Himitsu – Kuro no Chikai


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Based on the popular Vocaloid song .

Rin, a young angel (presumed female, but angels don’t have clear genders) falls in love with a young human girl, Miku. However, their love is considered taboo, and so, Rin makes a deal with the devil to be reborn as the human boy, Len, in order to be with Miku. However, their happiness together is short-lived, and even that soon ends in tragedy.

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Alluring Secret - Black Vow
秘蜜 黒の誓い
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Date Group Release
04/15/15 Renna’s... extra story
09/10/14 Renna’s... c1-4 + epilogue + ss
01/19/14 Renna’s... side story 2
01/18/14 Renna’s... side story 1
12/21/13 Renna’s... epilogue
12/20/13 Renna’s... c4 part3
12/13/13 Renna’s... c4 part2
12/06/13 Renna’s... c4 part1
11/29/13 Renna’s... c3 part3
11/17/13 Renna’s... c3 part2
11/15/13 Renna’s... c3 part1
08/21/13 Renna’s... c2 part4
07/26/13 Renna’s... c2 part3
07/06/13 Renna’s... c2 part2
05/09/13 Renna’s... c2 part1
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Crea rated it
June 5, 2017
Status: Completed
It's a nice love story.

An angel, Rin was hurt by a demon and fell into the human world and met Miku, a human who can see angels. Angel doesn't have gender, however Rin looks just like a girl but she still fell in love with Miku. Conflict rise in Rin's heart as Miku told her she's getting married. Determined, Rin decided to fall and becomes a human male.

I don't particularly like the ending and I wish they would tell exactly what happened to Rin in the end as it is... more>> considerably vague to me. <<less
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