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The little aunt who went to the city to make a living returned home, Zhang Yu’s mother was moved and decided to let her son go to join her. The so-called mansion is a thirty-square-meter rental house, but what’s worse is that the real estate agent run by the little aunt can barely pay the rent.

Feng Shui selling houses, feng shui decoration …… Zhang Yu from the countryside coffin store from the old man Wang learned the strange mysterious art surprisingly came in handy, transformed into an ace broker…

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New Weismann rated it
May 2, 2021
Status: v1c87
Over the course of 87 chapters nothing worth mentioning has happened.

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The MC likes a girl, girl is a few years older than him, they are childhood friends. For some reason he calls her aunt, and since he calls her aunt he can't confess. Seriously is this the 1500s or what. What a load of poosyboolsheet. Said girl also likes him, but sees herself as his real aunt and you know same poosyboolsheet. Two ret*rds cowering before each other dragging the plot with filler.

Now the MC acts like a classic wimp, goes on dates with random women because random old people asked him to and he is so nice that he cannot reject them. His niceness knows no bounds actually, he will heal rich people for free, provide fortune advice for free, and everyone magically likes him (except those template villains)


Conclusion : Bruh <<less
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