How Are You Guys Getting Boyfriends While Gaming


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Got roomed with another straight man in a love hotel and had to share a bed. Meeting by the road side on a certain day, the boy in his arms was smiling wildly.

Hey, let me explain myself, don’t go ahead of yourself. I was just being a samaritan. I had to help, even if I lied about being a straight man like you.

Are you running away after getting me excited? Let’s see what kind of ending you want today.

Since you all asked for a wife chasing crack, then let’s perseverate to the end. I’m not crazy, you are the one who is crazy. This is probably a crack but still gentle gong and a shou fighting against the crack story. Lighthearted! Comedy! No brain cells will be lost!

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How Did You Guys Become Boyfriends While Gaming
How’d You Two Become a Couple While Gaming?
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YummyAF rated it
October 15, 2022
Status: Completed
Read this novel in the raws before and decided to reread after finding out it was translated.

Absolutely adorable novel! Love MC and ML's characters, and this novel good for people who love warm and comforting stories with redemption. Side chars (especially the parents) are great!! Love these parents, a breath of fresh air in danmei.

Plot wise, MC and ML aren't the invincible type, which makes the novel more interesting and less predictable.

However, would suggest that any potential readers wait for the other translation. I tried reading ahead with one of... more>> the TL (2nd life), but I realized that they made some extremely major mistakes.

Wouldn't want others to think the novel is bad and because of all the mistranslated bits, because it's obvious the TL (2nd life) doesn't understand much about MOBA or gaming in general, or didn't bother to check for equivalents in English. A lot of the gaming terms and names are mistranslated, here's just some parts I feel needed to be pointed out that would affect how readers view the novel:

Firstly, the title is translated wrongly! It's How Did You Guys Become Boyfriends While Gaming, not How Did I Manage To End Up With A Boyfriend While Gaming?. Not only is the meaning of the 2nd title wrong, but the title is also quoted in the novel and translating it that way changes the meaning. Plus, they didn't even bother to translate the correct summary of the novel, but just copied one from the manhwa.

Here's some extracts:


Extract 1: Wrongly translating the names and terms.


"MOA" should be MOBA. This is an extremely common term in any eSport related novel. It's clear that they didn't read the manhwa before, or even bothered to check the actual novel to see if the (probably not-original) text they got was correct, since the original has MOBA is fully capital letters. They also got names of the teams wrong.

From the first few chapters, 辅助, 超神, 血, 平A, 打野, all these terms are gaming specific terms with an existing English translation in games, such as support, godlike, HP/health, basic/auto atk, etc. The tl either skipped over the term, or directly translated it without caring for context.


Extract 2: Wrongly Tled sentences, missing words


(ML) The man laughed and said, "Don't keep saying you, you, you."

No mention is made about the Formal You, which changes the meaning of the interaction, because ML is telling MC not to be so formal with him, and not just calling him out for using the word 'you'.

"What, you can't hide someone in your room?" -> should be: What, don't tell me you're hiding someone in your room?

Missing swears: 'it trembled!!!' -> 'The bed was f*cking shaking!!'

"What kind of broken design is this? Even if you really do that, how do you use it?" -> "What kind of crappy design is this? You can't even f*cking lie on this bed, even if you really want to do that sort of thing, how will you be able to?"

"The Words Were Surprising" -> "Till my lines can astound others, I will not die"

There are also several idioms that are literally translated (in a confusing manner) when there are English equivalents, too many, so didn't list them.


Extract 3: Missing phrases


一朝破功心叨念 -> missing part
睡了别人记不住 -> missing part
怀搂他人遇现任 -> missing part


There's also other minor details like inconsistent terminology: using love, erotic, s*x room interchangeably when they mean different thing. And really direction translations: 'hitting the floor' -> sleeping on the floor.

This kind of affects the reading experience, especially if you're used to reading eSport novels, because of the multiple wrong terms and constant typos.

TLDR: all in all, cute novel, adorable characters, wait for the CG's translation if you don't want to be reading a translation with wrongly translated names, missing words, missing meanings. <<less
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KallieLeigha rated it
September 28, 2022
Status: Completed
EDIT: I ended up coming back to this page because I wanted to send a friend the link to it, and I saw the above review. The review seems oddly specific and wrong in quite a few cases. Maybe it was that they had already fixed it, but when I read up until 24 a few days ago, I saw no problems with the gaming terms. In fact, a few of the ones they pointed out are in the chapters and they have explanations next to them. Now personally, if... more>> it's something I genuinely dislike is people being facetious, and that is how it feels. It feels more like nitpicking on one to promote another, which I am not a fan of. In any case, I recommend reading whichever one you feel like. Maybe the TLer from CG has more experience with gaming novels so it will be done better. In that case, you should read it if you want to, but there is no need to deliberately put the TLer down. If these were concerns, why would you not message or comment on the chapter? Because when I'm reading on CG, that's what we do. All mistakes or misTls are posted in the comment sections, and I myself do it. That is the part I disagree with the most. The things being pointed out there seem more than a little selective to me. It feels as if it was deliberately done so more people would read the other one (e.g. The part about missing terms. I find it really hard to believe that a reader went through each chapter and then pulled up the original novel to double-check and place the kanji there. In fact, everything else was okay to point out, but that felt like a bit too much.) but to each his own. I read from both sites, so if that's the case, then I'm really disappointed. Also, they ended by saying that it really affects it if you read esports, but only maybe 5 of the things they mentioned (gaming terms that are included in the SLT chapters, so its wrong) were related to esports. Review:

Okay, so when I saw this announced last week on Second Life Translations discord, I was super excited. I couldn't wait for them to post it so I decided to check it out immediately since I love e-sports BL. Plus, since it was being picked up by them, I was sure it would be great. To my surprise, it was even better than I expected. Both Mls are adorable thus far, they just seem to be speaking over each other at times. Their misunderstandings are both hilarious at first, then sad, and back to hilarious. Since they posted last week, I have since finished the entire thing and now, more than ever, I adore it. It's a fun, lighthearted read with a few serious issues thrown in. You won't regret it. I can't wait to reread it as it's properly translated. I'm excited because they generally do really well in their translations. They have three chapters up, so at this rate, I'm sure they'll finish in good time. <<less
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lanzhans2 rated it
November 19, 2022
Status: Completed
e-sports only as background, don't expect any game/training/strategic development. Kind of angst and slight fluffy, but the writing doesn't really help as scenes are cut out of thin air. The beginning is pretty good, but as the story goes on, the writing just gets worse.

cons: serious continuity issues. Superficial history.
pros: history addresses the challenges of discovering and accepting your sexuality.

trigger alert: h*mophobia, mental illness, physical and psychological torture, ptsd
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nikhitareji rated it
October 29, 2022
Status: Completed

It was a pretty light read.


... more>> Loved how the parents from both sides are so supportive of their relationship.

Loved how every friend / teammates were also supportive

Loved how they both realises they loved the other quite quickly.


Hated that they couldn't come right out and tell everyone in the world that they are a couple. Instead they had to show it explicitly. I can understand because in my homeland it's the same treatment but it's still so frustrating to read.

Hated that they had so much misunderstandings between them. It is literally one of the worst tropes in my opinion.

They glossed over the actual games. They basically just tell you whether they won or not not how they won.

Glossed over the ML's mental illness as well.

Like one minute he's getting his medicine from the psychiatrist. Then somehow hes magically cured by the MC without said meds. The change was too abrupt to be honest.


Honestly, it's a decent read. <<less
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cocoajuppie rated it
December 5, 2022
Status: Completed
Didn't expect the angst, but the misunderstandings are cleared up rather quickly and there's lots of sweet moments and laughs.

This novel is about the emotional journey for the two protagonists. E-sports just happens to be the setting, with minimal descriptions of training and competitions. Some familiarity with MOBA games/League of Legends will help with reading, but the game is really not the focus.

It's not hot-blooded e-sports. It's warmth and comfort (and angst and lulz).

... more>>

No glaring plotholes, but since the e-sports side wasn't fleshed out, the competition results left much to be desired in my opinion/felt really bland. The occasional, poetic chapter ends didn't do it for me either, but that could be mtl. In the latter half of the novel, I was beginning to grow impatient with the misunderstandings loll. So overall, good.

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