Honey, Why Can’t We Get a Divorce?


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She possessed an evil woman who loves the main lead and killed her husband.

Fortunately, the timeline was before she killed her husband.

And unfortunately, everyone knows she loved the male lead so much. In this case, she would have to get a divorce as soon as possible.

But why…

“Crazy, crazy, crazy. I just heard it. I didn’t know it was crazy,” my husband said, tearing apart the divorce papers I gave to him. “I can’t help it. I have no choice but to live with a crazy woman.”

No, you do have a choice?

Why can’t I get a divorce?

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Honey, can't I get a divorce?
여보,왜 이혼은 안 되나요?
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32 Reviews

New stephhiny
Jun 30, 2022
Status: Completed
When I first read this series, I think it was fun. The FL is funny, actually I love the FL a lot. And actually I support the relationship between the FL and ML here. They're cute and funny. I smiled a lot when I read about them.

But yeah I have to admit that there's some point that is a bit disappointing and the ending is maybe not as I have expected; maybe I had too much expectations for the ending because in the earlier chapters I really love this... more>> series. Nevertheless, overall i'll still give this somewhere around 4/5 for the rating since I remember I love it a lot when I read the earlier chapters and I concluded that overall I still enjoy my time reading this novel, so yeah. Thank you author and the translation team for this novel :) <<less
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New Peachzixe
Jun 26, 2022
Status: c147
I have read the story till the end, btw.

This story was absolutely horrible! In terms of plot! The plot doesn't make any sense!

There is no real stakes no real conflict! It has an open ended ending! What is the point of the politics of the end everything is left for us to guess???

... more>> The author should have just left the story as romance instead of adding world building and politics, because everything became useless one the FL and ML get together!

Why should a cheating adulterer become a king? Why should a psycho be the emperor? Utter nonsense! Nonsense! <<less
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Apr 07, 2021
Status: c8
The divorce for me is really not that important. I mean the FL doesn't want anything to do with the husband and crown prince, she knows that the crown prince used Ophelias love to kill her husband (the current FL doesnt love the crown prince) and according to the book she and her husband are both estranged. There is no need for her to insist on the divorce.
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Mar 30, 2021
Status: c6
This is so fun to read, not to heavy and the MC is hilarious😂😂
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Oct 10, 2021
Status: c42
FL & MLs interactions are so funny!! 😭 Everything regarding the divorce doesn't really make sense to me tho. She doesn't need a divorce to avoid her bad ending. She died in the novel cuz she got manipulated by the Crown prince into killing her husband. If she really wanted to avoid her bad ending, she just needed to distance herself from the Crown Prince.
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Jan 05, 2022
Status: c91
I have binge read all the chapters available (91) as of writing this. As someone who reads a ton of these genre of novels (aka I have read 100s in this genre by now), this was surprisingly refreshing and different-- 5/5 stars, defintely read if you're tired of the same old same old!

Our FL has actually transmitigated into the body of a full-on villainess, who hit, beat, & cursed people with black magic. She is a strong black magic user and is well known for her destruction and... more>> bad personality. She can't be prosecuted due to the protection of her equally villainous Duke husband. Our FL comes into her body at the peak of her villainy. She thinks she will die if she stays married to her husband, so she makes a deal with her husband in exchange for an eventual divorce.

In other web novels, the focus on "showing people she has changed" is not at the forefront, but this novel is all about that. However, our FL is still kind of evil (but kind-hearted at the same time) --her Duke husband has asked her to seduce the Crown Prince in exchange for her divorcing the Duke & living a peaceful life alone. So, she is really scheming and is swaying everyone's emotions around her for her own personal gain while pretending to be a changed kind woman. Of course, she is defintely not evil like the original Ophelia (Fl's name) was, but our FL is no saint herself.

This really is NOT your typical transmitigation into body of a villainess noble woman. It has so many interesting components and stays faithful to the genre in an interesting way, and the dynamic between our FL and her Duke husband is wonderfully written. <<less
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Jun 15, 2021
Status: c25
Very funny characters and the dynamic continues to develop in a realistic manner between our FL and ML.

It's unlike a lot of Isekais which speed through the societal bewilderment at the sudden change in personality of the FL (from villain to a reincarnated being).

This doesn't do that haha. It shows the effort and long road ahead for our FL to truly achieve her goals and survive in this new world.

The FL is strong, but naive at times which is both relatable and very enjoyable to see her character development and... more>> ingenuity in the face of such change & hardship.

The reason the FL wants a divorce: freedom. From the hints we've been given, in her former life she was hospitalised and near death. All she wants in this life is for her health and life to not be in constant threat. She knows in her current married and penniless stage... she's at

CONSTANT risk & mortal danger

of either her husband's enemies or enemies of the body she's inhabiting killing her.

And death is the one thing she is absolutely petrified about.

Her only way out? Appease the husband who hates her and play to his tune. His request? Seduce the Crown Prince. Why? (From what I've surmised)

  1. To see if she can really do it.
  2. He has beef with her father (but we don't know why as yet).
  3. To have an insider with the Royal family and further his control.
  4. For shits and giggles (he finds her new iteration amusing).
The relationship between our FL and ML is definitely in the early stages, but each interaction is funny and entertaining. But also realistic in depicting how cagey they both are to one another.

This is definitely an interesting read. I'm still bewildered by the low rating as it's GENUINELY good. The translation is great and the characters are interesting.

Definitely a must read <<less
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Jul 30, 2021
Status: --
Probably the most hilarious novel I've read! The development between the two couple is also so natural and the banter between them doesn't feel forced, if I compare it to the other stories. Love this so much !!
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Jan 25, 2022
Status: c43
I’m so confused... idk if it’s the translation or the author’s choice of word...

I don’t understand their motives, a lot of times I feel like they put the cart before the horse, making me feel confused

if ur main motivation is to have a good life, why do you have to divorce? Ur husband doesn’t care about what u do, u can use unrestricted amount of his money and can use his name to bypass almost anything, and u are powerful enough reputation wise, no one can touch u. So... more>> why divorce? Why desperate enough to seduce the crown prince? It’s not like ur good at it. U could just travel and waste ur husband money, he won’t even search for you even if u travel for a year or so (this is the vibe that I get from the story). I don’t think that the crown prince can kill u as long ur still married to ur husband, and ur husband lets u be, ur basically free to do anything with so much money and power.

what I don’t understand the most is why is she trying so hard to improve her reputation? Who are u trying to impress? And why get so offended/hurt when other people expected the worst knowing that the body that u got is a real villainess? Even it wasn’t u who did those nasty things, ur body did those things. So it makes sense if they don’t believe ur words, I mean what do u expect sis?

For the comedy, I know it’s subjective but hmmm it’s a bit too dry idk. Like when she tried to steal money but the husband praised her for it or other kinds of misunderstanding, most of the time my reaction was like... okay... (?)

For the romance, ML is like ‘she the only one that wasn’t attracted by me’. FL is like ‘*ba dump* oh! I hope I won’t fall for him!’. Also, I cringed max when the FL fell on top of the ML and they’d be all blushy and the abrupt/ artificial tension is just so toe curling.

Anyway, I’m just being salty cuz I had expected more from a 4 ⭐️ rating novel. It’s like getting hyped for a new menu but the food taste like greasy cardboard, really not worth the calories. Or maybe I just read really good novels and this novel is unlucky enough to be read afterwards so my standards are still up there and the comparison is too stark.

Anyway, I’m usually biased to characters that I think we can get along irl and I don’t think I can get along with this FL. I think she’d be the type of friend that kept going back to her scum ex although we had talked about it so many times. Just the type of people that I don’t understand. <<less
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Nov 09, 2021
Status: Completed
EDIT: I slapped myself in the face, this novel turned to tr*sh. I would give this a 2-3.5 now. The FL became obnoxious and hypocritical and the plot became cluttered and meaningless ... more>>

Yeah, it's a task to basically cuckhold your husband, but than you get jealous when you see him with other woman??? At the very end she says to the OG FL that she shouldn't rely on men to have a living, despite acknowledging that that's the only way a woman could do so in these times (yeah, woohoo lets totally forget about the side characters she made very rich thus proving her point rather useless) and the dumbest thing is that FL also does the same freaking thing??? What happened to being shamelessly in love with money and literally transmigrating and getting instant everything and not earning a single thing yourself Miss girl? The open ending makes literally no sense, if you put all that world building/side plot it NEEDS to have a conclusive ending otherwise it's just a waste of time.


It's 5/5-4.5/5 it's not super complex or groundbreaking. It's not mysterious or long winded like other super popular isekai novels. However, the characterization is fantastic and mostly realistic. Most of the time with transmigration stories, the protagonist has a protagonist halo and everyone falls in love with her just because she's her. She faces absolutely no consequences, even though the OG character is scum. This isn't the case here. The FL is smart, but not overly smart nor does she have any other hack besides her original memory of the novel and her realistically slightly above average intelligence and benefits of being rich, beautiful and powerful. The ML actually has character flaws that aren't just being "cold and indifferent to feminine charm super virg*n + OP CEO ". He's pretty petty also isn't a good person by any stretch nor does the author white wash him to being a secular standard good person. In fact none of the characters are, they're all greedy in their own sense but it's portrayed differently. Original FL is classic fake white lotus who's a ladder climber, current FL is your classic 21st century gal who isn't a purity sue thinking she's above the lure of money and power, and original ML is a cute little home wrecker. ML also isn't a tr*shy yandere despite being jealous (even though he TOLD MC to green hat him for the sake of destroying the crown prince) he can't fully control her. He clearly tells her he doesn't trust her /watches her, but the power dynamic in their relationship isn't " I have to obey and can't leave him waah I can't do anything " which is so refreshing. A novel that doesn't romanticize stock hold syndrome is rare nowadays. Anyone who doesn't get the reason why she wants/ needs to divorce ML lacks reading comprehension or logic. ML, classic villain who blah blah politics and he has a high chance of being executed because he's to dangerous to keep around. If she stays with him for a fact if he gets punished, she will too. They're married, and she has a horrible reputation so they wouldn't spare her. Plus the moment the storyline runs it's course, she doesn't have any hacks anymore. It's pretty obvious it's safest to get the hell away from politics regardless whether he wins or loses it won't benefit her to take risk when she has little benefits <<less
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Dr. Baggels
Dr. Baggels
Nov 08, 2021
Status: c53
This is for the confused people out there ayee

So basically the reason Ophelia still had to divorce Sylvester even though it's easier to not get herself involved at all is (this is by my logic btw) because if the Crown Prince were to ascend to the throne, the first family he would get rid of is highly likely Ryzen duchy since they didn't support him and is a thorn to him. Soooo if he were to get rid of the whole duchy that means Ophelia who is, if you can't... more>> tell, still possessed the seat of Duchess of Ryzen, would die too.

And for my review, you guys most definitely should read it. It's a literal gem, the ML and FL relationship is very funny and their childish banters are always funny. Makes me want to get married to but sadly I am single and unwanted smh. Most important is that you should give this novel a try, don't let bad reviews deter you from reading and go judge for its value yourself 😌 <<less
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Feb 05, 2022
Status: c89
This is my first time writing a review. I’ve been reading this novel for a long time and now the current chapter when I writing this review is Chapter 89. Okay now, I’ll start.

Firstly, I really love the chemistry between FL and ML. It’s quite rare to fine this kind of interaction. I also love how the author explain the scene in the novel, it’s hilarious really. I can’t stop laughing reading them.

However, I starting to change my mind as I read the novel.

  1. Spoiler

    First, the ML offered a deal. The FL need to seduce the crown prince (og hero) in order to divorce. Like wth? I just can’t understand what’s the point of her doing this. But I just ignored it coz I thought the plot might be fun.

  2. Spoiler

    The og heroine and og hero are so annoying seriously. The crown prince acting so childish, like how the vuck do you become a crown prince? So immature really

  3. Spoiler

    After that, the ML starting to realised about his feeling for the FL due his trauma which is understandable for me. It’s hard to love someone especially when you already have been betray before so I can understand even tho it’s quite annoying whenever he tried to denied his feeling for her.

  4. Spoiler

    After that, the female lead started to annoyed me. I mean, I can understand that she want to get divorced so she seduced the crown prince. But sometimes it just really bothering me even tho I know that it’s a deal. I mean, deal or not, it’s still call as cheating right? And then, the FL also hate the idea if the ML started to cheat on her like wtf gurl. What do you think you’re doing then? Seriously.

So yeah, I really enjoyed this novel at the beginning, but now, I don’t think I can enjoy this as much as I enjoyed at the beginning of the novel. The current chapter right now is Chapter 89 but I still haven’t got a romance between them. I’m thinking of dropping this somehow but I already made it this far so I guess I’ll just wait for it.

I would like to thank you for the translator and the others for the translation. I’m really grateful for it. I’m sorry for my grammar and thank you for reading this humble opinion and review. Have a nice day, cau!
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Dec 16, 2021
Status: --
It bothers me how adultery and incest (?) are being normalized in this novel...


The original FL was a Countess who already had a husband, and the original ML was the Crown Prince, who the Countess picked up and raised....


But all that happened in the previous novel, and had nothing to do with our MC and ML, so I'll turn a blind eye to it... (Still, the author shouldn't romanticize adultery)

Don't worry! Our MC and ML are very cute, and their interactions are hilarious.
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Jun 07, 2022
Status: c135
I like this novel. FL is not as bad as the previous review said. I was not sure I wanted to read it before because of what the comments from the lowest rating said, but when I read it, it was really fun. FL and ML relationship is very exciting. Some of the novels I've read before rarely have characters with this dynamic. I was impressed every time they interacted or exchanged sentences it was very fun to read.
Luckily I don't really listen to bad comments about the novel.... more>> If only I had, I could miss a good story like this.
And the translation is good. <<less
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Sep 18, 2021
Status: c5
You better read it for for the comedic value, a serious reading will just make you get mad over the sheer simple mindedness and shortsightedness of the FL. It was not for me but it may be enjoyable for you.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Jun 15, 2022
Status: --
This novel is a GEM.

What great, well developed, interesting personalities. And I'm not just talking about the leads! Side characters with actual personality, cunning, and ambition! Amazing!

The FL is amazing. Firstly she is hilarious, which is one of the reason the ML fell for her. She's also clever. And not the usual transmigrator smart that usually involves either (a) transmigrator using OG world or novel knowledge as a cheat or (2) the narrative telling you the MC is smart or using idiot foils to make them seem smarter. FL is... more>> clever and good at plotting, even holding up against other cunning and intelligent characters (like the ML). I also adore that she isn't some saint. She's greedy (a fact ML uses to his advantage when he's trying to get her to fall for him) and pretty. I also love that she has a soft spot for ambitious and greedy characters; it always feels hypocritical to me in novels when any character with an agenda or desire to improve their circumstances is automatically painted as 'bad'. Ladder climbing isn't a sin.

I also like that FL still contemplates getting a divorce even when she first starts to have feelings for the ML. Of course she's going to blush and feel moved when a super hot, super witty, super wealthy man who is in love with her starts flirting. Who wouldn't? But she's ultimately a very pragmatic and sensible person, who isn't going to commit to a marriage just because of what might be a crush. I think a lot of people who read novels forget that it's normal for people to fall in and out of love. Who in the real world hasn't had multiple boyfriends/girlfriends in their lives? So it makes sense for the FL, as a modern woman, not to change her whole plans at the first stirrings of affection & attraction. I really like that she's very cautious and reasonable about it.

She actually thinks to herself that although she likes the ML she isn't sure yet if it's just a strong liking or real love. He is, after all, still a villain who is still hurtling himself towards BE by supporting the ultimate villain (the second prince). If she's going to risk her life and peaceful future, she's only going to do it for real love, not for a crush. A+++



Some people have expressed annoyance at the OG FL's (Fleur) ending not being bad enough, but I disagree. Actually the FL herself acknowledged that Fleur isn't that bad. A little s*upid and petty, but she follows her desires. Again, social climbing isn't a sin or a bad thing. Neither is trying to improve your economic/social situation. We all want that. Yes, Fleur did a lot against our MC, but the original Ophelia started it and did way worse, including physically assaulting Fleur multiple times, hiring people to kidnap and r*pe her, etc. So it's not as if Fleur was scheming against some innocent victim.

Also, considering the fact that everyone forgave the MC for the monsterous things she's done (yes she's a different person, but they don't know that), it would be hypocritical for Fleur to not be afforded the same chance.


The ML is another jewel. Again, he has an actual personality that isn't just 'cool', 'arrogant', 'overbearing'. Like the FL, he's witty and hilarous. Their banter is hysterical. He's also incredibly shameless and extremely blunt. The novel does give him the usual sad backstory, but it's for the purpose of motivation and plot, not for the sake of whitewashing. The ML is ruthless and ready to do anything to fulfill his goals, and wholly unapologetic about it. ML is a cutie in love though. He tells the FL not to go near the Prince anymore. When she ask what he'll do if she goes near him, the ML's reply is "I will sulk". Hilarious! Cute! Jealous without being a psycho yandere! We love it. All in all, this novel is definately a 4.5-5 star for me. <<less
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Mar 29, 2022
Status: --
Why did I dislike this novel so much? Because it irritates me that every chapter I read doesn't make sense, and I'm also annoyed by how the FL acts; why didn't she correct the og fl's actions? I understand that the og ML won't believe her, but in the one scene where they're in the og ml's house, why the fvck is she just standing there waiting for a fxcking miracle that the og ML will be seduced by her. I thought I'd discovered the perfect one. I've never been... more>> annoyed by a novel in my life. And she's a completely moron. By the way, I only created this account to give this novel one star. <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 17, 2022
Status: c93
Despite the fact that it have a slow romance development, this story is funny. I do like the fact that the romance is slowly budding since it gives more time for the readers to see character development.

Keep up the good work and thank you for this nice novel~!
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Dec 29, 2021
Status: c74
Very nice story, a pleasant and relaxing read (and the two protagonists have their own way of communicating - and mainly teasing each other - which is adorable) although of course it falls into many narrative clichés used in this type of story, even if not. is something heavy and annoying ... more>>

(and not too obvious: for example when the FL is in trouble in the midst of monsters, instead of getting s*upid like all the FL novels, she remembers being a black sorceress and saves herself easily, without waiting for the arrival of charming prince)


As for the main reason of the whole novel, the divorce... many comments say that it is completely useless, but in reality it is not:

Sylvester is still clearly against the crown prince, and - if the story follows the course of the novel - to the end would still be killed by the latter, regardless of whether or not Ophelia intrudes on one side or the other. And the FL would follow suit in death, even if she decides to keep their distance from the Prince and Countess Fleur, as the wife of the Villain, unless... well, she's divorced and already far far away at the highlight of the story.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 26, 2021
Status: c60
everyday I'm feeling grateful that I discovered this novel, the ML and FL interaction are so hillarious, the romance is slow but awesome, they give me FLUFFF and the translator are consistely updating this novel every 3 days and sometimes also give us a bonus chapter HUHUHUHUHU (THANK YOU SO MUCH TRAVIS)

anyway this novel are literally one of the reason what I look forward in my boring life. Anyway, I was so angry with that one commenter that give this 1 star when she/he only read up to ch8,... more>> that was too much dear anon!!! I honestly believe this novel should have at least 4 star tho :' ( <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Nov 06, 2021
Status: c132
I don't get why this has low ratings. I mean it's literally a gem HAHA. It's so funny and comedic (if you won't take it seriously) and you'll have a good laugh at every chapter given how almost everyone misunderstands the FL HAHA. Although the divorce is somewhat irrelevant, I get why she pursues it. Since she wanted the freedom that she didn't get in her first life. I swear people, just give this a chance. I, too, almost missed this since the reviews are low. But give it a... more>> try and you'll see what I mean.

About the fl:

She isn't shortsighted nor is she simple minded. In contrary to that, she is actually cunning, smart and a freaking queen! Trust me when I say that y'all are going to bow down when you've read the chapters where she acted just to slap the oriFL in the face HAHA that was so fun to read. And how she made even the emperor trust her and like her despite her "personality".

About Ml:

The ML is not your typical emotionless, cold and mute ML (he actually knows how to get angry and COMMUNICATE). Well, he can be unbearable in the first chapters but trust me, you're gonna love him when he starts showing signs of jealousy (that's around chapter 30+). He is also smart and cunning like the fl. He also doesn't magically like the MC just because she transmigrated, not like other transmigration stories. He actually sticked to his "evil personality" which is so fun HAHAHA especially when he teases the Fl. <<less
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Oct 18, 2021
Status: c58
Yall, this story have no right being this funny. Every chapter is a masterpiece I love our MC so much. (Ch21)

EDIT: Good news everybody! The main couple have GREAT chemistry! They joke around a lot and it's super heartwarming.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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