Homuseka: By My Flame, The World Bows Down


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The First Sneaker Bunko Grand Prize Winner in 12 years.

(If I dare, I want to burn something. ……) Homura, who has a desire to burn something, is invited to another world.

There, a group of similarly weird high school girls are gathered, and it seems that they are asked to “save this world” with their special talents?

‘Are you an evil person? Then I can burn you without a care in the world!”

Burning is the right thing to do! Incineration is ecstasy!

What will happen to Homura, a beautiful, regrettable girl who conquers the world with overwhelming firepower?

Another world comedy by the strongest flame girl!

Associated Names
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By My Flame The World Bows Down
Waga Homura ni Hirefuse Sekai
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
11/23/22 Sugoi Translations v1c1 part1
11/23/22 Sugoi Translations v1 illustrations
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