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Surgeon Guan Ryo Is reborn in Naruto’s world! Enjoy his trip as he uses his knowledge of the story to find his path in this troubled world and eventually stand at the top of Konoha!

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OldManGu rated it
June 22, 2018
Status: c151

The MC needs to use water jutsu and then freeze it to make ice. He still uses chakra for the water. Its super lame because even Haku could create ice from nothing. Mei could also spit lava out of her mouth. His ability is based off Aokiji. But its nothing like Aokiji's ice because Aokiji can create ice from nothing.

The author loves giving the MC kryptonite abilities.

The MC stores nature chakra with Tsunade's recovery skill. He can't refill it until it runs out.

The MC pissed his pants when he met 9 tails. He couldn't even speak when Kurama asked him a question. This is the same guy who killed a root member without blinking an eye. He never even cared that he killed somebody. He also knows Kurama is a good guy. He's still pissing his pants when he meets him years later. He even stutters when Kurama wants to meet him.

The MC has contact lenses to hide his Sharingan. But I feel like the Byakugan should be able to see it.

His sharingan's absorb nature chakra to get his 3rd tomoe. This is s*upid for 2 reasons. The first is that his whole body had already absorbed nature chakra. His body even turns into nature chakra in his ice mode. That would include his eyes! Even normal sage mode would affect his eyes. It's been stated that nature chakra helps people see better. The second reason is that nature chakra doesn't advance the Sharingan. The Sharingan is created from a special chemical the brain produces during intense emotions. Then the author says he couldn't understand why Sasuke awakened his 3rd tomoe fighting Naruto! He then blames it on his curse mark! Is this author a idiot! It was clearly because of his intense emotions from fighting Naruto!

The author counts Sasuke's feats against Itachi's Mangekyou. This is s*upid because Itachi was trying to lose. I dont think Sasuke's 3 tomoe could have done anything against Itachi. Just look at what he did to Kakashi. Kakashi was helpless in front of him. Granted he only had 1 eye and wasn't a Uchiha. But its known that Kakashi was better with his Sharingan than most Uchiha.

The MC gets one shotted by White Fang. The MC already has a 3 tomoe sharingan, sage mode, ice mode and elite jounin level chakra. He also knows all chidori variants and rasenshuriken. This can only mean 1 of 2 things. Number 1: The author thinks Kakashi's dad is ultra kage level. This would also mean that he thinks grandma Chiyo is ultra kage level. Thats because grandma Chiyo can fight him for a long time. That would also mean that Sasori is Madara level. Thats because Sasori is way stronger than granny. Then there is the 2nd option. The 2nd option is that the MC is super incompetent at using his skills. Im going to go out on a limb and guess its number 2. That makes me wonder who wants to read about a incompetent mc?

Pakura should not be able to melt the MC's ice. The MC's ice should be stronger than normal. He is also using nature chakra. There is no way Pakura could melt ice made with nature chakra.

The author thinks that Jiraiya became an author during the 3rd ninja war. But Jiraiya became an author during or after the 2nd ninja war. We know this because Naruto's name came from a book that he wrote while teaching Nagato.

This author knows nothing about Naruto. The 3rd hokage could never fire Danzo and the 2 elders as advisors. Danzo is in charge of the root and his power is unshakable. The 2 elders fought alongside the 2nd hokage with them and are the 3rd's most trusted advisors. They side with the 3rd over Danzo most of the time. They didn't start leaning towards Danzo until Tsunade took over. They even picked Minato to be the 4th hokage. Danzo was trying to get Orochimaro to be hokage and didn't want Minato. I think the elders even wanted Jiraiya to be the 5th hokage if I remember right. The 3rd hokage would have never fired them for saying he shouldn't give the MC a S rank skill. There is also 0% chance that he could fire Danzo! Danzo has a brainwashed underground army! You can't take away his right to speak when he has that much power.

The 3rd hokage made the root disband. This is the dumbest thing ever. Danzo would never let this happen. The 3rd would also never want it to happen. Root members are super loyal to Danzo. The root is there for a reason. The author has zero understanding of the Naruto world.

White Fang could not cut off Danzo's arm in 1 move. Danzo is a old war vet, who has gone through countless battles. He fought alongside the 2nd hokage. White Fang would also not want to cut his arm off.

The MC asks Kurama if he can be controlled by a Mangekyou Sharingan. Then Kurama tells him no. But this is wrong because the Mangekyou can control him at the loss of the eyes.

The MC has the hots for a 4 year old even though his mental age is 30-40 years old. His body is also 9 years old. The author doesn't seem to find this creepy. I hope the chinese police are watching him.

The MC breaks a sand ninja spy out of prison. Its s*upid because the 3rd hokage would have let her go if the MC told him why. Instead he feels the need to risk being a traitor.

There is no way the MC can teleport people through his ice! The MC can only do that because every cell in his body is ice! This author is so s*upid!

Anko learning snake sage mode is a complete asspull! She doesn't even have enough chakra to learn sage mode. She also learned it in only a few weeks and never went to the snake cave. But the worst part may be that she can even melt the MC's ice with a normal fire jutsu in this mode.

The MC should be able to feel his surroundings in ice mode.

How would the Leaf not know anything about the 3rd Kazikage? He was around during the 1st hokage's time! They would have seen him fight countless times!

The MC, Kushina and Minato meet Naruto from the future. Its from when he went back in time in the lost tower movie. The problem is that Kushina's Kurama should have talked to Naruto's Kurama. He should have been able to find out everything. He also should have known his chakra was in Naruto without him using it.

Th 4th raikage gives the Leaf his families ultimate skill so they stop fighting! This is the dumbest thing ever! The 4th raikage would never do it!

The author didn't seem to know that Shisui awakened the Mangekyou when he was 7 years old. He awakened it when he saw his friend die in the 3rd ninja war. Then he became a pacifist and made friends with Itachi. Itachi was 5 and Shisui was 8 at that time. The author makes Shisui become the MC's student when he is 9 years old and the MC is 12-13 years old. The MC says that Shisui is only chunin rank. This author knows nothing about naruto! The MC even said he's going to bring Shisui to fight, so he can understand the brutality of war!

The author thinks Shisui's and Itachi's crows are from a summoning contract.

The 4th mizukage did not get 3 tails until after Rin's death.

This author loves to write bs.

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slaider23 rated it
April 14, 2018
Status: Completed
Previous Review:

I read most of the other fan fictions by authors like "Strongest hokage" and "God of Soul system" and others but for this the author took a different route. I'll be honest I'm not that interested in this, especially with him looking like he's going all Medical Ninja atm... The author's writing in this at times feel like some high school kid is writing while other times its okay (if I didn't know otherwise I would think this was his first novel)... The first chapter just feels like everything happened out of nowhere like a lotto event. But even if I look pass that there are a lot things in the beginning I really can't understand at all.

For example...


He's fresh out the womb, meets his uncle in the narutoverse... who doesn't spend that much time with him in the beginning a little later he dies in the war... and when this guy finds out he gets so angry as if he was so emotionally attached to this person? If it was the mother I would understand but the uncle? I mean even the mother was shocked he even remembered his uncle who she said he hadn't seen since he was 1 year old (he's 5 years old now when his uncle dies), Plus it was angry enough to unlock his sharingan? Like really?


Since this is only 10 chapters in theres not really much to go on but i'll continue to read either way and see how it goes...

Also translator needs to get someone to do editing for him as I ran into way too much grammatical errors and missing words.

(2/5) I'll probably read this in my free time when I have nothing else to read...

Update ---> Chapter 21

From what I see so far... this will be the most normal novel vs the others the author has written, when I say normal I mean he didn't add anything outside of the naruto world i.e. Fruit from one piece or Zanpacto (is that how it's spelt?) from bleach. Not that its bad or anything but anyway so far he has dropped the notion of being a medical ninja and started focusing on becoming stronger. There are few strange twists and turns but it only has slight potential so far so ill move it up to a (3/5).



In my free time I decided to read some more into the raws... and the story turned out to be surprisingly good. The author doesn't introduce any foreign elements to the story like his previous novels (powers from bleach and one piece) but strictly focuses on naruto world elements to make our MC stronger... What I like is unlike his previous works in this one the MC tries hard to change the history we know, saving several characters who we know to be dead in the original story but this also causes some changes in the original story.

Such as

one of Kaguya clansmen appear earlier which causes some slight confusion in the MC's planning but still solved none the less.


The MC also chooses his own direction in terms of development and didn't follow the same route as Madaara and others to gain the 6th paths powers but instead used what he had to develop his own that turned out even stronger than them.

MC history in medicine also plays a big role in this as he successfully changes the Konoha medical system. This has small impacts on the story at first but later it causes bigger impacts.

Small impact: Kakashi's sharingan no longer limits his potential as the MC along with orochimaru fixed the issue with the Sharingan not being compatible with Kakashi bcuz of him not having uchiha bloodline. MC

Major Impact: The MC fines the solution to mangekyo blindness without having to transplant another sharingan though it has some defects it worked for the most part. MC also did some soul and cloning research that he uses to bring back people who's souls he used his power to save.


At the current chapter the MC has just finished the 4th ninja war with Madaara and etc... but the new arc is going in a different direction.


MC decides to go to the home world of Kaguya to slaugter her clansmen instead of waiting for them to appear like in the story but this also further expands on the clan the original never mentioned.


The story is done well imo, although there were one or two times the author said some then did the opposite the next chapter but for the most part it was okay. Also the author being chinese threw some of that coincidental bs in there lol...


MC knows that Kaguya left something like beacon that could draw her clan towards their world, MC goes out of his way to destroy these things and coincidentally meet a stranger from outside of their world who happens to speak "Chinese" but is not from earth but a different race that happens to use Chinese as their main language lol (I'm assuming there will be an arc about this race also).


Overall you will enjoy it if your a naruto fan, if not it will probably just come off as decent. The starting is kinda shitty in my opinion but the way the story develops, the interaction between MC and characters that weren't around in the original/the ones that were around and the methods the MC uses that changes certain elements in the story makes it interesting.

Rating : 3.8/5

Final Update:

F^&k this author... built up so many things that could branch off after 4th ninja war arc into something different yet he just ends it right there.


Author built up so much expectation as if he was about to had his own original storyline to the narutoverse yet he just ends it after he fights the head of Kaguya's clan... like wtf... there were so many things left that he didn't pursue in the novel shit....


Final Rating: 3/5 (f*ck you)
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Krucifer rated it
October 13, 2018
Status: c128
I can only say, the author know nothing about naruto. He is just like a people who skip reading or skip watching naruto. There are so many nonsense he created himself for the convenient of the story. He should have done his research before creating this nonsense novel. Even if you are not a fan of naruto and just watching it for fun, I bet you will know more about naruto than this author do. I'm still wondering how can this novel get rated 5 star by 85 people. How... more>> can they vote for 5 star if they watch naruto? The author be like, I will write a fan-fic about naruto just because it is so popular and many naruto fans are going to like it just because it is a naruto fan-fic. F*ck the story, I will write anything I want so it will make sense for me. F*ck the reader, they have to accept my story even if the story didn't follow the original story. And there are 85 idiots who vote for 5 star. <<less
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
July 18, 2018
Status: c220
Started off kind of interesting but later you'll notice the author knows very little about Naruto universe.

... more>>

Pervy sage supposed to be already writing a novel yet only starts when MC tells him to. Has to teach the 4th Hokage how to us his own Jutsu Rasengan. The time line also gets messed up by the author. Doesn't help that author puts Rin into hiding then like 2-3 chapters later says she has an arranged marriage even though every body knows she died how can she have a marriage if the entire village thinks she died and doesn't know she is in hiding??? The whole Obito part is BS and the Pain sequence is even more so, I think we all would stop Nagato from becoming pain yet MC doesn't... Author also let's Danzo live multiple times even though he could kill him, Don't forget the unnecessary politics that Happen cause people told author to get into more politics (actually says so in a chapter) long story short: Authors info about Naruto is what friends told him probably and suffers from Chinese BS syndrome.

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Sef rated it
May 16, 2018
Status: c25
Let me say first that, although I am a fan of Naruto, I have never been much of a reader of fan fictions in general.

After seeing the rating this novel had at the time of this review (3.3/5 and getting lower), I went in expecting this novel to be a very poorly written amateur work.

After reading up to the currently released chapters, I found out that this isn't the case at all. In fact, I'm persuaded that people who have dropped such low ratings on this novel may have done... more>> so only because it is a Naruto-based fan fiction (and perhaps down voted it out of spite?).

The story itself so far has been fairly deliberate in its progression. The author knows enough about the original Naruto story and its background/historical details to not write in any uncomfortably glaring changes. An although the MC's influence on the world is shifting some parts of the history of the world, everything that has happened so far is believable in the grand scope of the original story.

Important character relationships have been maintained and the characters from the original work have kept true to their original personalities so far.

In addition, the MC as an original character to this fan fic doesn't feel glaringly out of place in the world of Naruto. In some other fan fics I've read (after trying this one), the new characters introduced through the fan fic sometimes have powers or abilities that don't blend well with the original canon world for various reasons (ripping space time with bear hands, shooting energy blasts, new elemental affinity outside of the established system, etc).

Although the MC here gets an ability that is specific to himself, it isn't one that it so different relative to the other kinds of abilities from the original setting that it feels thematically disconnected.

Also, the translation quality is well done. I don't find myself having to go back and reread phrases to understand what is being said. Although the original author is clearly not super advanced and captivating in regards to their diction, the message gets across clearly enough where it does't distract from the story being told.

The story is worth trying out if you're a fan of the original Naruto story. Though it isn't some expertly written fiction with captivating depth, it isn't without decent qualities (at least enough for some spare time reading). And it certainly deserves better reviews in comparison to many of the other stories on this site that somehow manage to achieve a 4-star rating. <<less
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AtnShadid rated it
April 23, 2020
Status: --
Novel is bad from all aspects. S*upid MC, messed up time lines and f*cked up story writing.
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yujichandesu rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: c180
Fun fanfiction of Naruto`s world to read. I really enjoyed reading this as much as the Harry Potter Fan-fic on this website.

Seeing the top rated reviews on this website makes me wonder if everyone is a bestseller author themselves. Try to write your own version of a novel before you judge this author. Spineless cowards who are only keyboard warriors want to criticize the author for writing a fan-fic of the naruto universe. It`s not suppose to be a totally accurate copy of the original Naruto world, only these nerd... more>> fanboys would complain about the accuracy of the novel.

I have no problems with the story at all. I think it is great that the author tries to save most of the dead characters in this series.

It is a fan-fic, not an original story.

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StoneTheLoner rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c31
It's a low tier fanfiction. Seriously, visit Fanfiction. Net and look at the Naruto fanfiction category. There's literally thousands of fanfics that are better researched and written than this. And they are free to read! How the h*ck did this guy get anybody to pay for his (Most likely illegally written) story?

SI (Self insert) stories are pretty generic in the Naruto fanfiction world and that is this stories main claim to fame. A guy gets reincarnated into Naruto with canon knowledge. But other fanfics do it better. Other fanfics have... more>> done more interesting things with the basic Naruto premise IN ADDITION to having an SI!

You want a power trip? Hundreds or even thousands have done an OP (Overpowered) Naruto fanfiction better. You want a MC with a specific power-set like Ice manipulation? You'll get the same result. Hundreds if not thousands. Want something with an actual story? Like from an aspiring author looking to practice? Or from a skilled hobbyist? Or maybe works from giant nerds who have memorized the entire canon? That's something you can easily find in droves.

You want a mafia mc? Poison user? Older Naruto? Time traveling Naruto? Ground hog day Naruto? Etc, etc, and etc! Seriously, get to reading!



Skip this and read other Naruto fanfics. This author offered nothing new while also doing a very poor job writing his story! There's so many fanfics you could read them for a decade and still not catch up with all the Naruto fanfics that are better than this one! <<less
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scooby1234567 rated it
October 22, 2018
Status: c95
its a fun series.

Some people are complaining that the MC isn't flinching when killing people and is ruthless and using people to complete his goals. I know this is shocking but ninjas kill people! People go to war and kill people.

the MC isnt naruto he doesnt have talk no jutsu.

the MC loves the series and he is doing everything you would do if you were in naruto world
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Clegaspi012 rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: --
It’s actually not a bad fan fic. Character actually tries to change the negatives of the story that exist like a normal person would and the author knows his stuff about naruto. Only problem would be the main character is growing to fast I guess but it ain’t that bad. Give it a shot.
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stefanus101 rated it
June 28, 2018
Status: c36
Despite the low rating, I found that the story is good enough that it captures the charms of naruto world with some changes that is reasonable enough that the charms of the original naruto is not affected by too much, at least at this point inthe story that is
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
GenesisOfDeath rated it
April 15, 2018
Status: c120
initially pretty good but went down hill fast
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Virilitas rated it
April 7, 2022
Status: c4
The writing is of decent quality and it started out with what seemed semi accurate knowledge. The problem is I'm on chapter 4 and he's already completely messed up the nature transformation of chakra. Naruto has a decently fleshed out power system, for the basics at least, so to ruin it so quickly completely removes any interest I had in the story. If he messes this up how bad will the rest be?

As for the error, the MC is supposed to have ice a dual natured chakra. The MC takes... more>> a test and gets water and lightning dual nature. Ice is water and wind combined. You can't have ice without having wind and water. Combination chakra is an upgrade to the dual nature and rare. So this ultra basic detail is instantly ruined and this MC has ice and lightning. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
October 5, 2021
Status: c12
Not advised to read. The author knows nothing about Naruto and the complete insanity of Mc's OP character is absolutely beyond the realm of believable notions.

How crazy it is: ... more>>

MC is some insane BS OP OC with five year old sharingan, 1 year old chakra genius of water and lightning (described as ice powers comparable to Logia fruit from One Piece), having medical skills via ninjutsu capable of healing su*cide, strength already to kill a fully grown root ninja, and already knowing Shadow clone Jutsu and Chidori. Before he even trains his chakra well, he can even sense the 3rd Hokage spying on him just with his attuned supernatural senses?!? This is less of a novel and more of a child's fanfic powertrip where no adult or character acts like a human being. Even after MC prevents Kakashi's dad's death after he committed su*cide, Kakashi's dad chops off Danzo's arm easily and faces the root ninjas head on. What kind of nonsense is all this?!?!?


Horrible, horrible brainless writing, unfortunately -300bil/10. <<less
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Mahiro9 rated it
November 6, 2019
Status: c261
Have mixed feelings after reading this fan fiction.

While it wasn't perfect, it was a very interesting read most of the early parts. The MC gains experience and gets strong, powering up, planning for the future events using his future knowledge.

The problem starts after the birth of the Konoha 11. The author forgoes of the changes he made with the story's "villains" and make all sorts of reasons to make them stay true to their villain roles even after changing their lives for the better.

Everything conveniently falls into places so that... more>> the story remains true to the original story.

What the hell is up with that? Before all that, there were butterfly effects and things happen differently from the original, then the author cowardly reverts them back once the original story started.

Worse, you can predict what will happen in the future because the author left it in a way that it will conveniently change the future in a blink of an eye just like a magic trick, using the same bullsh*tting techniques he used when he reverted the changes his MC made. <<less
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ExtremeRampage rated it
September 25, 2019
Status: c253
Basically, a Power Fantasy Fan Fic of a Guy getting reborn in the Naruto World. The MC quickly becomes pretty OP and has all the knowledge since he was a fan of the series in his previous life.

Mediocre Novel but it still can be fun if you're bored and if you're into Naruto. I personally was just a casual fan of Naruto so I'm not that bothered by small incongruities like "OldManGu".
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KingLycan rated it
April 15, 2019
Status: --
Similar to other naruto FanFiction in Novelupdates this one goes in the same direction.

My get reborn, gets stronger and walla it ends in a completely useless way.

While there are In the middle and late section and ending of story making it at least a bit interesting, the starting is written as if Author has only read or know about Naruto through other source, instead of researching it himself. The whole idea he takes are from hypothesis, rather than actual facts.

Still if the starting and ending was a bit better, I... more>> would have given it 4 -4.5 stars, but due to not having it 3 star is my final review. <<less
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Petrox rated it
September 5, 2018
Status: Completed
This novel takes the whole anime/manga + movies (not all of them). I would rate it 3.5 stars if I could.

If you have watched naruto, this is a good read. He basically do every stuff you would have done if you were reborn there knowing what would happen. This is also the disadvantage of the novel. Changing too much would create another branch with another story and changing too little you are just retelling the story. This makes the author forcing certain plots that doesn't feel right in this branch... more>> to keep the story from branching too much.

Another fault is the MC is your typical Xianxia MC. Killing doesn't even make him flinch and feels like his previous life was a terrorist or assassin. What's diplomacy?Kill a lot, make them retreat, ask for compensation, rinse and repeat. What's trading? You have something I want, I take it by force. Law of the jungle. Too much blood for my taste.

Everything else this is a good read, making me finish it in 3 sleepless days with MTL. <<less
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Zeusomega rated it
January 28, 2022
Status: c30
So many things are wrong in this.

From basic plot holes to grammar, even to someone who has fare bit of tolerance and frequently reads MTL this is just irritating.

This is literally a dream walk after a night binge of Naruto, in just a span of minutes you're already shaking the konoha village, every character is astonished at your strength and talent.

Oh you're not so talented in this part, yet it just takes you a day to master it.. how?! Who cares mf it is my dream watch it or f... more>> off.

That's basically it. This isn't a disgrace to Naruto world... no it's a disgrace to fiction itself.

More details

: run of the mill xianxia MC, nauseating personality, arrogant as f*ck

: everyone immediately subvert to MC's charisma, even his official teacher is like " call me big sis" and " can we do this? Can we do that?" idk what relationship development happened there but it certainly isn't real.

: It's redeeming parts is that it is a transmigration story into a anime world.... that's all the motivation there is.

If you're looking for a Naruto fan fic I recommend reborn into Naruto world with Tenseigan.... It is far far better than this dung pile. <<less
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AllenLarge rated it
January 21, 2022
Status: c567
It starts off strong but its main flaw is how the main character doesn't kill anyone important and no matter what the main character does, the author insists on forcing it back into canon.

It's true that the outcomes and certain characters fates are better, but the events unfold exactly within the same outline as canon for the most part. When the author isn't forcing the world to conform to canon, then he is forcing his main character to make things happen like in canon.

The main positives of the story are... more>> the main characters powers/power progression and the more interesting unique plot elements such as the things done with Orochimaru.

The other reason for the reduced score is the abrupt ending, it's so abrupt that one plot point that was setup never even gets a resolution at all. But at least it isn't a cliffhanger. <<less
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