How to Fall in Love with the Villain


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Q: How would you approach your target?

Tiger Tribe:
Jiang Yu (excited): “Cure him, give him medicine!”

Future Mecha:
Duan Jingzhe (at a loss): “… umm … feed him expired nutrients?”

Ancient Court:
Donghao Yang (banter): “Follow nature’s example and flirt shamelessly.”

Next unlucky protagonist: “…”

This is a collection of three short stories in which each protagonist crosses to another world or is reborn.

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MofuMofu rated it
March 11, 2018
Status: Completed
I got confused when read the ending, but when I read the summary back, I got it! This is not multiple world tag like QWFOD, but rather 3 stories with dofferent world and story!!!

I wont spoil anything, just wanna recommend this is very interisting tht I cant choose what story better than the last. Each world have a unique character and story.

Character of each world :

... more>> First world

Cheerfull (Fake arrogant) uke X Cold seme

Second world

Genius and cold uke X temperamental seme

Thrid world

Violence uke X Obedient seme.

But all seme in here are basically same personality, like possesive and obedient to uke. But well, they have slightly different to each other.

We have three world here. Beast world, future world, and ancient world. Choose ur own favorite world and enjoy the story ^_^ <<less
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Tintl rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: c34
I love the story so far, and the translator is really good at translating not only the literal meaning, but also the cultural equivalent, he/she puts notes up for convenience of understanding.

the first arc is from ch1-25, I'm pretty sure and it's pretty good!

But the second one (The one I'm in now) is sooo much better and it's sooo good! The reactions if ML is so kawaii!

... more>> But in the second arc on ch27 the dates for expiration date got mixed up kinda, since context says the medication was past expiration date, but the actual dates aren't. (The above is no longer valid)

to translator, I'm not posting comments cause I really don't want to make an account and I need to "sign in" to do that. But that doesn't mean I don't love it! <<less
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Ryss rated it
March 22, 2018
Status: c8
Love it until now (my chinese is too crappy as that I could read it raw)

It's cute, has good characters and a nice twist

Another good point is that


there is no "bam!" love at first sight for the male lead and the first real meeting between them (slightly after the MC crossed over) endet with the MLs realistic/reasonable reaction instead of a Gary Sues "everything-that-was-done-until-now-is-forgotten just-because-of-this-one-act" meeting

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Addison rated it
January 22, 2019
Status: c37
Is a very good story! well 3 stories better say. So far I'm at the second one. (my fav)

Anyway, there are 3 stories with different characters. Its not the same MC and ML. First world is an ABO the second one is set in future. It's very well made, the only minus I give is for the very slow translating. Let's face it, mostly all of as here with an account or even more without, we wait for the translation. And when is so slow is a very big... more>> turn off. And more people drop a good story bcz of it....

(gave a 5 anyway) <<less
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readerz rated it
July 1, 2018
Status: c27
Chapter 27 is the first arc. I read up to that.

Nice story. It was pretty short but okay. The first arc is like an ABO world. The main character died in his original world and transmigrated into the body of a male who can give birth. They are known as "females" in that world. LOL, yes it is MPreg. The world he transmigrated into is a world of beastkin tribes who live in the forest. There are three types of people: A - shapeshifters, B - chimera, and C -... more>> "females" (they are actually males who can give birth).

So yeah, it's pretty weird. ;) The MC and male lead have a "childhood sweethearts" type of love story. It's sweet and fluffy but there were a few annoying side characters who scheme against them. I look forward to the other two arcs. I rated the first arc 5 stars. <<less
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May 26, 2018
Status: c1
It's good, but the pacing is a little fast for me, which is why a story that should be cute ends up only making me angry from all the one sided villains. There isn't any character development. Even when the main character is "raising the villain" the villain mostly raises himself and being an twenty year old adult from a different planet in a different ers has nothing to do with the story. There isn't any character development so at the beginning the villain is aggressive all the way to... more>> adulthood. <<less
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iamlost rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: c70
Stopping at 70 because I cannot take the third story anymore.

... more>>

The third one is in Ancient China setting. The MC is the Royal Teacher (I think) while the ML is the Prince/future king.

The reason I don't want to continue reading it was because the MC's yiniang managed to hypnotize him to hate the Imperial family. The author made the MC quite OP and equipped with a quite useful (MC said that) system but let MC get hypnotized by a lady from a brothel?!

The reason the yiniang managed to hypnotize MC was because she stabbed MC with some tool. And MC thought it was nothing worth notice. The author keep saying how vigilant the MC was but made him ignorant at important junction? That felt very weak and forceful.

I stopped at the part where MC acted super cold towards ML because of the fake memories planted by the yiniang. I don't like this kind of dog blood plot :v

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numba1nobody rated it
May 31, 2020
Status: v2
Only for 2nd Arc-

As far as what I thought, I never decided to continue anymore I only read the 2nd arc because of the setting but it was unsatisfying because there are too much missed information, and MC and ML interaction in it is not very intimate if we are talking about the story being descriptive but anyways they kissed tho.

I really like the MC he doesn't talk that much but I wish he interacts more with the ML. ML is a person that has 0 patience and gets angry... more>> fast complete opposite of MC.

I don't know about this one but when did they even started liking each other... The story itself is kinda vague about descriptions and I'm left out in a predicament.

I never cared about other stuff when I read BL novels and only pay attention with the ML and MC's interaction.I only care about romance moments and intimacy between them.

If we are talking about the plot and how it is written I doubt I can even rate it 3 star but it was entertaining because it's futuristic with the MC a maker it's kind of the same as forty millenniums of Cultivation but a BL one.

I just, just love the MC. Wow I wish I can find another novel that has MC like 2nd arc.I really like him I like his temperament he is so cute just imagining it is killing me. <<less
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May 29, 2020
Status: --
The 2nd arc MC is too damn cold and indifferent toward everything except for mecha. Even though MC and ML in the 2nd arc later got together he's still prioritizing mecha rather than his lover omg im so mad😡

I feel pity toward ML haha

At least indulge and spoil your lover a bit don't you? It feels like only ML who's in love and MC only go with the flow smh. The 1st arc is better.
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October 7, 2018
Status: c27
I only read the first part (1-25) and I was kind of hoping that the different worlds have correlation to each other but they are completely different. So I just read the first story since it has the mpreg I am craving for. I am happy with the way the story has gone though the ending could have gone longer. I felt that it's too short. But credits to the author for not dragging the drama unnecessarily. As justice was served, the story also ended.
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