How Could You Like Another Girl When You Already Have A Cute Fiancée Like Me?


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Chris, a super celebrity beautiful girl who claims to be his fiancée, suddenly appears in front of Kouta, a high school student who is poor and works part-time every day. He learned that 10 years ago, Kouta’s father, who was blinded by money, had a marriage contract without permission.

We will not be at our parent’s mercy! The two who hit it off and decided to form an “Engagement Breakup Alliance”. However, this was Chris’s strategy to turn around her first love partner, Kouta─!!

“Kouta will make a lie that you have another fiancée. First of all, you should start by finding someone you like.”

“Wait, hold up. No need. I could just propose to my current girlfriend!”

“…Huuh!? A girlfriend─!?”

A love triangle that begins with the cancellation of an engagement!?

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Konna Kawaii Iinazuke ga Iru no ni, Hoka no Ko ga Suki nano?
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December 3, 2021
Status: v1c1
I've been waiting for this to get released. Haven't given a star yet but from what I've heard this is gonna get spicy later. Can't wait for more chapters to come soon.

tbh though I can't help but think that FMC looks exactly like Fischl lol
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SilverEagle100 rated it
February 1, 2022
Status: v1c2
The foundation of the story is good and intriguing. Too bad the MC has the iq of a goldfish out of water for a minute. Most people in a platonic relationship are more well connected than the MC and his girlfriend. Maybe his lack of any relationship knowledge is supposed to be funny, but it just seems absurd to me.
The translation is good though.
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dmntt rated it
September 10, 2022
Status: v2c1
Novel starts out okay. Very interesting female lead, bog-standard male lead with no particular outstanding features. The first volume has a very minimal cast of characters, but it's not that big of a deal. The main problem I have is that both the male and female lead progressively come across as more and more unlikeable as the novel goes on. The female lead is a schemer, which in itself is not a problem, but her scheming turns gradually more malicious and feels more like sinister bullying at the opening of... more>> the second volume. It's no longer quirky and funny, it just makes you feel like she's an a**hole. The male lead utterly lacks a will of his own and turns to the female lead for advice for pretty much everything, as well as having no faith in or commitment to his professed love interest, whom he discards at the drop of a hat due to a s*upid misunderstanding that nobody in their right mind would have, which leads to him inadvertently hurting her deeply for no good reason whatsoever. Even if it's not intentional, it makes you feel like he's too immature to have a romantic relationship with anybody. So, if you want to follow the romantic escapades of a manipulative toxic as*hole and an immature weak-willed idiot, this is the novel for you. <<less
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johnmc rated it
March 11, 2022
Status: v1 epilogue
The novel starts off really well. The premise is interesting and could have set this light novel apart from many other common LN premises. I personally like the idea of a "breakup alliance". However, this interesting premise is wasted by the author's poor execution of character development and pacing.

Originally, I think throwing the "love triangle" thing right in the description is a bad idea. We get it, the character Chris, despite suggesting forming a plan to breakup her engagement with the MC, will eventually fall in love with him. But... more>> why revealing it so soon? It could have been a nice ride hiding this detail, in which she genuinely tries to help him with relationship advices, only for both to slowly recognize their feelings in a few volumes. Why throwing it out right in the description and even early volume 1 at that?

Characters' personalities and abilities are blown out of proportion (but they are okay; I mean we have high school kids beating demon lords and saving the world and stuffs so why not?) but the author fails to engage with what their extraordinary abilities have to offer. We have Chris the American girl who is a super rich celebrity and Hisame the Japanese girl graduating from Harvard University at age 12 falling for the typically normal Japanese MC guy. Among them, the MC has the most believable depiction of how a 15-year-old would react. He is clueless with romance, shy, and keeps his pace with romance. Chris is insanely famous and crafty, and volume 1 is pretty much showcasing her coordination and planning skills. Hisame is narratively empty throughout volume 1. If you expect a battle of wits, between a Harvard prodigy and a Las Vegas tycoon's talented daughter to compete over the MC, yeah there is none of that. I hope the author would explore more and take advantage of this premise to the fullest in future volumes although I will keep my expectation low as of the end of volume 1.


A third love interest pops up out of nowhere in the epilogue and already falls for the MC. This detail defeats the purpose of setting up this intriguing premise and dynamics between the two genius female characters Chris and Hisame.


This light novel is not NTR type at all but towards the end of volume 1, it emotionally impacts me as if I just read an NTR novel. The MC has been a believable and likeable idiot from the beginning but suddenly he becomes a rude jerk out of nowhere I do hope future development will justify whatever happens in volume 1.


The MC, as I said, is clueless with romance and that's okay. However, once he realizes Hasime is somehow his promised fiancée as well, he pretty much throws her away and runs to Chris to ask for her help for the breakup of engagement with Hasime. What is the logic of this series of event?

I re-read it multiple times as if I missed something important but no, after all that fluffy romance, the MC and Hashime's relationship is going so well, he thinks that Hashime behaves so only because they are previously arranged to get married by parents, therefore Hashime does not love him, therefore he must break up this engagement no matter what. The poor girl does not even do anything wrong but the MC does not listen to her like at all.

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Meteorite rated it
February 25, 2023
Status: --
Its great novel give it a read if you are into jealous/soft yandere trope.

P.S. Idk since when maybe 2018 ? The scores and reviews have become absolutely horrendous. Stop judging novels by reviews tbh this is free to read it deserves respect. A good novel is obvious from summary alone.

No every novel has to be masterpiece a happy reader is happy with even one good novel character.
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March 17, 2022
Status: v1 afterword
The premise got me hooked cause it was the first time I'd seen this kinda thing. It's unique enough I guess. As for my impressions as of volume 1:

Osamake. Seriously. The way the plot progresses, if you read volume 1 of osamake you can already guess how it goes.
    1. Spoiler

      Chris is like Kuroha and Hisame is Sachi? (Idk read osamake a while ago) even the way the third girl shows up suddenly and announces herself as the very end.

One thing though, the MC is even worse. Osamake's MC has acting/dancing talent. This novel has a bland af MC whose talent is freaking cooking. Osamake was much better executed and the twist at the end was shocking and pretty fitting. If you liked this book, check out osamake. If you liked osamake and want to read another one like it, read this.
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Metdown rated it
February 25, 2023
Status: --
It's sad to see a good novel like this getting no positive feedback.

The site of this novel has such different rating and comments enjoying it.

Dont read review or score these days they dont even represent novel. Misunderstanding the novel then posting angry review, prejudice everywhere

If theres anything then see how many 5 stars are given alot of these ppl don't review (damthem) but do give rating
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June 29, 2022
Status: v2c1
This novel indeed starts off as interesting, even with an unrealistic scenario. I think it was okay more or less till the end of volume one. But then it just got absurd and I had no choice but to drop it as it's become unbearable. Yeah, so if you have too much free time in your hand, read volume 1 and be done with it.
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