How to Live as the Mad Duke’s Fake Daughter


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I was reborn as an extra in the novel.

One day, an unidentified man kidnapped me and threatened me. To pretend to be Lilietta, the youngest daughter of the Duke of Bauner, who lost his daughter and went crazy!

“I’m Lilietta, the daughter my father has been searching for for 10 years.”

“It’s you, my beloved daughter.”

So I became the daughter of the Mad Duke. Now all I have to do is run away before I get caught…

However, the family of the villains is so obsessed that I can’t see the way out.

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미친 공작의 가짜 딸로 사는 법
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New xelixette rated it
May 8, 2024
Status: Completed
This is amazing. Truly amazing. But only if you want a novel that is more fantasy and about family than romance, and are ready to deal with angst (from the last third of the novel) and fear (from FL almost throughout the entire story). Highly recommended to read the translator's review as she translated the author's blogpost that explains the conceptualisation of the story. It gave me the right frame of mind when reading.

Someone in the spoiler thread claims the FL is selfish, a bit*h and destroys the family at... more>> the end, but I disagree.


She can keep up the happy family charade by continuing to be Lily. Even though the duke/dad, Alan, knows she isn't Lily anymore (and she knows he knows). But she doesn't want to, and she does have a choice to not want that!

Alan isn't good at expressing his feelings. How is the FL to know how he truly feels? How can you blame the FL for putting her survival first?


If I must have a complain, it'll be the many tea break scenes... is that meant to add on to the fake happiness feeling? It was a little annoying.

This story isn't for everyone, like those who expects op MC op ML op everyone and quick happy ending, but just my two cents. <<less
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Bluebells in Bloom
Bluebells in Bloom rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: Completed
*Review updated after completing the entire novel*

Hello, this is Ame, the proofreader of this novel - a reader's comments/questions made me think and decide to leave this review to let potential readers have some expectations of what they're getting into. While the cover and summary seems the usual fluffy, heartwarming "family" type of rofan (nothing wrong with that btw, I love those too!), it's a little darker and more angst.

Below is what the author herself wrote (about the conceptualization of the story).

... more>>

I once read in the author's blog that while she enjoys stories where an unhappy person/child from another world becomes a (main) character in the novel, and is loved unlike the original, she often wonders the following:

(1) If the main character becomes happy as a child in the novel, what happens to the child in the original story? Does he/she just disappear after living such a short life?

(2) If you become a child in a novel and is loved, whose life will be then? If you were the main character, would it be okay to lose the name/self that you've been all your life?


My thoughts around halfway through the story:


Rather than a dramatic romance or '2nd chance at life with loving overprotective family' or 'saving the empire' kind of story (once again, not that there's anything wrong with that), the overarching plot of this novel will deal with what the author brought up (mentioned above), and answer the questions "Is she an imposter? What is the truth behind her birth?" Deception and guilt will be frequently mentioned in the novel.

Personally, I wouldn't say the FL is 'smart', but I wouldn't think she's completely 'dumb' either because she really doesn't know much at all, the original "novel" might describe the world and the protagonist, but it may or may not help her at all.


My thoughts after chapter 100:


The revelations/truths that spill out does make sense - we all know the scenes of a happy family won't last, and it ties together Pedro's memory of lily's scent, Alan's pov, and gaps in the FL's knowledge of the "novel" along with her powers.

I like the way the author portrays different kinds of love. Showing, not telling.

Some thinks Benny is too good for the FL and calls the FL 'selfish'. I disagree. From the way I see it, she's always been desperate for love, or to be more exact, familial love. Of course she will be mad if Benny (or anyone actually) wanted to harm that family she so dearly love (even if it's in the name of his love for her).

That being said, their 'priority' of love are different, where the FL prioritizes her family, the ML prioritizes her and does everything to be with her. You just can't say that one of them is wrong, they're both right in their own way.

Alan's conundrum over the 'love for this daughter' is painfully difficult to read because its heart wrenching. In his way, he tries his best to grieve and live on. I was sniffing at chapter 160 ("He never thought he would fall in love with a monster"), and in tears during his side story.


Two of my favourite lines:

"If I became a completely different person, would it be even me?"

"Perfect fantasy and brutal reality. Which of the two would you choose?"

This is a slow-paced story and kinda different from the rest in my site (though, whether that's a good thing or not is up to you readers haha). Thanks for reading this long-ass disclaimer/spoiler/review, have a good day ^^

P.S. Treasure your loved ones! <<less
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laexdream rated it
November 1, 2022
Status: c71
Super good story, with an interesting world. The idea is very refreshing, and the mystery intriguing. If you're looking for a rofan, it's not exactly it, since each moment of sweetness comes with a bit of angst as the MC battles with being the fake daughter of a callous-to-everyone-but-his-family Duke.

The translation is great too, and I 100% recommend
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riaevelui rated it
October 7, 2023
Status: Completed
I've never written a review before, but since this novel isn't getting any more known, I felt I should express my opinion to get people to read this.
the world building:

It's set in a world where the people essentially lives in an illusion that is created by the world tree. The sky isn't real, the moon is a hoax. Outside that illusion lies despair, with evil spirits roaming around, and people live within the barrier.

I really enjoyed the lore, on why the world is the way it is


the characters:
This novel has some of the best characters ever. I love every single one of them. Each character is neither good nor bad. Everyone has flaws and everyone suffers.
1. 'Lily'


Our FL is someone who is pretending to be the duke's daughter all for the sake of survival. However it's clear she feels immense guilt for deceiving the family. Later on, she grows to care for her family as family, not just thinking about survival anymore. When they find out she's a fake, she thinks it's her fault and expected them to hate her. In the end, she does grow as a character and learns to accept the love given to her.


2. Alan


at first, he seems like the cliche cold Duke who dotes only on his daughter. My views on him changed a lot as the novel progresses. He's a man who loves his wife so much, and a part of him kind of died when his wife died. He mourns everyday. There's a lot more on his character that I just can't sum up a quick review on. I believe he deserves all the happiness in the world.

The other characters, including the antagonists, are really well written. They have a background that makes them the way they are.

This novel is definitely not a happy one, but that's what makes it so special.
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znukhsoc rated it
October 27, 2023
Status: c20
I don't like the fake feeling the author's giving. From experience, I just know that the author is going to keep this "untrusting" MC and instantly loving family trope, like give them a little time to warm up to each other... MC's new family acts like they've seen her every day for the last 10 years.

I couldn't love MC at all. She's not cute, warm or smart. She keeps mentioning the death threat with similar sentences every damn chapter. Her reasonings about her "oncoming death" are just way too off... more>> for me... When the story doesn't fit the common sense it is building I can't immerse myself in the reading.

The constantly fighting brothers trope is overdone too. It's not even funny at this point.

I like these kinds of stories when they have a little bit of common sense. This one doesn't really have it.
I couldn't warm up to this novel and it's a little bit too early to score this lower so this is it.

I tried to read until chapter 20 for Ame but I honestly don't have the patience for this story. <<less
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