His Noble and Righteous Route to the Harem


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In a dramatic reversal of fate, the commoner Ludwik ascended the throne and became king. Once crowned, he was immediately told that the most important work of the king is “to welcome the princess from the highest lineage on the continent as your bride”! But then, the beautiful bride who appeared muttered, “gross…” upon seeing his face. Just like that, the new queen began to wage a cold war against Ludwik. But the truth is, there lies a secret within the queen’s heart, and when Ludwik finds out about it, he ends up in a certain contract with her… The story of fantasy, harem (planned), and comedy begins here!!

Associated Names
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Rakuen e no Kiyoku Tadashiki Michinori: 0 Ban-me wa Hokkokusan no Tsundora Ouhi?
The Pure and Righteous Path to Paradise: The 0th Girl is the Tundra Queen Made in the Northern Country?
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04/24/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1 afterword
04/20/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1 extra 2
04/20/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1 extra 1
04/20/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1 epilogue 2
04/18/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1 epilogue 1
04/18/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1c6
04/16/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1c5
04/14/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1c4
04/11/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1c3
03/28/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1c2
03/24/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1c1
03/24/17 HIGH ENERGY Translations v1 prologue
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rizzumeow rated it
April 21, 2017
Status: v1 extra 2
I'm gonna give this novel a three star

I've never read such a bad Heroine like this. The only saving grace of this novel is the innocent MC. Even I who is a half masochist can't take this novel. If anyone of you likes girls who will never love you then this is the novel for you. The True epitome of "Nice guys never win" with a pinch of "Suffering"
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Fuxy rated it
May 1, 2017
Status: v1c3
This entire novel seems like an unbearable nightmare for the MC.

He may be a excellent guy but all in can say is he lacks the strength needed by a king.

... more>>

The female lead is just revoltingly selfish, judgemental, iresponsible and turns out a complete religious fanatic.

I mean refusing to have any kind of relationship s*xual or otherwise with your husband is not extreme it's border line insanity.

As a queen in a monarchy one of her major duties it making offspring and in any realistic setting she would have been forced if she refused to do so.

And this is only the main point even the side characters are there to give unhelpful advice or torment the MC by not being able to do simple things like getting the commoner food he likes because it would hurt the pride of the royal chef.

I question who the King is at this point.


This is too much of the standard Japanese trope of women allowed to do whatever the want misunderstanding situations and beating the MC for no reason without any consequences. <<less
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moevora rated it
October 7, 2017
Status: v1 authors afterword
Seriously, to give low score just coz you dont like the female lead.. She might not be your ideal heroine, but she had her quirks, and cute, naive, lovable... She had her own circumstances.. For me, this novel is wonderful, I just felt the complicated romance is so beautiful.. The MC is "good guy", the story were flowing beautifully.. I can't wait for more..

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RR-2 rated it
April 10, 2019
Status: v1 authors afterword
I really like this story, fresh and adorable plot. The concept was cliche but the story was superb the characters are cool. The write done gracefully make tge characters feel life. I like this and cant be patient to read next chapter UwU
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crimsoniv0j rated it
May 25, 2017
Status: --
A story about a bubbly and a happy man meeting his cold wife. A bunch of resistance and misunderstanding making a funny and awkward situations for both MCs.

Rated it 3/5 because I just hated the FL for being a pretender. Duh
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