How To Survive As A Princess Of A Ruined Country


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The only captured princess in the ruined kingdom, Anserina, was taken to an unknown place by the Revolutionary Army that destroyed the country.

And what awaited her there was the terrible news that she would be the plaything of a man older than her father.

“Nonsense! Do you think I’ll do something like that?”

“If you don’t. Then what have you been here for?”

Riven, the man who had brought the news to her sarcastically, whispered to her devilishly that there was another way.

“What if you could never be that human’s lover?”


“Simply put, sleep with me first.”

A proposal so shameful and degrading for her, whose royal status has been lost by the revolution but whose pride still remains.

But she had no better option.

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망국의 공주로 살아남는 법
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