How Could This Cat Tease Me?


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Copy 1:

The entire entertainment circle knows that Xia Rong and Su Chi seem to be natural enemies. Same period of debut, same period of increasing popularity, opposing each other in their careers, fans constantly ripping into each other in a frenzy.

Xia Rong began with this thought as well, all the way until he found out Su Chi’s secret —— Su Chi could shapeshift?!

Su Chi: “The issue of me turning into a cat, help me keep it a secret.”

Xia Rong: “Why should I!”

Su Chi: “Since you pet me… … for an entire night.”

Xia Rong: “… …”

Copy 2:

Ever since Xia Rong found out that Su Chi could turn into a cat, moreover, shape shift ignores the location, time, as well as the person in question’s wishes, the other often relies on him to help cover up.

Former rivals transform into the obedient cat until the palm, Xia Rong happily rubs the cat: “Hahahaha Su Chi, even you have today! Meow… … Meow meow meow ao?”

Surprises always come suddenly.

Xia Rong was unresigned: “Meow ow ow ow! Is shapeshifting into a cat infectious?!”

Su Chi: “Don’t be afraid, I’ll steal cat food to raise you ^_^”

Some people appear to be well off, in reality, not only do they have a cat in private, the cat is also their boyfriend =v=

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New rhianirory rated it
April 9, 2019
Status: Completed
so cute and fluffy! I love the cat angle but then, I'm a cat slave so they had me at "meow." this gets an extra star for the cats, otherwise I rate it about a 4.2.

the MC isn't particularly bright, but he's not an idiot MC and he has his talents (and money). The ML isn't overbearing and domineering for a change, though he does have that icy untouchable persona going at the start. In other words, despite the supernatural circumstances and the MC's family they both come across as... more>> normal people who are easy to relate to and sympathize with.

since I MTL this I will, of course, be rereading once the translations come out, since you miss part of the story and a lot of the finer detail when your using MTL. I think this is worth another read. <<less
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TheLadyWhoLikesBoyLove rated it
November 18, 2018
Status: Completed
Hello, to other readers out there I just wanna say that this is worth MTL'ingsince there's only 3 chapters out. First of all, the characters are not arrogant as you may think they are. The MC is sweet and has soft spot for furry animals, the ML is like cold but he's just really acting like a husband type for the MC throughout the story.

Believe me, this one is like a dessert (fluffy bl) after eating a spicy (smut bl) meal. I suggest reading at click101, that's my fav raw... more>> story website.

The MC is so cute when jealous, and s*xy af. They alwas feed people from weaboo (amaright?) Unconsciously <<less
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xakiox rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: c4
Cute and fluffy! I definitely recommend giving this a shot. The translator does a very good job, so the updates are really worth the wait! Do give the translator support to continue this novel!

There's MTL if you're impatient but you will end up sacrificing parts of the novel. If everyone decides to MTL and quit the real translation just because only a few chapters are out, what's the point of translators picking up novels? There's no problem with reading MTL (i do it too), but if there's a translator working... more>> on it, do show some support. <<less
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