Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari


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An unfortunate high school student who died from an accident, Misasagi Ryou (陵陵). With God’s whim, what he got from reincarnating to a different world, was one old book――taking in all kinds of books, it was the 「Unlimited Summoning Book」 that is said to be able to materialize all creations. Legendary Brave Equipments, Sub-Machine Guns, Artificial Humans……using weapons that are taken out from the book, the young man tramples the different world!! The different world Battle Fantasy of a young man that loves books!

Hon Issatsu de Kototariru Isekai Rurō Monogatari average rating 3.9/5 - 101 user ratings
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The Different World Exile Story Where One Book is Enough
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Cryarc rated it
November 10, 2016
Status: v6
I remember starting reading this because attracted from the cover illustration. This is an isekai series with somewhat ruthless battle maniac MC, actively seeking battles and often provoking for it. His power is "quoting" words from any books he have read before and materialize them into real world, so you get modern weapons such as revolver, machine guns, assault rifle, grenade etc. Besides quoting material items he can also quoting concepts, which rather similar to Konjiki no Wordmasters skill.

The MC is quite different from the usual meek MCs, he's decisive,... more>> ruthless and thrill seeking. Often times he's the one stirring troubles so he can fight. He's a tsundere guy, he acts malicious and having poisonous tongue but in the end he will lend his hand to people who asked for his help. If I remember right his trademark is asking what is the merit of him helping them first, though later he will help with trivial compensations. His skill is OP so he's kind of rarely getting in a real pinch.

Since the MC is battle maniac, most of the story arc is focused on him looking for stronger enemies to fight. He also gained some allies in the process. It's just there's no romance/harem in this series since it's taking most of it's time in fighting/conflicts.

Well, if you can past trough the MC's OP skills in bringing modern weaponry and vehichles into fantasy world it's quite entertaining to read. It's just sometimes it will feel tedious because the MC is constantly diving head first into conflicts so it's rather lacking a breather. <<less
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darkevangeli rated it
May 2, 2017
Status: v1c17
At first I was glad that we have an MC who is not afraid of getting his hand dirty and fighting back against enemies as opposed to usual Japanese MC who are self righteous and spouting sh*t about not hurting people because he came from japan even at the cost of lives he could have saved.

But then another irking Japanese MC trope appeared. Our MC apparently has the Japanese Genetic trait of "Hiding abilities" and laying low afraid of nonexistent enemies from noticing him. Going as far as Boot-licking... more>> just to show that he is a weakling for the reason of not gathering attention. I am not expecting him to show his OPness to the whole world, Is it too much to ask that he instead acts like an adventurer with middle tier strength instead of low level adventurer that is no match to a level 1 undead skeleton.

The funny party too is that there is this guy 'AL' who is so strong and even he gets defeated even after using all his power, and this guy isn't even hiding his strength! And guess what!? he is not getting celebrity attention and worshipers, solicitation and even enemies that our MC seems to be afraid of. That just f**king defeats the reason for him going out of the way to make sure he is treated like trash by people so he does not get unwanted attention from his power.

Another disappointing series that was okay in the first few chapters but fails because of the common OP MC hiding true ability because of nonexistent enemies.... Don't get me wrong I would understand if he hides his power if there was actually a threat/good reason. Like Overlord or Irregular at Magic Highschool where there is an actual and perfectly good reason to. He could be perfect if he at least just acts like a Middle tier adventurer with his strength and would have been a 5 star. But now I don't even see the point in being OP other that just to be included in the famous fad of having OP MC's in novels nowadays. His OP powers just makes it tedious to read when he goes out of the way too complicate things when solving a problem just to hide his strength and pretend to be the weakest. <<less
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AvERaGeNP rated it
August 18, 2017
Status: --
I read the novel description and tags and anticipate a ruthless a MC, I find a ruthess MC I anticipated. Some people read the novel description and tags and know there is gonna be a ruthless MC and finds a ruthless MC in novel then gets disappointed that there is a ruthless MC in the novel & gives it 1 ☆. Ugh people get a grip ffs.

You dont just go in and read harry potter and give it 1 star cuz of existence of magic and sourcery.
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TheBourneConfused rated it
March 20, 2017
Status: v1c11
Yup, another cliche Japanese rpg level up novel with the usual highschool aged guy ran over by the great 'truck-sama' and transferred by a loli deity to a typical game-like fantasy medieval world.

I know the rpg appraisal/status tab elements of this novel and the MC's OPness were so cliche that you may shook your head in dismay from its overflowing clicheness, but what I found a bit amusing in this story was the MC's skill of 'quoting' or summoning modern-made stuff for his own conveniences; firearms like submachine guns, shotguns,... more>> grenades, tear gas, gas mask, and etc. He even used the summoned armored car in the middle of a medieval village, scaring the wits out of some peddlers, just because he lazily wanted to travel quickly in his destination, lol.

Though, the MC's personality might be a ruthless anti-hero asshole guy, it's much better than a peace-loving justice-fanatic super dense harem guy protagonist. I hate those dense harem protags, which was why the 2nd reason I started reading this novel was because I didn't see the harem tag, bahahaha. I never like romance tag too; call me bitter, couldn't care less.

For now, I'm gonna rate it as 'good' but if I ever got bored or an indication of a clueless love-sick fool MC who's ready to die for the sake of romance showed up, then I'll GTFOH and drop this outta my read list. <<less
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UnGrave rated it
January 31, 2017
Status: v1c7
Like everyone else, I read this because of the awesome cover. For this novel, I believe that you can judge a book by it's cover, as I was not disappointed in the slightest with how it's been so far.

This is an Isekai series where the MC starts out OP, and then grows to be even more OP. His power is completely broken, but the situation kinda makes sense for why it's so broken.

Altogether, I think this is, at least up to this point, a good casual read with... more>> an OP protagonist of and no sign of a crappy harem. Not yet anyway... Five stars 10/10. <<less
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GregLuck rated it
July 24, 2017
Status: v2c1
At first I thought that the MC would be like Satou from Death March or the MC from Isekai Hourou Meshi, then he goes Hajime, but it turns out he's just a maniac. For all I know, with another PoV, the MC could be seen as a apostle of evil god with a mental disorder.

It's not like I hate that kind of MC, it's just doesn't make sense. He's a bookworm working part time, yet he didn't even flinch or hesitate to kill people (although they indeed try to rob... more>> him) for the very first time he got on the town, decided to annihilate a whole band of bandit on a whim, having a deadly duel for the fun off it, etc, etc, which make the character feels inconsistent.

One of the many action he did, the most incomprehensible is when he was saving the kidnapped girls and the enemy start going berserk, he didn't bother saving the girl and used them to buy time. I mean, he is OP as f**k, decided to save the girl, yet decided to forgot them cause some minor annoyance happen.

That is why I called him a maniac.

As I said, from other PoV, he is a twisted mental disorder bastard sent by evil god, with a crazy sicko friend


Also lots of action feels like forced just for the sake of plot. After making a frankenstein's monster-like golem, making a magic sword, summoning a camp and food, but decided to not use the car he used early just to not causing commotion.

Basically, the MC and the story is inconsistent. The side character is dull just like a doll, lifeless, doesn't have a quirk, lacking details.

Even though it is a fiction and isekai novel you would expect a certain logic or law the author made for the novel to follow, this novel feels like a lots of ideas jumbled up, thus making the story feel inconsistent and doesn't flow well.

The good part is this novel didn't have that many cliche usually you find in JP isekai OP-MC, no suddenly helping loli, or wimpy MC, or lots of self-tsukomi for every single thing. But then again, the whole story is so jumbled up with sudden whim of idea that the author came up. <<less
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Crywolf641 rated it
December 2, 2016
Status: v1c4
Hahahaha Note:I read this because of the Illustration cover in NovelUpdates
and I have to say I was not dissapointed.

Well for now its still too early for us to be judgemental about the MC.

The MC is Decisive. I mean Litteraly He killed without the usual I'm too scared to kill thing that happens in novels this days. (Well I think its natural though)

The Powers of the MC is litteraly a Cheat. Its to the point that is possible for him to summon every last armor/weapon/probably magic?/Materials/probably a house too... more>> if he has one quote of it.
The MC's powers are based on "quotes" which means that He could summond that kind of word to real life. (Which I wish I have it so that I could keep summoning money and sh*t.)

Also MC maybe OP but its still possible to kill him since He almost got killed during his attack at chapter 4. If He was a Little late reacting that is.

We also have a funny God? Goddess based on what we see in the illustration and her interaction.
MC is'nt even hesitating to throw a God out of a Window! Which is really laughable.

Well this novel is a good reading material for me since its funny how that God interacts with the MC and how the MC is passive to Her.

Well this is just my opinion on the Novel :D <<less
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