Himajin, Maou no Sugata de Isekai e Tokidoki Cheat na burari Tabi


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A gaming hobbyist in-between jobs spent his free time playing his favorite online game. After enjoying the last day of service with his friends he awoke in an area that hadn’t existed in the game. Then he met a lone woman. It turns out his appearance had been overtaken by that of his character. In this world, he uses his new found power to enjoy complete freedom.

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Bored, Sacred and Now a Devil!
暇人、魔王の姿で異世界へ ~時々チートなぶらり旅~
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Kuro Alicia
Kuro Alicia rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: Completed
The point of this review is about Romance & Harem

Have a bit spoiler, but if you here because of romance & harem, you should read "spoiler"

Don't care about Romance? It has a good plot so welcome~

If you care too much about Romance, just stay away from this. Btw im still reading this despite the sh*t romance because the story is too good (for me)

... more>>

Story & Plot 4.0/5.0

Romance & Harem 1.5/5.0

The story is good


We all know Jap MC cliche without real life romance development

Imagine you life together with a woman on the forest and no one else but you and her full 1 year on the same roof and NOTHING HAPPEN

Yep, it's a good start to let the romance craving like me to stay away from this sh*t


i decided my hope with the premise of "overpower" & "harem" tag, and what i've got so far? BIG NOPE

200 chapter and they just say "i love you" with each other and then NOTHING HAPPEN

*My heart: "that's a lot of damage"


MC turn down a player on the same guild, wtf?! She's searching him for over 30 years and MC turn her down in a mere second!

*My heart: "THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE!!!"

Oh right, MC excuse for not do "that" to the heroin is because "after I cross the line I can't go back again"



Story & plot is now at the top

Romance & harem still stay like a shit


MC refuse an old friend/player from the same guild despite her TRAGIC life, yes it is by far the most tragic of all the character on this story (her lv is 3 or so, you can imagine if super model surrounded by ugly bastard how the story would end up?). She love MC and wait for him like other heroin but still MC turn it down AGAIN.

I don't know how his circuit brain works, I won't tell it to be s*x maniac on every 3 chapter get women right and left but maaann~ author sems like want to bring me to the moon and then throw me to the ground

Oh yeah, at this point we also have another 3 potential heroin but I think he would turn it down AGAIN.

(Assassin/knight, former mad princess, and FOX GIRL PRINCESS!!!)


In the end, he just end up with Rue & Wraith as his queen and author write explicit that just Ell end up with MC and not with Oink and many other women. Idk about Dahlia, is she had children to inherit her path or she still not married and become immortal



Overall the story is good 4.0/5.0

He had many ability (250+) that the reader don't know and become Deus ex-machina... but not really (just some Damage 10%, Agility 10% like on the game). Just a few skill introduced and after that he just use the ability he steal

Time skip is... Good, the most time skip is just on the first and final arc, the other max 3 weeks time skip. all the story end up in 2.5 years

Many plot hole because MC didn't want to always use his skill appraisal. Bruh if he always use that skill and his waifu always give themself support skill, he would end many tragedy before occurred.

MC don't give priority to Lv up and collect many skill but well, even still he's the strongest on the world lmao. He literally can blown the continent if he want.

About typical Japanese course, you can just skip the dialogue about cooking some sh*t and the taste bla bla bla~ <<less
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Orcanaman rated it
July 25, 2018
Status: c5
I... have high hopes for this novel as there are very few good novels with this kind of plot and so far the plot and pacing are excellent without any weird tropes or cliches and is even reasonable... more>>

i mean I don't know bout you but if I spent a 100+ years alone on a frozen mountain then suddenly a man who is handsome, talented, caring, good cook, seems to are about me and even spends a full year with me... I would probably "bend" much less an already "straight" female


So I can say nothing but I have high hopes for this novel <<less
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Blancsama rated it
December 21, 2018
Status: v4
I'm reading the chinese translation so it kinda go far ahead of the sliver lining ver.

The illustration is really beautiful (as expected from Katsurai)

The story have an undertone that the world is in a big problem that he will get into later.

... more>> I won't spoil anything about the story thought =)).

All the girl have personality and there own story is good written.

MC is OP but he enjoy the fight by adding reduce stat into his weapon so he can't accidently killed opponent when needed.

He is not the only one got isekaied thought. And not only those login till the last minute got isekai'ed. <<less
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April 8, 2022
Status: c37
This is super confusing to read.. Silverlining usually provide a good translation but this is by far worst translation I've ever read.. In addition, the storyline so far were so childish, made me wonder if the author is still premature in writing the story.. It's trying so hard to be like New Gate but at the same time denying the similarity.. You have to read the whole thing to understand that you're in other's POV because the author is too lazy to tell to the reader.. It's readable when you're... more>> bored but it get's really tiring to read with when you're trying to understand the motive of this story as the author just tossed any idea that popped in their head to make do the story.. <<less
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Kryto rated it
July 25, 2018
Status: c5
ELF GIRLS BANZAI!!!!!! I freakking love elf girls. Especially silver-haired blue-eyed elf girls.

Whew okay now with that off my chest, I can do a proper review. First the premise. It's a pretty standard isekai setup. Guy plays a MMO, then gets stuck or transported inside of it. We've seen it before with Overlord, The New Gate, Death March, and others.

As for how well it's executed? This one is pretty mediocre. It starts off with a lengthy introduction to the actual MMO, with scenes of the MC playing in it with... more>> his friends. A HUGE amount of time was invested into explaining the MC's gimmick, which is some kinda of sword that has customize able passive attributes he can swap into.

Now this COULD have been potentially interesting. In my opinion what the author should have done was make the amount of attributes small in number but versatile in scope. If the MC only had a limited number of skills to slot into the sword then the readers could have a rough idea of the MC's limitations. Then the MC can use his powers creatively to solve problems. Instead what we got is the opposite of that. The sword literally has hundreds of possible skills and uncountable combinations. What this does is basically give the MC a cheap easy out for every possible situation. Every time the MC gets into a pinch, he can just pull out a previously unmentioned skill from the countless hundreds he has. It destroys any possible tension from battles. Basically it's super lazy writing. If the author just wanted the MC the be blatantly overpowered he didn't need to waste so much time setting up such a complicated but ultimately pointless system in the first place.

Next is the World Building. When it comes to isekai stories, I think the world building is pretty critical to making things interesting. So far though, we don't have much to go on. The author has not focused too much on the world and setting. It's still early so I'll reserved judgment.

Now for characters. As long as you have interesting characters, everything else can more or less be forgiven. From purely visual design, I really like the characters. The whole Demon King look is hilariously over the top and charming. And of course, ELFFFFFFFF! ARGH A CRITICAL HIT. Plus magnificent art by Katsurai Yoshiaki. Unfortunately, that's about all the things I can find praiseworthy. The MC's personality doesn't stand out at all. It's just a generic isekai self insert MC with nothing else too it. The whole Demon Lord look is completely not used in anyway. In some novels a Demon-lord look is leveraged with some personality ticks or twists to make it more interesting. See Overlord or Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo. Then there's the main female lead.... there's really nothing special to her besides being a beautiful elf.

The writing itself is also a bit disjointed. There isn't a lot of descriptive language used so it's hard to get grasp on how locations look and feel. This isn't that big a problem, but the character interactions are also glossed over. The author uses a lot of "Tell" instead of "Show". For example after the first meeting of the hero and heroine, there's an instant time skip that glosses over their reactions. The MC literally just tells the reader what happened. We could have gotten some nice scenes of the two slowly bonding over various events. Then suddenly a whole year passes with a few snippets of dialogue between the two. It's hard to get a good feel about what exactly the two feel for each other. It's a lot of wasted potential!

Ah well............... for some reason I still gave this novel a 4, but to be honest that's mostly all because of the art. I'm just such a simple man. I see elf, I click like. If I were to judge this LN by the writing I'd give it a 3 at most. It's very generic and doesn't really innovate too much for the formula. If that's your cup of tea then you'll enjoy this novel. <<less
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Aster_Rayford rated it
July 31, 2021
Status: c34
It's not exactly the best one but if you just want to pass time and like this type of story then you're going to have a good time.

Well there are some problems with the story but it's nothing too major for me since I kinda expected that there are no major progress in romance and other things since some JP novels are like this too.

So yeah, don't burn me for this review since I'm not the best one to review stuff but I recommend reading this.
Have a great time... more>> everyone

Edit: forgot to add the chapter I'm in <<less
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Boogle rated it
April 11, 2021
Status: c80
As with many other Isekai Harem novels, the beginning is interesting and fun but after about 50 chapters you can tell that there will be no real progress in terms of romance or characters. They pretty much stay the same through out the whole novel.

The author made him and his harem too OP so they have to be s*upid for the plot to happen. Also the MC has to act not like himself for some of the plot points to happen, which is again just s*upid.

I really wanted this to... more>> be on the level of Overlord in terms of writing. <<less
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Victor DoUrden
Victor DoUrden rated it
August 2, 2018
Status: c5
Kinda plain out bad (for now) but with promise. Beginning just starts up and bam with another character of his and some silly sappyness. With only 5 chapters jack sh*t has happened except for major time skip of just him... just chillin? Just... hanging around with a female elf character he made before he isekai'ed

I'll change this when there is something to actually review past what I've mentioned
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