Hope Coffee House


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After a strange twist of fate, Wu Liang was drawn into a parallel world. He was the chosen one, the one who would become the 7th owner of the Hope Coffee House.

In order to survive, Wu Liang started living a new life. Every day, the coffee house was filled with desperate guests, ones who had almost given up on life. They were either deceived by their loved ones, bullied for no reason, or they couldn’t find any warmth in their lives…

Resisting malicious intentions, and spreading hope was the goal Wu Liang had to stick to. In a dark corner of this world, Wu Liang was willing to light a lamp of Hope.

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05/27/20 Wordrain c52
05/26/20 Wordrain c51
05/25/20 Wordrain c50
05/24/20 Wordrain c49
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05/21/20 Wordrain c46
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05/18/20 Wordrain c44
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