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The lover loves the soul that is attached to me, not me.

Sadistic OE (Open Ending)
Author’s Weibo: Weibo @有猫的又蓝

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New LeniSnow
Sep 23, 2022
Status: --
Just few chapters in and now this is suffocating sad.

The result of transmigrating to another person's body with them being still alive, how would that person feel once they come back and see that everyone likes them better when they weren't themself. But I can't blame anyone even the ml, as his whole 3 year relationship was with that person. ML isn't too blame although his way of thinking where he thinks he got replace is kind of weird, usually if someone acts different you can use a mental condition... more>> as a reason. It might be easy to say that he could just move away, abandon everything and start a new life but he needs a sense of belongingness as a newly revive person, he needs an anchor that tells him he is still him and misses him. He is admirable, his optimism and cheerfulness until the end was seriously cool, there isn't any malice and was consistently caring. He was asleep for 3 years but if he didn't he would for sure grew up as sensible as his peers. <<less
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