Hitsugi no Chaika


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Toru Acura, an incredibly lazy man with some hidden talents, has been forced by his sister Akari to actually go outside and search for work. However, he is in for a big surprise when he meets the girl who carries a coffin on the back named Chaika Trabant in the forest, and they are suddenly attacked by a monster! How will they survive? Who is this mysterious girl, and why is she being targeted?

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Chaika - The Coffin Princess
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
04/29/18 Nanodesu v3 prologue
04/16/18 Nanodesu v2 afterword
04/16/18 Nanodesu v2c4
02/12/18 Nanodesu v2c3
01/07/18 Nanodesu v2c2
10/18/17 Nanodesu v2c1 part5
09/13/17 Nanodesu v2c1 part4
09/09/17 Nanodesu v2c1 part3
08/04/17 Nanodesu v2c1 part2
07/22/17 Nanodesu v2c1 part1
02/27/17 Nanodesu v1 afterword
02/27/17 Nanodesu v1c4
09/28/16 Nanodesu v1c3
03/01/16 Nanodesu v1c2
11/19/15 Nanodesu v1c1 part6
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