His Highness the Crown Prince’s General Husband.


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Xuanyuan Luoran developed feelings for the aloof, dignified Great General Han, and went to great lengths to make him become his brother-in-law.

After employing a combination of gentle persuasion and assertive strategies, resorting to any method without scruples, the Great General finally nodded in agreement.

However, almost immediately, a wave of regret washed over Xuanyuan Luoran.

Xuanyuan Luoran’s love for the Great General was a well-guarded secret, so well concealed that he had managed to deceive even himself.

Upon finally realizing his own feelings, Xuanyuan Luoran wondered: Is it too late to do anything about it?

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June 10, 2024
Status: c2
I found the summary misleading, so here's a more accurate summary of the premise in the first two chapters:

"The Crown Prince Xuanyuan Luora has always wanted to marry Great General Han, who hates him. Xuanyuan Luoran has also always been told that men cannot marry each other, so he wants General Han to marry his twin sister and become his brother-in-law. Upon hearing that the General will be married as part of an arranged marriage to the Wei family, Xuanyuan Luoran negotiates with the bride to replace her to prevent... more>> the General from getting married to anyone else. When General Han finds out, he decides to punish the mischievous crown prince by showing him what it means to replace the bride."

I'm not going to rate this because I only read two chapters, but wanted to provide a bit of a better summary because I don't really like this kind of story and I would not have picked it up if the summary had been more accurate. <<less
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