How Could He Possibly Like Me?


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Meng Shuyu suspected she could only ever be in “unrequited love.” When she was in love, she always cherished the person as her treasure. However, once the feelings became mutual, she couldn’t help but feel disgusted and immediately distance herself.

Carrying the label of a “scumbag” for many years, Meng Shuyu despaired: How come she couldn’t find a man who was both handsome enough to make her weak in the knees and who didn’t take her seriously?

Finally, one day, Meng Shuyu’s dream came true.


To win over a person who couldn’t be in a mutual loving relationship, there were three steps:

1. Show your charm in front of her, making her unable to take her eyes away.
2. Ignore and neglect her, making her think “How could he possibly like me” and firmly believe it.
3. Give her a little sweetness. When she suspects that you are in love with her, return to the previous step.
The day he met Meng Shuyu again, Zhou Jun’s plan began.

Small theater:

Zhou Jun’s plan went smoothly until one day, Meng Shuyu’s problem seemed to have disappeared.

After going through all the evidence of Zhou Jun’s disinterest, Meng Shuyu cried bitterly: He doesn’t love me at all! He’s really awful! I’m leaving him!

Zhou Jun: …

#Playing the bad guy for love only to dig his own grave#

#Theoretically it’s the perpetual motion machine of love but it’s actually the excavator of graves#

#The grave I dug has to be filled even if I must kneel down#

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