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Huan Xiu transmigrated to the Zerg planet and decided to start his new life.

He happened to hear that a cub near the college had been bullied. It seemed that the reason was that the ‘female’ father of the cub was injured in the war and retreated to the rear line and now his future was hopeless. For various reasons, the cub was brutally expelled from the school.

As a sensational gossip, Huan Xiu didn’t think that the other party was the man who helped him when he first came to the world – and he was recommended to be his ‘female’ concubine under the malicious arrangement of others.

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New agathe rated it
November 28, 2021
Status: c26
(Ok there were so many good reviews opposed to my first perception that I read a few chapters more, but it's still an absolutely no good from a slight feminist perspective !)

If one was to ask me why I read yaoi and such, it would probably be because romance is not bound by gender prejudices - before this « top/bottom « nonsense, the characters are equal - you don't have inferior /superior, no predetermined roles an no casual societal abuse

here everything of the worst gender bias exist -... more>> from the rules of society who deem female vastly inferior, obedient to the male in a polygyny system, from the pygmalion type of relationships (bordering master/s*ave) where the MC will educate his partner, including as how to enjoy her sexuality

you probably notice the gender I mentioned : this is absolutely a male/females society, because the physical aspects of the female include abs, pecks and ding dong, doesn't make them less female (!)

they give birth, they have a terrible status and work two job (earnings a living and all house shores) , there's no contraception, hence no freedom to give birth or not, the individual value is based on the ability to give birth... moreso to male (again !) - on top of that there this unilateral multiple partner thing (forthe only benefit of male), they can be abandoned and female children are deemed worthless, and they have a miserable intimate life, only based on performing duty : it manages to gather the worst of all time misogynistic burden on women in a single world !!!

so this is not yaoi

this can't be cute either !!!!!

abusive feminine condition shouldn't be banalised for the sake of any story -

Saving shouldn't come from a guy who will teach the female how to be true to herself in her body and soul (making the guy feel so great about himself)
For instance, it's a world where female « dominates « a borish intimacy, but the MC will take the lead, so the female will finally know how yo feel good (!) come on, it's so backwards, it's simply disgusting !...

don't talk about insect society (female rules ?) , biology (why would you need nipples to lay eggs ? Nipple = mamals?) , and why would they even look like humans ?? <<less
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Nom de Plume
New Nom de Plume rated it
November 27, 2021
Status: Completed
The main negative to me is that the zerg aspects were very minimal or even completely discarded turning this into more of an alternate-ABO universe than anything else. The rest of the story (including the poly side story) are great! It focuses on exploring the culture caused by the racial and gender settings via the relationship of the transmigrated MC and local ML. Interestingly, I don't think we had any revenge arcs other than self defense. I will explore the 'negative' aspect with the rest of my review, but I... more>> still recommend reading the story.

I have nothing against humanoid zerg. Stories like 'I'm not Human' and a few others actually make me like seeing creative twists to the zerg narrative and reading from the zerg perspective quite a bit. However, it's really hard to relate this race of aliens to the zerg. The ONLY insect indicator are that the female zerg have retractable bone wings for battle. Tattoos do not equal carapaces.

Aspects in both race and daily life are just too close to Earth, down to the potential dating spots. The heavy military presence and references to the ongoing battlefield should be included, but... we never find out who or why these zerg are fighting. They don't seem to be inherently aggressive as individuals. Their insect characteristics are so hidden that they fight in mechas and communicate via technology, so it's not likely that they are motivated by the same ideology of other books: either planning to turn sentient populations into farms or induct them into the control of the hive mind. The zerg have even found the weak modern-day Earth, but seem to be completely ignoring it considering it's doing 'fine'.

War is really heavy on resources. The reason typical zerg in other media can survive and excel at it despite this boil down to their racial characteristics starting with their most powerful: reproduction. Their queens can lay entire broods that mature quickly at low cost. They have nearly zero concern about war attrition as a result. Zerg also do not have to worry about infighting or keeping morale high due to either being a complete hivemind or a very strict hierarchy. They evolve quickly to adapt to enemy tactics. They are born with natural weapons and armor. They can eat their enemies and keep fighting even if their supply routes are cut. Etc Etc Etc.

The zerg in this story in contrast do not seem to have the same overwhelming force of numbers characteristic to the race. Their fertility and birth rates are very low, although they still mature quite fast. The losses on the battlefront do not seem to be small. Any scene where a weak character goes off alone involves a bullying incident. There is a lot of fighting between zerg and very little unity. The governing structure is very Earthen. It's really shocking they are able to maintain a long term large scale conflict in this kind of situation.

Note: I fell asleep around this point in my review so I'm not sure if I said everything I wanted to or not. I recommend reading it to find out yourself!! It's short for a CN anyway (57ch) <<less
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judeiiro rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: Completed
This was so cute and fluffy to read, oh my gosh!!! The author wasn't lying when they said this novel is essentially a sugar stew with s*x and no dramatic plot (ृ ˘ ꒳ ˘ ृ  ) Appreciate the great content and translations!

I'm not familiar with Zergs but all I can say is this species in the novel is like those ger/shuang'er/males who can give birth but this time, they're oviparous. The author doesn't go into detail like their physical appearances except for like stripes??? when the MC first takes ML home, the birthing and whatnot. I mean, they even forgot to insert the scum ex-Master Shi into the plot besides being part of ML's past so yeah lol 😂

The romance is sweet and the main couple falls in... more>> quick and deep! first come concubinage, then comes marriage!

MC (gong) was originally "pranked" by his cousin to be matched with ML (shou), the 'thrown out' concubine of Shi, in the government's marriage system. MC already had good feelings (not romantic... yet) for ML who saved his drowning new body lol

the culture clash and concepts of zerg and earth humans make it an interesting read as MC and ML make their relationship work. it was really lovely to read ML and his adorable kid grow out of their shells that were formed during their stay with their previous Master/father! MC dotes and spoils on them so much!!!!!

The smut is alright, so sweet to read where MC doesn't push ML, waits for his initiative and works hard to make sure ML is comfortable :') it was a little uncomfortable in the beginning with ML' s mindset of 'I have to serve the Master' but MC melts away this concept in their relationship and ML discovers s*x is actually pretty enjoyable! :D Kudos, MC!

Overall, really happy I found this while filtering cough <<less
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Melange rated it
December 16, 2020
Status: Completed
Pretty cute and fluffy story ft. Zerg. There's a pretty interesting world dynamic of female, inferior female, and male in this world.


All of them are what humans would consider to be "males, " but in their world, females are the fertile, strong worker ants, males are more petite and rare drone blue-collar worker types, and inferior females are the most petite and less fertile versions of females.


The couple is cute and they have lots of steamy smut. Recommended if you're looking for a little spice without any angst.
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lmnsd03 rated it
May 4, 2021
Status: c33
Ah ah ah! Where can we get a husband like the MC?

I don't usually like novels where the MC is the gong BUT THIS IS THE FIRST EXCEPTION (maybe in the future, I'll love this kind of novels too)

The MC is soooooooooooooo understanding, I love that.

Sana ol may jowa

Sana ol
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Blisfulloblivion rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: --
Super cute healing fluff. Mostly a story of the MC healing the abused ML and their sweet romance. ML is a zerg 'female' and was in a crappy marriage as an abused concubine. MC is a sweatheart and very wholesome and patient with the ML and son helping them to get past their trauma.

This story also has some surprisingly steamy scenes! No crabs walking along a beach, fade to black nonsense but actual smut. Best part, the smut isn't excessive and appropriately placed so the focus stays on the story.... more>> Their interactions in the bedroom feel so relatable and real. I felt it added to the story and really helped express the gradual progression in their relationship. <<less
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disacestar rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: Completed
10/10 One of the sweetest, fluffiest novels I've ever read!! MC is a transmigrator who died in the zombie apocalypse and transmigrates into the body of a Zerg who just comitted suicide via drowning himself, and he's rescued by ML. ML is a former military Zerg who was temporarily demoted from his station because of an injury he sustained from a battle. Afterwards his former scum husband divorced him, leaving ML and his son abandoned.

This entire novel is about healing and learning to love someone and see your partner as... more>> your equal rather than your superior. MC's a gong and his gentleness and loving nature towards ML is very refreshing and sweet! And ML's awkward but trying-to-please nature is also very cute!! Plus, MC treats ML's son very well, as if he was his own kid!


he even let's ML's son take his last name


There is 0 serious angst, and the angstiest it got only lasted maybe 3 chapters at most and was resolved pretty easily and without any annoying dramatic break-up or anything like taht


Basically, due to some shenanigans, ML becomes worried that ML is looking at other female zergs and makes a post on a forum asking for advice. The outcome of it all is pretty silly, and ML basically attempts to seduce ML using shitty advice from the forum. Its all really funny, and gets resolved when ML directly asks MC if he's been talking to others, and MC answers truthfully


Zerg's in this world are humanoid, so dw they aren't giant bug monsters (though ML does have retractable wings!), and their gender system consists of 1 main gender (everyone's a dude) and 3 secondary genders (male, female, and inferior female). Male Zerg are just your regular-old dudes, however they're generally weaker in build and more suited to mentally stimulating activity. Female Zerg are generally more buff and do more physically taxing jobs, such as becoming soldiers, and also have the ability to get pregnant. Inferior female Zerg's are generally slimmer and more "feminine" than female zergs, but lack the ability to get pregnant.

I totally reccomend reading this if you want a short-but-sweet, 100% fluff novel! You'll die from all the sweetness!! <<less
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earlgreyt rated it
January 3, 2021
Status: Completed
A heartwarming piece about a transmigrated person into a futuristic "zerg" society.

So-called zerg society is extremely traditional with a strict caste system. It's basically equivalent to ancient China with its heavy emphasis on patriarchal power.

So-called "male zerg" are at the top of the food chain, expected to marry one "wife" but can have as many concubine-s*aves as necessary. Male zerg are not expected to take initiative, they're apparently "rare" and will draw attention and attract interest from "female" zerg everywhere they go. Furthermore, they are basically the masters/owners of their... more>> individual harems. Meh.

While the MC is transmigrated and sets out to treat the target of his affection very well, the society as a whole made the relationship somewhat bittersweet instead. It's a heartwarming story about a very oppressed/past-abused ML who remarries the MC and slowly comes out of his shell.


Humorous reversal that the male zerg are basically equivalent to scholarly/weaksauce men, while the female zerg are equivalent to buff/gym men.


This novel is not meant to be taken seriously, but rather with some fluff, smut, and subtle character development.


The entire traditional setting of the zerg wasn't really necessary. The author could have had the MC treat past-abused ML in a better society without needing the entire background emphasis of how the MC was literally the only "male" zerg not out to build a harem, actually putting in effort and treating his partner like a person and not just a tool or s*ave. The main character development could have progressed just as well without hinting everywhere how the MC was so special, so unique, and actually "kind" to his spouse...

MC is presented as the ONE exception to all other male zerg who expect their spouses to be servants 24/7 or insert "accepted" domestic violence and institutionalized r*pe... wow how romantic!!

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XianYiXi rated it
April 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Rating: 4.6 (Overall it was pretty sweet and nice to read)

If you want to read some sweet and fluff story and also smut with absolutely no drama then yes, go for this.

The novel is from Seme POV and damn the inequality between the different Zergs is sad/maddening to read. The suffering of female.... i'll probably be sad from now on, if any zerg get killed in other novel (╥_╥).

I love how the author made our Uke or female Zergs to be the ones who were taller, stronger, and... more>> embodied the traits of typical masculinity while male Zergs were the regular nerdy types. I totally shimp for manly uke..... manly and innocent uke, just like ML [This kinda reminded me of SAHRJ (stone age husband raising journal). Both the story is from seme's POV and seme transmitting to other world and uke is bigger and mainly than seme but very innocent and cute.]

Love the growth and development of MC and ML relationship. It was nice to see ML slowly open up to MC. Really enjoyed the Smut part~

when MC said, "Just imagine, a perfect figure and slightly youthful male sitting on your body, while holding his chest, rubbing the tip of his breast, who can stand this"..... I found this very sexy.


Loved the extra with kaczki's family. Not a harem fan but I enjoyed it. Probably the only harem that I enjoyed.

Also loved the extra with kids story. Honestly I would have love to see more of it, like, who gonna be the partner of Xiao Ye in future (pray that he get good husbando, if possible just like MC) and Who will be Lin Ran wifey..... will he be like his male father and take only single wife or have his own harem (Nooo)

It sad that there was no face-slapping event (i love to see it and was kinda waiting for it to happen). I would have loved a part where they meet MC's cousin and that Inferior female. Would have been nice to see their jealous and constipated looks (^o^)

Lastly, thanks to the translator for translating this novel. <<less
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Drenlith rated it
January 9, 2021
Status: Completed
Sweet, heart warming, fluff overdose to the point your limbs feel tingly!
The descriptions honestly confused me there for a hot minute because I saw "insects" in the tags. But honestly except for being able to lay eggs and have cool razor sharp weapon like wings that's retractable as a "female" zerg, there's nothing else that diverts much from human appearances.

So essentially this alternative world has a backward social construct but with sci-fi tech. For the better or worse, being a male zerg which is limited in number and high... more>> in value, puts our protagonist to the upper echelon of the social pyramid (with also aristocracy that I cannot really understand, they also didn't elaborate on that topic).
Without it being a big issue for MC to starting and raising a family, the story kicks off immediately into a cohabitation with the shunned ML and his baby on a smooth road of mental healing.

Antagonists can be only called as mere eyesores as they don't really do much to hurt anyone.

For someone who doesn't like sub-genres such as child-care, I did enjoy the appearances of this novel's baby a lot!
First of all, the smart and keen sense of the child is easily acceptable due to it being an alternative world where they all mature rapidly. Yet smarts and childishness is well balanced and not over the top to beg for reader's affection.

Pacing might be a bit too fast for folks who are used to slow romance or long chapters like me though, but more than just right for those who're looking for a well rounded story that doesn't drag on.

If there's anything to nag about, I suppose it's the extreme plot convenient set up for MC and ML to get together and accept each other.

>ML is an orphan, abused in his relationship with nobody to lean on + a child to carry for
>MC doesn't have to worry about money too much due to his heritage and social position
>Alt. World's common sense of extreme gender disparity + polygamy vs original world's common sense of human equality and monogamy (even considering the downfall of morality with the apocalypse)

So any form of small kindness of MC will be taken like god's grace for ML who knew nothing but harshness.
Although ML is MC's type, them getting together at the beginning felt more like out of sympathy for his life saviour, the ML.

Then again, there's no "dating" phase in alt. World, so that's really the only way for them to get closer.

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Alymirra rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: Completed
Super adorable story! The translator, Addis, is highly reputable with consistently high quality translations and a good eye for novels. The story is based in the world of Zergs making it a very unique not-ABO world setting. The primary focus is on the MC and his partner so don't get caught up in the world setting too much. I usually don't enjoy books from the gong's perspective however this LN was definitely an exception!
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twobada rated it
January 4, 2021
Status: --
Remember the feeling you get when you drink warm soup on a cold day? This is it.

Readers who are looking for a safe haven to nurse their wounds and injuries will find a warm, comforting harbor in this novel.

No fireworks, grand gestures, nor angsty misunderstandings. Just gentle, healthy, happy love.

Note: I don't know if it's the author's writing or the translation, but the prose is quite dry and boring. I'm still giving it 5/5 thought for the 100% healing content.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Ouryane00 rated it
January 1, 2021
Status: Completed
Definitely worth 5 stars! Want to give it more stars too!!

This is a fluffy story (different fluff from others) and there’s no angst (there are some cute misunderstandings though but gets solve in a chap or two).

... more>>

I didn’t expect that the ML would be a divorcee with a kid and that makes this story so different!! I love how even though the ML and MC’s relationship was fast, it didn’t seem like it at all! I wish there was more to their story!! More!!!!!



One thing that troubled me very little was that I was a little confused with the gender setting at first because there’s “male” “female” and “inferior female”. The “inferior female” is just called “inferior” because they can’t give birth but they are definitely more favoured than the “female (male that can give birth)

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YouToon rated it
July 13, 2021
Status: Completed
I live sci fi settings. I also love stories of abandoned parents and their children who find a better life. Throw in that our main lead is probably the chillest transmigrator-ever-and this story is just a lot of sweet fun. Its not dramatic at all. It is heartfelt and kind. Kindness is weirdly a rarity in BL. I strongly recommend.
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
January 5, 2021
Status: Completed
Tooth rotting fluff, adorable characters, and many smexy scenes. Another gem translated by ERS.
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Arya88 rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: Completed
It's a heart warming and smexy story! The gong MC is mischievous and the shou ML is quite dense and inexperienced, but they grow and learn together. The pair are supportive and has great chemistry (wink wink) !
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ThisLaozi rated it
December 28, 2020
Status: Completed
It's sooo sweet and the fluff just made my heart flutter. MC is very understanding, reasonable, and every positive comment there is. I seriously wish I could meet a guy like MC.

This novel is a very good short read especially when you feel down and just want to be happy for a good while

10000000000/10 would recommend
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Urmulus rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: Completed
I really enjoyed reading this novel. The MC is a mature and respectful person which in itself is refreshing. Actually, I think that about 2/3 of the mls of the other bl novels I've read so far should read this novel as a manual on how to be decent partners and lovers.
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LilySewa rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: c10
So far I am really interested in this story. I actually appreciate that we finally have a gong MC in a transmigration story! And he's nice and not a toxic or boring person. I can't wait for him and his love interest to get closer. I also appreciate that we get cute fluff and some spicy action early on hehehehhehehehe
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scrapsd rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: Completed
Eh it's a meh to me. As sweet as the story is, I wasn't feeling it for the couple. Note to future readers though, this doesn't have any plot at all, despite the first few chapters, it soons go into a slice of life, everyday kinda peacefulness, which is not bad if you like it. Oh, yeah, and the s*x is good. Hahaha.
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Ko heymi
Ko heymi rated it
August 16, 2021
Status: c45
First of all oh my god.... I'm so dead it's too sweet my heart just melted reading it.

Firstly if you're here for some revenge, drama or a plotting story then you should not continue but if you want something light hearted and romance thing..... Character development.... It's the one for you.

For me I do enjoy the action, revenge stories but I wanted something which was light and I can't even explain how my heart fells right now.... There is no misunderstanding and they have a harmonious relationship

The child is also... more>> very cute.... I loved the interaction b/w the whole family.

So if you want all this you should go for it..... And lastly thank you for translating this novel <<less
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Sisithatlikestoread rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: Completed
Super cute, super sweet and totally my cup of tea!!! There's almost no drama here! Only fluff allowed~

If you're looking for some face-slapping, I'm sorry to say there isn't really any. The story is about healing and love! Pure love!!

This is a really good story for relaxing and if you've just finished an angsty novel :)
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