How to Survive as a Member of the Meteor Sword Family


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Having spent four years immersing myself in a game devoid of dreams or aspirations, clocking in twenty thousand hours, I suddenly find myself thrust into the shoes of a character within its confines. It’s an unjust twist of fate, made worse by the abrupt demand to face the gallows in a mere three days.

The reason? Simply put, the original inhabitant of this vessel was nothing more than a discarded miscreant, shunned even by their own kin.

“This is utterly unjust. To be forcibly thrown into this predicament is grievous enough. Are they suggesting my fate will be sealed upon arrival?”

In a world I’ve never triumphed in,
a world teetering on the brink of oblivion, I vow to endure by any means necessary.
By any means necessary.

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유성검가의 망나니로 살아남는 법
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