Host, Please Don’t Match Up with the Vicious Female


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After Song Qi was seriously injured and unconscious, she was forcibly bound by a system that walked the plot. She is the heroine of the little white flower in every plot.

As long as you walk through all the worlds, you can regain consciousness and return to reality.

As the devil in the alliance and the killing machine in the war, Song Qi said: Ha ha.

In every world, there is always such a vicious female partner of white lotus and green tea.

Quietly dying without knowing it.

Song Qi looked at her and smiled silently.

Since you “hate” me so much, it’s better to stay by my side forever.

System: The host, please don’t take the plot bias! Don’t match up with vicious women!

Vicious female partner X is a little panicked recently, and the heroine looks a little abnormal.

Asked her to eat and watch a movie, and smiled softly at her.

I thought that the heroine had lost her mind, but later discovered that the other party was actually bent!

Why is the romance heroine bendy!

My world is full of darkness, and you are the light I don’t want to let go.

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New RozuArison rated it
April 15, 2021
Status: Completed
Holy cow! It became one of my favorite world hopping novel! The story is light & fluffy, and I think this is the only "World Hopping" ending that really satisfied me. The ending is not rushed compared to the other novels like this. Also, the pacing is good, especially the progress of their romance.
The concept of this story is really interesting. Our MC and FL are both transmigrator, but they're not aware at first. They must follow their roles as a character. Our MC is the heroine while the... more>> FL is Vicious second lead. However, the FL is too silly and soft-hearted to be an antagonist (seriously, the MC suits the antagonist role more than her). Of course, the MC noticed the abnormality of "antagonist, " and she found it cute, so she kinda pampers the FL even though she knows that the FL must betray her. The FL didn't like betraying the MC because it's kind to her, but she needed to obey this bad system of hers (I feel so sorry for our Fl. She looks so sad and guilty whenever she does her role). Later, they discovered that they are both transmigrators, so they worked together. NOTE: they are not allowed to disclose their real identity. The system will censor anything that can reveal their identity, so the two of them have no idea of each other's identity.

The MC is so smart and strong. She's too OP in every world. Meanwhile, our FL is so cute and silly. She might be called an idiot and no brain by others, but she's really strong and smart too. Honestly, the FL is my favorite character. She's really entertaining and funny. Oh, the male leads of the worlds are just poor little tool of MC. *Pats*

The first arc might be hard to digest, but it will make sense as the story goes. If I didn't read the spoiler of the translator, I might get confused lol. Anyways, my favorite arc is the last arc! This is where they must find each other in the real world! AHHHH! This part is so cute! <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
blazingseraph rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: Completed
Translator here! This novel is a typical quick transmigration novel, but the selling point is how the MC acts. She was originally a general from the interstellar age and her personality doesn't allow her to just do what the system wants her to. In addition, the FL is another transmigrator who takes the vicious female match script, but she's a bit too silly to do that well. The whole appeal is how bad they are at their roles and how they interact with each other despite the restrictions placed on... more>> them by their systems.

There's also a few twists here and there that keep the story fresh, and I think it's a well-written and interesting addition to its genre. The romance is another selling point since the slow-burn of them accompanying each other through each world until finally meeting in their original world is very sweet. <<less
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