misunderstandings make sense. Because these two leads have trauma and don't know what understanding is! That's to be expected. That's where Character development comes in... Yeah, I won't get over how good the character development is.

And I love how the ML and FL naturally gain feelings for each other, and slowly start getting closer. It's not rushed, it's slow and lovable.

I want to talk about this series all day but I can't. One of my favorites, the author knows how to write heavy topics. It's really a great read! <<less
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Nov 03, 2021
Status: c70
Please read this, it’s so good!

I don’t think I’ll ever found a novel with the same concept as this one, it really stands out from every other novel I’ve read!


Also, the male lead may seem like an as*hole in the beginning, but he’s just tsundere and bad at expressing his feelings, and she just misunderstands him a lot.


Anyways, you will not regret it if you read this!
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Nov 01, 2021
Status: c69
The story is actually really interesting! It addresses important subjects such as racism, eating disorders, su*cide, abuse, PTSD etc. In a really good and realistic way. Even though it's dark it never gets boring and it's easy to read and enjoy. This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I think everyone should at least try to read it.
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Jun 02, 2023
Status: c147
One of the most boring/stale ML's ever written. ML didn't feel like a real person, he felt fake, like a "fantasy" boyfriend where 90% of his personality is 'unconditional love'.. but of course he's super cold so never expresses it.

It's alright, but the one area it shines is the MC's internal dialogue of her trying to trust people, mainly her husband... however everything else is lacking... MC is imo only really fleshed out character.. 80% of this Novel's content is her internally debating what people's intentions are, and assuming the... more>> worst. Slowly questioning the decisions of ML and others around her, trying to make sense of it. I like this, but NONE of the other parts of the novel were fleshed out well.. and since they aren't... it feels like author spent all creative energy on MC's repetitive depressing internal dialogues, and not on any other characters or the plot... unfortunate... because I feel like the abused mentality was captured pretty well... which is why this gets 3 stars, and not 1 star.

ML is SUPER bland and at a few points I genuinely wondered if there was some kind of love spell placed on him, turning him into a mindless doll... I genuinely think that would be a better plot than what we got... Or some justifiable reason for him to be so insanely in love with our MC, and that be his ONLY personality trait throughout the whole novel. Like maybe he remembers past life or knew her from childhood... nope, no reason... he just loved her for NO REASON. his whole character schtick is:

- good with sword, sad past so cold

- insanely in love with MC but never expresses it, just glares

- always being away for like 7 chapters when MC is in danger. And it's always lazy writing. Like her brother visits, who is her main abuser, which MC even suspects is her abuser, and he decided to disappear for like 3 days... To "train" for arena battle... of course she gets abused for days, and you're just scratching you're head "where is the ML who doesn't care about etiquette and loves his wife?!?" He's a cold tyrant, except when ML is in danger... then he disappears and shows up after the deeds are done... whenever you want ML to be there to help our MC, he's gone for no real good reason... his "love" is "let's give her lots of space and not talk to her" type of love... fun...

All other characters, except Ellena (MC Sister), feel like plot devices with no real personalities...

And the revenge payoff, is not there... at all... I don't even wanna talk about final chapters but damn, why would you ever skip a final battle, and cut to like "1 month later" and never go into detail about the battle between our ML and Villain... WTF...

And the 'face slapping' is pretty non-existent.. a maid bullied a countess? Well let's just reprimand her and let her continue doing that. She kept doing it? Let's send her away quietly and nicely.. we'll tell MC later... Some character betrayed the MC and sent her to her abuser?!? Let's let our ML just glare at them strongly, they'll get the message... cool!! (Even tho he is a legit violent psychopath, he leaves alot of his wife's tormentors alive... felt inconsistent... One person who disrespects his wife, he'll tear their tongue and eyes out, another person does it, he'll walk away angrily... majority, he just walks away... angst galore)

all that stuff just shows to me author was mainly interested in our MC's internal dialogue, and that caused rest of story to fall flat. No personalities, barely any plot, light hearted 'revenge' from apparent psychopaths (our ML and MC) (ML is 100% psychopath, threatening his sister for a new wife he just met... just psychotic behavior) <<less
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Jan 03, 2022
Status: c114
I thought this is just a typical goofy MC. But sht I got wrong. This. Is. So. Sad. I can feel the frustration that the MC feels, the sadness, the powerlessness when no one believe in her... Sigh. This novel actually can make me not get a sleep and cry through the night till morning the next day. And no guilty!

Oh and I feel like a read a Chinese novel, but wrote by korean. Consider the drama and how the villain acted 😂
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Dec 20, 2021
Status: c26
This manhwa/novel had me...

  • Sobbing at 3am
  • Simping over another 3-6 drawn masterpieces (IVAN!!)
  • Punching the air and my screen (pretending it was Freya and Rudbeckia's brother LOL)
  • Arguing with my imaginary friend about my theories (she knows everything)
  • Crying my eye's out over spoiler's
  • Wanting to jump into the manhwa and hug Rudbeckia so muchhh
  • Recovering from multiple nose-bleeds cause of Izek being shirtless
6 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Aug 20, 2021
Status: --
This is an absolute treat to read if your looking for abuse, but if youre not? Dont. Dont even try to touch this novel because it tackles really heavy topics that those who are looking for fluff wont appreciate

youve been warned: keep away if youre looking for fluff, this doesnt have an ounce of fluff in it
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