High Society (Gyeonwoo)


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Adele, a shoe polisher from the slums and orphan of unknown origins, Has survived in the slums disguised as a man. However, she finds herself in a difficult situation where she will be sold off if she doesn’t come up with her protection fee in time. Then, by chance, she encounters Cesare, and ends up making an agreement with him to partake in some sort of scheme.

“From today on, you will be my sister, who has been hidden from the public eye.”


“The goal is to seduce and marry the son of the Della Valle family.”


Cesare smiled, his eyes as bright as the morning stars.

“The deadline is in three months. Within that period you need to become a fine noble lady of the Buonaparte family. Everything about you, from your body, heart, mind, and speech, from your fingertips to your toes, will be polished. We’re gonna be fooling the entirety of high society.”


Adele looked at Cesare, who came to the engagement ceremony, and said calmly, “Your goal, and the entire reason you brought me into this in the first place was to marry Sir Ezra.”

“Yes, it was,” Cesare answered meekly and let out a sharp laugh.

“Then, why do I feel so dirty?”

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