How Could I Lose to Him


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The two private high schools have merged. The big bosses/fish of both schools find one another displeasing to the eye, and engage in both open and hidden conflict.

Sui Houyu looked at his counterpart and curled his lips disdainfully: He puts on such airs but can’t behave like a person.

Hou Mo stared back and sneered: Quite the Helen of Troy isn’t he – pretty enough to start wars over, and has quite the temper. Forget about being the most handsome guy in the school, you can be the school belle.

Sui Houyu had a manic mood disorder and severe insomnia but found that as long as he was close to Hou Mo, he could fall asleep. From then on, Hou Mo had an additional little grumpy monster by his side.

After winning a doubles tennis match, the partners who then would arrange to duel/fight against one another on the rooftop, could only be Sui Houyu and Hou Mo. After their teammates found out about the matter, they were filled with anxiety.

After some time, Sui Houyu returned with his lips were slightly swollen, and the corners of his mouth bruised, causing everyone to be furious with Hou Mo on his behalf.

When Hou Mo returned to the class, he had tooth marks on his throat and had lost two buttons on the top of his shirt. He quickly explained to Sui Houyu: “I really didn’t smile at any girls while we were playing. That’s just how my face looks.”

Everyone can disperse now…

Interviewer: Please use four words to describe what you think about him?

Hou Mo: I like him so much that I can’t stop touching him/ put him down.
Sui Houyu: F* it.

Reporter: What sort of hobbies do you have?
Hou Mo: Groping fish.¹

Sui Hou Yu: Beating up monkeys.²

Notes :
[1] Refers to lazing on the job, but the ‘yu’ for fish is a homonym for Sui Hou Yu’s ‘yu’
[2] Monkey Hou is a pun on Hou Mo’s name

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How can I like him
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Definitely has potential, with MC and ML seeming to have an inseparable yet Tom and Jerry type relationship

I'll come back to review once its finished
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March 19, 2022
Status: Completed
It was pretty nice (I read the raws). Note: I’ll refrain from judging the accuracy of the portrayal of the MC’s Mania and how it affects his character as I do not have the disorder nor do I have any in depth knowledge of it.

In terms of plot, the novel isn’t much of a surprise. It’s pretty similar to other novels of the same type, except with a lot more backstories and drama (also tennis!), but it’s carried out in a nice way. There were some parts in the last... more>> half of the plot that felt a bit out of place (either draggy or somewhat abrupt) but I enjoyed reading it for the most part, and I’d say reading it was fun.

The novel itself was mostly fine. The pace wasn’t too fast or too slow, and most backstories weren’t introduced in a way that disrupts the pace (there are some that seemed a little abrupt). One thing I liked was the way the ML was introduced? At first we were introduced to this guy who felt like he had a personality where he didn’t care about anything (my English is crap and I can’t describe it) and then further along the story we slowly get to know his actual character:

a crybaby (lol) and actually really clingy?


Anyways, the MC and ML are pretty Gary Stu, I had already given up on wanting to read normal characters in a school novel at this point. The novel generally has a few realistic moments mixed with a ton of very OP moments, so don’t expect the tennis part or their grades to be realistic. It’s pretty much OP MC into even more OP MC.

Regarding character development, there is some, but a bit surface level compared to what I had hoped for. The character development actually isn’t bad (besides the side characters) but I guess I was a bit disappointed? There had been so much potential, but the novel didn’t go much deeper into it. There is just a difference in their actions from before, in which you can notice their change and development, and feel happy that they have moved on and gotten better, but if the author had added some more maybe it could have been a whole level better. (Basically, it’s not bad, it’s just that I’m just being petty here.)

The falling asleep part is pretty unrealistic (to me, maybe not to you), so I just treat it as a supernatural extension of the novel that I ignore. It’s a actually treated in a nice manner in the novel, and I’m glad that the setting stuck there instead of slowly fading away until I don’t even remember it existed in the first place like in some other novels.

I didn’t enjoy the side CP much. It wasn’t the worst I’ve seen, but I couldn’t get into it, so I didn’t read the extras about them. I liked their characters separately, but I didn’t enjoy the dynamic between them, unfortunately. Personal preference, I guess?

Give this novel a try, perhaps. Goodbye and have a nice day. <<less
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RaiLi rated it
June 18, 2022
Status: Completed
I liked the slice of life aesthetic feel and was hoping for it continue till the end where there would be some drama during tennis and they start to become better until they reach the top and also slowly building the main couples romance along the way. But I didn't expect that the author chose the cliche route... like it would've been fine but I think the author could have made it better which was disappointing.

We all know right at the bat from MC's condition that he had mania... more>> and I think the author did great on how it worked, it also didn't seem to be too exaggerated altho I don't much about it. I really liked MC and ML's plot romance and I expected it due to their personalities which is why I reasonably think that the way they started to date was understandable. I liked the tennis plot and also the side characters. They also had their own screentime which was really fun. And also the summary actually did not happen at all, it was more of a bait... lol

But what I hated was the angst in the middle and how the author made this plot made me curious why they even did that. It made it so much more cliche and left a bad taste in my mouth. I didn't know what to think of it but in short it was really disappointing and... spoilers about the side couple!!!


Side couple which is the MC's childhood friend Ran Shu and Ml's friend's Sang Xian relationship is just so toxic. SX is a sad*st who likes to bully RS and loves his optimism which is different from himself who is pessimistic. RS likes him but thinks SX is gonna get bored with him and so breaks up to get his attention. They do these tom and jerry run n chase, breaks up like multiples of times during their years together and gets back together after days or even just a few minutes later. Altho ML says that they are perfect together and even SX started get more and more in love with RS even with all these run and chase. And the way that they get back together is just to go to bed and then just papapa. Personally find them each perfect together but also toxic..... god...


and besides that I just love the MC and Ml's romance which was the important plot that made me continue this. Got rate this a 4!! Their romance just gives sweets into my heart!! ♪ (´ε`) <<less
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November 10, 2021
Status: c3
This one seems promising, I tried to read mtl but it wasn't as fun as the properly translated version. But it seems like we'll have to wait for a LONG time to get binge able updates.

(17.01.2022) edit- it's almost been a year since last update, , I hope someone picks this up!!
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solivagantsoul rated it
February 6, 2023
Status: Completed
4.5 stars.

This is a great story in all aspects, whether the romance, the plot, the side-couple the background its all well written.

the sports matches are well written (i usually avoid sports novels but this one was very fun to read) and you can always feel the slight tension during games. The ML has such a cute character (he really grew on me) and is so sweet and patient-perfect for the MC who has a mental condition. Not to mention hes so clingy and animated XD

i really loved the MC 's... more>> character or actually all characters involved.

This I 100% recommend! <<less
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Nom de Plume
Nom de Plume rated it
August 13, 2022
Status: Completed
This story is a really good display of a moderate bickering friendship turned into fiery lovers. A side couple shows off a more extreme on again-off again version. There are also a few cute BG side couples. The only one we don’t get to see couple up (to my dismay) is Su Anyi the female best friend. Her two friends clearly know of either her preferences or her specific crush, but they never reveal the specifics to the readers. My guess if it’s a crush is ... more>>

Teacher Li or that idol she has a signed photograph for. She’s only really shown mood swings unrelated to the main story when it comes to those two. In particular, she has a scene smiling at the female teacher with no context other than her friends saying “Su Anyi likes... sigh nevermind” in the previous chapter/scene. Otherwise it can only be someone outside of the story such as an old friend of the family or even someone already deceased. It’s only made clear that she will not like a normal boy of her age, but not why.


The story also explores many unique home life scenarios and mental health issues. The main two are the MC with mania and a side character with trauma and depressive tendencies. MC was subjected to severe treatment methods that he may or may not have been solved with simply medication. His mother, the main cause of this, will repent but it will be too late to reconnect with her son. The MC simply doesn’t have any expectations for her anymore. This may or may not spurn her to better herself, but the only thing she has left in life is her work. That’s an outcome particularly shocking to her due to her surprisingly romantic brain under that abrasive attitude. The biggest loser is

the stepsister. We never see her again after the divorce, but at least she is now old enough to protect herself.

Su Anyi, again, is implied to have her own situation going on at home, but the specifics are left unresolved. It probably has something to do with why she is so strong (literally) and so very good at cussing. Her family is in a very good financial situation so that makes it even more intriguing.

So, in summary, read this if you would like to read a tennis sports story that explores real life issues of mostly wealthy private school students. ++ for being a BL that doesn’t make every female either evil incarnate or shippers. They exist, but not to the extent of most BL. The side characters apart from some antagonists are rational.

The main suspension of disbelief is the lack of characters with normal home life situations. I think they exist, but have no need to be elaborated on so they aren’t. Aka the two straight roommates. The second suspension

is the seemingly outdated treatment method used on the MC for his unipolar disorder, but perhaps that’s actually a realistic scenario in a culture that doesn’t like to acknowledge the existence of mental illness. The last is the weird school merge, but that may be because of the distance between the two campuses more than the scenario itself.

Who thought that was a good idea?? At least consider selling or repurposing one and expanding the other that has a ton of empty land around it. It’d be kind of awesome if the campus in the city center was turned into a school sponsored library and cram school / alternative school. The main courses of study could stay on the main campus and students could option into special courses at the alt campus. Like drama or art or other specialised studies. Bah.

Not a real complaint haha. Just nitpicking. <<less
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jellyfishies rated it
February 22, 2022
Status: Completed
(I read the raws)


Three-dimensional characters. I really liked MC's characterization in particular. The side couple is kind of cute and almost comedic, but if you think about it harder their relationship is obviously quite problematic. I like the tennis subplot, it's kind of rare to have one so developed in these novels. The plot ngl felt like it dragged on a little, especially after they got together. The ML is a big softie who likes to cry but also tends to MC's every need. The MC is a... more>> very beautiful boy with a tough and angry personality but is actually also a softie. Anyways it's pretty cute 👍👍 <<less
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