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Yan Shiying was selected and transmigrated into a cannon fodder at the side of the female lead that was desired by millions of people, and in the end she was used as a substitute, a spare tire and a tool by the male leads

They didn’t expect that after she became their only light, she ruthlessly abandoned them one by one

Yan Shiying: You scold me, you’re done for, you will have to date me.

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hanma9068 rated it
May 1, 2020
Status: c95
So far, this one is good (I MTL). But first things first, 90+ chapters are basically in 1 world. And the total of how many worlds are unknown yet, so... Idk if I'm hooked enough to continue since the status is still on-going.

FL is a calculating b**ch. She decides to go against the system. The system wants her to be a canon fodder, but instead, she wants to be herself & destroy the 'world'. I like how sometimes her plans didn't go according to how she wants. It feels realistic... more>> enough, unlike some of those system-based protagonists who have everything in the palms of their hands.

And the story itself is kinda dark. If you want a fluffy romance, NO, this novel is not for you. Many tags were missing like obsessive, psychological, a bit mature etc so read at your own risk. To me, this one is fine, but some may not. And the author even mentioned that this first world is EASY lol ?? those twists & turns are just...

But anyways, all those characters are just kinda pitiful. Or I might as well mention that characters in system-based stories are mostly pitiful, especially if the protagonists are clear about their goals & didn't have any attachment/sincere feelings towards them /sigh <<less
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xtruthxliex rated it
May 10, 2020
Status: c2
I don't know if it's the translation or what, but it's very confusing. I don't know what is going on half the time.

You got the 3rd pov, the 1st pov and the f*cking arc novels pov crammed together.

MC and system don't even understand what's going on in the world because MC only knows what's supposed to happen as it happens. She doesn't even know about her characters, only things connected to the plot.

The very 1st chapter begins so abruptly. Like I know some system novels are like this but with... more>> no explanation whatsoever... Eh...

Just... Overall confusing and abrupt. <<less
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BitterDaisy rated it
August 31, 2021
Status: c142
I read the whole novel. It's supposed to be a quick wear story with only one arc. I wish there were more arc... I really like this this type of MC. They are very rare. There are no golden finger, no luck. MC depends on her wit. She plays with the characters mentally unlike other story where MC only knows to grow rich and make other bankrupt. I also like how MC does not care about moral high ground. I really like strong female MC, but somehow most... more>> of the author puts them on moral highground like finding excuses to take revenge. So this MC is différent as she dies not care if you are good or bad as long as it fullfill her purpose. Which often make you feel bad and pity for other characters. Which is also a good point of the novel. Only regert is there's only one arc... Like normal novel. <<less
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ConsiderableWave rated it
August 27, 2021
Status: c17
This novel definitely requires the psychological tag, however it seems relatively forced. I love a scheming villainess seeking revenge as much as the next girl, but some of the actions in this seems a bit forced. Like, would 'X' really do 'Y action' or would they instead take a more realistic approach? In this novel, ten out of ten times, the more dramatic and ridiculous 'Y action' will be taken. It's not bad, just feels a bit unnatural.

It also might just be me, but there are a lot of characters... more>> to keep up with. I had to make a cheat sheet with all of their names and small descriptions on it, but as of ch 17 there seem to be 11 characters worth remembering and their personalities aren't so distinguished that it's easy to separate one from another; out of 11 characters, 8 are guys and all have some sort of romantic interest to either the MC or the OG female lead of the novel.

It's not something you can casually read in my opinion, there's a lot to juggle that's going on which isn't necessarily bad, however it does require thinking to jump from one subplot to another since having multiple schemes running at the same time isn't easy for the MC, author, or reader. I do think it'll be fun once things start to pick up, however it seems like this is a train that has finally chugged up a hill and I'm unsure of what lays ahead. I could easily see this rocketing down a hill and completely flying off the tracks, but I could also see it struggling up the side of a continuous mountain and be boring despite random turns that make no sense. It's not a story I would normally find myself trying to keep up with and it'll be one I ignore for a week before catching up on, but I'll still try to read it just because I'm curious to see how the rest of the drama is handled. <<less
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Realvnv rated it
November 19, 2021
Status: Completed
I came here for the green tea bit*h MC, and how to say, I'm not quite satisfied?

MC is a bit*h for sure, but bloody hell, even she gives off a Mary Sue vibe. God knows what she was doing in her own world since it wasn't mentioned, but seeing her master strategist-level tactics and superb grasp on human emotions makes me suspect that she was AI or sum shit. C'mon, she calculates timings down to milliseconds, "accidentally" fall and drag male protagonists down every once in a while without someone... more>> suspecting her, can bring out %263847 of the charm a human being could possibly muster and confuses enemies with her charm stat left and right... Oh, yes, everything but everything goes according to plan, like she relives the same life 12th time.

Since we're clear that she is a Mary Sue, let's talk about her character a bit.

She only has one trait: emotionlessness. I get you got a have a heart of steel to be able to play with people like she does, but isn't it too much lol? She keeps saying it's all a game and shit, but I even feel for them like they are real when I read a book, for her to insist they aren't real when talks and laughs with them every day is just... Dunno, doesn't sit well with me. I'm not saying since they are ppl she shouldn't act like a bit*h and be nice, no, I just want her to be a bit*h KNOWING that they are also ppl and have feelings. Tho it would be hard to do seeing how they always follow the route MC anticipated.

That's all about MC, lets talk about love interests.

They weren't interesting lol. Except for ma man Geng Wen’an ofc. Alas, I gotta say the author didn't do him justice. He feels like a draft of sum deep character, you get what I mean? He has the potential but since the f*cking harem is so damn big, and he's the one with the least screen time, it couldn't bloom.

Like, for a world hoping novel, the first arc is too long, 95 chaps, but I still don't understand what's Wen'an's deal? You're hot 'n then you're cold, you're yes 'n then no- Still my fav tho, others were basic.

Not much to say about the plot, good dog blood.

Well, they're only 2 arcs, I couldn't enjoy the second one 'cause the site I read skipped most chapters. From what I know tho, there's "Sleep with me and I'll give your crush that's in debt money" plot, "I started going out with this girl because of the bet I made with my homies, now I'm in love???" classic, sum sibling love (adopted ig?)... Yeah, that's it.

The translation was proofreaded MTL ig, ngl it wasn't that great.

Overall 3 stars. 1 for the effort and 2 for Geng Wen’an.


Tho can somebody explain to me why only Geng Wen’an died?? And it was so anti-climatic??

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SleepyMintii rated it
October 16, 2021
Status: c72
Interesting but it took a while to get used to the translation. At times, I couldn't understand what was happening at all, but around 20chapters later, it didn't hinder me as much. So, thank you translator for your hard work.

This isn't a world hopping novel but the MC is a world hopper. This novel however, only centers around this one world.

MC is cold, calculating, and completely heartless. She has the guys that are supposed to be swarming around the "female lead" of this world, wrapped around her fingers. I just... more>> wish there was more going on in the (albeit faked) emotional department.. Because once they're head over heels for her, she tends to show her true face, manipulating them to their face. And I personally find that kinda.. Boring.

However, her strategies are pretty witty and she really does know how to go about things.

I can't comment on the writing because the translation is a little wonky but the pace of the story is really good. The characters are unique in their own ways but


it seems that they'll all turn into the same breed of obssesive yanderes because of her


In the beginning, because you're slapped in the face with 20 characters who haven't created an impact on you as the reader yet, it takes some time to remember who's who. In general though, this novel isn't anything special nor is this MC or her strategies very mind blowing either. Only if an apathetic MC who blandly uses everybody is what you like, then it's a good read. <<less
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lkimi rated it
May 5, 2022
Status: c89
basically, the FL is a slag character and she is manipulative and scheming but compared to what I'm used to reading on the Chinese sites I feel like this novel is pretty tame and not that crazy or traumatic whatsoever. I did enjoy reading this just because the plot is something new and interesting and I had fun gg along with our FL in her planning and schemes but I gotta say that nearing the end of arc 1 I felt like it became draggy and there was too much... more>> filler with the FL basically either kissing or hugging various ML like I didn't think they were interesting at all and I basically skimmed through the text which was disappointing because when I read a properly translated novel I prefer reading it properly. Like if there were increasing intimacy like maybe some light smut each time she interacts with ML number 1 or 2 etc there would be something worth reading idk? Otherwise with just the same repeated hugging and vigorous kissing its just boring LOL idk maybe some of yall might be satisfied with just this okay but enough of my rant.

overall an okay read id like to see if there is an ancient setting for the next few arcs that'll be exciting ngl

edit: I changed my mind I think ill give this novel 3 stars. FL slag is not my kind of slag, I've always preferred characters that treat the ML decent and then slap them in the face when they did smth wrong so there's a clear distinction with action=consequence. I don't like how in this novel shes through and through cruel and never thought of any of the men as actual ppl. Sigh <<less
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Arixa rated it
November 24, 2021
Status: c142
I really liked this novel. The heroine is smart enough to cope with so many crazy people. I love the moments when she firmly refuses guys in a relationship.


It's a pity that the most mysterious characters were not fully revealed, because in my opinion they could bring a real roller coaster. It's a pity the ending was not revealed, too much is unclear and there are only two arches, it's too little

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November 16, 2021
Status: c84
Read to chapter 84, then skipped to chapter 95-96 for the end of the first arc.

I love scheming & manipulative FLs, but at some pt I started to sympathize more with her harem? Not all of them, bc some were tr*sh from the get-go, but a couple of them wouldn’t have blackened if not for her indiscriminate cruelty. 🥺😔😔 I like callous & shrewd FLs when they’re directing their malice at characters who deserve it. This? It simply did not give what it was supposed to be giving. Less schadenfreude, &... more>> more grudging pity-cum-horror. Not really karmic retribution when you’re playing with the hearts/minds of innocents. 😩 Dropped. <<less
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mameko rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: --
Not bad. There's face slapping, plot, and it's interesting enough. I MTL'd until the first arc ended. MC is good at what she's doing and there's a thrill in wondering when she will be caught. Exciting. NU recommended "Returning" (R18) after I finished reading this, and I would recc that too. They both play with the men around them, however the MC in "Returning" has more emotion than this MC (which is to be expected, since this MC is a world-hopper, and the other MC is in their only life).
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May 9, 2020
Status: c90
At the end of the first world, you cant stop thinking about how cruel and cold-hearted the MC is. The characters are not real to her. She plays them, tortures and steps on theirs feelings. She is a big villain, a true heartless b*tch. I am dropping the novel.
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April 8, 2023
Status: Completed
7/10 If you're into "returning" and "high society" books kinda concept then you will like this. But honestly returning is way better than this. The plot has so many plot holes but you can camp on NP routes for sure. First act has lots of smu smu but 2nd arc has none and was very rush? Had so much potential but author just had to.. Tsktsk
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
February 27, 2023
Status: Completed
I love the concept of this World Hopping plot. The FL (Yan Shining) was unapologetically twisted and manipulative. She's unemotional in dealing with other characters and willing to get her hands/body dirty to slap the others.

One of the cons is the ending. It was rushed and felt empty... It felt like the author suddenly dropped this, when the 2nd arc also getting exciting.
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Eiesel.buddYZG rated it
January 14, 2023
Status: Completed
For someone who's a bit crooked, I really like this novel. Probably the top 5 novels I've read. I rarely review novels but this one is highly recommended, if you like genres that are university josei psychology and not fake green tea this is the novel you are looking for. Actually I don't like Harem upside down but okay that's okay because that's what makes this novel good Q.Q but sadly the novel was dropped after the first world ended it's such a shame huhu I miss FL. Please let... more>> me know if there is a novel like this. <<less
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 14, 2022
Status: c23
The mtl translation probably contributed to this, but I didn't enjoy this that much. I love the concept and the plot and with good writing, this would've been a favorite. I may have been expecting too much but I thought this was gonna be a BG version of I Can't Be This Protagonist.
0 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
xkryptonx rated it
June 11, 2022
Status: c136
this book is exactly my type. I love boss bit*h female protagonists and I love yandere male leads. The plot is sooo good, I won't even complain how arc 1 is nearly a hundred chapters long because it's THAT good! I love how the author take their time to build up the relationship of the MC and the male leads, this is exactly what I call a slow burn.
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