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Right after transmigrating into a parallel world, Yang Yi was a bit stupefied upon seeing a adorable little girl calling him father. Fine, Xixi is 100% my daughter, but my child’s mother is actually an aloof, absolute beauty who’s a famous singer.

How do I coax my baby? Yang Yi, who was a assassin in his previous life, scratched his head. How about I tell some stories? Yang Yi didn’t think that the stories he imported from his previous world would be famous world-wide! How do I bring back my child’s mother who left in anger? The experienced Yang Yi indicated that there was no problem a love song couldn’t fix. And if it couldn’t, then two songs!

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niks27 rated it
January 20, 2019
Status: Completed
One of the very few Chinese novel that I found pleasing to read, that doesn't have all those stupid classic clichés and tropes of typical CN. This is by far one of the best novels I have read.

This novel is about a modern assassin who died and got transported to a parallel modern world similar to our but there's some differences between two worlds like history, technological advancement etc.

MC soul merges with the previous soul who's a retired army officer with stoic personality and heavy patriotism. He may have been... more>> a badass assassin in his previous life but he would be a loving husband and a caring father who tries to assimilate within society by not killing. So don't expect any action or some sh*t like that.

This novel is completely a slice of life novel so plz don't down rate it for it not being a novel that you were expecting. I saw two one star reviews and they were complaining about MC not killing like seriously wtf bro? MC is trying to live peacefully for his daughter and his wife and you want him to kill people just bcoz he was a assassin?

Anyone who's tired of all those stupid CN r*pes, murders, endless cultivation and are looking for a some healing then look no further bcoz this novel is full of sweetness. Give it try and I'm sure you won't regret it. Just keep in mind that this is a slice of life novel so don't expect anything serious from it. If you want to read it just read it on lnmtl coz it's not being updated here. <<less
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OldManGu rated it
August 29, 2018
Status: c500
This story is complete rubish! The MC is nothing like a killer. How would a killer have watched Frozen?! He also knows about all the other fairy tails. This is dumb because the author said that the MC had blood on his hands at the age of 4! He is always scared and has no confidence. He can never keep his calm and always acts stupid. It would be fine if his soul fused with a loser but it didnt! His soul fused with an ex member of the elite... more>> special forces! How could a member of the elite special forces not keep their calm? But thats not the worst part. The worst part is that he's scared to show his music skills because he thinks his wife will find out that he's not the mc! Why would she think that he wasnt the mc? Would she think that he can transform into people! WTF is this MC thinking! She hasn't even met the MC that much. They had a one night stand and then the wife ran away. She gave birth to his kid and he found out a few months ago. She would just think that the MC was hiding his skills.

Edit: I forgot about the dumbest character so far. Its his wife's record companies leader. The author went on a rant about how she was a good character and his readers are just idiots. She has the dumbest plans that I have ever heard. She only gave the MC's wife bad songs so her record would fail. That way she can resign her for cheaper when her contract ends over a year from now! This is super dumb and I should not even need to explain why. Then the MC wrote her 12 all star level songs and she tries to steal them! The MC warns her and signs full rights over to her for free. Now she's up to something else and I cant take no more!

Edit: Its also impossible for there to be no sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, iTunes, Amazon and E Commerce in a world that already has stuff like smartphones. How could buisnessmen ever ignore a market with billions of people for that long?! Amazon started in 1994 and started to get big in the early 2000s. I think ebay started to get big in the late 90s.

Edit: The authors use of the water army is cringeworthy and infuriatingly stupid. The songs that he wrote for his wife get destroyed by the water army. How could some guys talking bs on the internet ruin their songs? Have you seen the comment section on a YouTube music video? The people they could pay to talk sh•• would only be a drop in the ocean. They would also make people want to listen to the song and see how bad it was. Then they would find out its awesome and buy it.

Edit: The author makes people pay for YouTube videos in this novel. He says its because of the copyright act in that world. YouTube would get way less views if you had to pay for it. They also couldn't get there ad revenue unless they wanted to be really scummy. You can tell that the author shares the same feelings as qidian when it comes to buisness. <<less
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yamibae rated it
August 11, 2018
Status: Completed
Pretty rubbish novel. The MC was an ex-killer but he hardly ever uses any skills or shows any signs of being an ex-killer. Heck this stupid fool seems to spend more time reading webnovels, listening to music and watching tv shows like a NEET than a killer.

... more>>

The interactions between Xixi, Mo Fei and the MC are this book's only saving grace. Everything else in it is rubbish. Hints of chinese nationalism scattered about and the rest of the world building and money making is trash.


Read it if you have nothing else to read. <<less
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CabbageLu rated it
July 7, 2018
Status: --
OK first of all this looks like a very heartwarming story about a previously assassin/hit-man who transmigrated into another body and to his surprise he is met with the fact that he has a child. If you don't enjoy the premise or the slice of life genre this book will most likely not be for you so don't go around spreading your negativity of why the dad doesn't go around killing people for money, E.T.C. Overall a solid book without many problems. A few plot holes here and there but... more>> nothing exactly outstanding or important. <<less
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ZhypherMU rated it
June 7, 2019
Status: Completed
Ughhhhh, damn this story warms my frozen heart._. Damn it. If you want to take a break to your lonely and bleak life try reading this. Too much love, I think I will never find a novel like this again ~ I meant it, this is a one of a kind novel that lights your heart without noticing it.
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Blackrabbit0634 rated it
October 31, 2018
Status: Completed
Good Novel if I say so myself. One of the few CN novels that I really had the patience to read to the end. Before reading this novel I just want to remind new readers to read the TITLE & not judge the novel just because the MC being an ex-assassin & not killing people anymore makes this a trash novel. Just take the MC being an ex-assassin as an explanation for the MC being omnipotent being that MC needs specific skills during his previous life's job.

The novel is really... more>> just a slightly slice of life novel & the MC having knowledge for money-making because of already test-proven end-product like (social medias, famous movies, songs & other stuff).

For some of the negative reviews here's what I want to say

There really is no need to take things too seriously like **** are you a professor that needs to analyze every single things that are way over the top just so you could just say this is a bad novel? Let me just say this "THIS IS FICTION IN A PARALLEL WORLD" meaning there is no need to overthink stuff like there is no facebook or other social medias it's because "THIS IS FICTION IN A PARALLEL WORLD", Company leaders are dumb well "THIS IS FICTION IN A PARALLEL WORLD". This novel is FICTION, reality already broke when MC transmigrated


There are really no high or low tensions throughout the novel IMO. It's just the MC taking care of his kid (s) most of the time,

though he got together with the FL, there are not enough moments for the two


My only gripe about this is the sudden time skips near the end, you can tell that the author is rushing to finish the novel in the last 10 chapters. All the side characters are just given a few paragraphs to tell that they have a happy ending. But still this is a nice novel to read.

& BTW I still can't believe a novel is rubbish when you got the patience to read it to the end in my opinion you just don't like the genre of the novel not because the novel is trash/rubbish. If it's truly rubbish you might as well stop reading in just 10-50 chapters, it's not like you're a masochist forcing yourself to read something you don't like. <<less
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MyRAMEN rated it
August 14, 2018
Status: c7
Cute andgood interactions plus the stories he tells people can relate too
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lancetky rated it
July 30, 2018
Status: c6
Love the interaction between the MC and the daughter. So heartwarming.


the son felt like extra cause the focus of love from MC not so much but can understand it cause most father love daughter more than son. Love the grooming method and direction so that the child won't be a spoiled brat

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kakistory rated it
July 21, 2019
Status: c616
Alright, those review about MC not being a killer enough is kinda lowkey crap.

He stated that he didn't want to be like his past life.

As an assasin, one need to blend into the target's surrounding, so those Frozen stuffs n all can still be accepted.

... more>> This is a slice of life, yeah, kinda boring but it's still okay.

The part when he tried to get his wife back is good to read, then comes along those backstory about his shop assistant and people around him (which is very not interesting at all).

Then his kid story... uhh... kinda hard to read because it cannot make me interested in it.

But, I still gave this a 4 due to its good natured story and heartwarming scene here n there. Others, uh.. not really interesting. <<less
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Kaizen Subaru
Kaizen Subaru rated it
May 20, 2019
Status: c14
Cute parenting novel. The story shares many similarities to Godly-stay at home dad.

The translation quality is ok but could be better, would rate it as a 3/5 for translation. The ads and how I have to wait 20 seconds just to go onto the next chapter is kind of annoying though.
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