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A slightly twisted boy, who led a slightly twisted childhood, had enrolled to a slightly not so normal school.
Isolated from the general public, Toyoashihara Academy was a school that deviated from common sense as it was in possession of a dungeon underneath.
The strong were favored and the weak had their dignity trampled.
The dungeon, governed by game-like laws, was also affecting the real world….

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Bolovis rated it
October 9, 2021
Status: c3 part4
If it was to resume in the least number of words, I would call this novel "edgyboy wet dream".

MC being demigod that "kills" a high demon barehanded on the first day of diving in a dungeon while being the only one that does not treat women as meat hole that everyone with peepees can r*pe as they please, and get a girl in love with him after the first penetration with his ginormous member (lol). Add to that his demon rags that fuse with his body and turn him into... more>> a shadow mad man goblin one-punch killer that travels the hardcore ultimate difficult dungeon while releasing streams from the mouth and slowly becoming a shadow whateverdemon man as he has to pay the price for that power shenanigans. And family issues!! Pops and moms abandoned me! But I am a self-made master of fight styles that I watched in the Teevee. And am awkward that gets misunderstood even being a really nice honest and reliable guy!

God! The more I remember the funny it gets. It is like a pile of all the stereotypes of edgy chuuni. Chuuni overlords must love this to the dead.

I get it that with 3 whole chapters it is hard to form an unbiased opinion over a novel, but at the same time, this all happened in 3 chapters. Do with that information what you will.

There are some interesting things to consider, as a govern kept secret school that sacrifices young people to a magical entity called "dungeon" that uses a school as cover. And how the dungeon evolves as the perception of the people changes over time. But this is all sandwiched between r*pe that is covered as "the girls enter the school to sell themselves, yoh" and a buffet of girls to choose from. All the good points get muddied to me. If edgylordisms do not bother you have a great time, otherwise pass this over. <<less
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Fluffums rated it
September 13, 2021
Status: --
The tags are extremely light right now, with a lot missing. I think even if I add 50 tags there will still be some missing...

Basically, the story is about a god mode protagonist taking on a hell mode RPG while collecting a harem. And even if ithe protagonist is god mode, he's only invincible in battle (and in bed). He'll struggle in plenty of places. There are many side POVs, and most of them are surprisingly not just people reacting to the protagonist - though many of them will... more>> reference him, his allies, the area he's in or going to - but they show how "normal" and "normally exceptional" people act in the same environment.

And it's a really dark environment. Really, extremely dark - any bad thing that can happen in a R-18 doujin or novel will happen during this story, just not to the people under the protagonist's protection. The side POV chapters are where you can see NTR, monster/machine r*pe, guro, ryona, etc. Luckily they don't really matter outside world building and are well enough labelled to skip them if you just want to read a power fantasy. The protagonist can protect his people enough to consider them safe. Anyone not under his protection, though?

The hack and slash part is pretty good too. While the protagonist is OP, he's not the only one who fights, and the other fights are done pretty well. The dungeons are varied, and you can see different parties and combat styles, and even people who gave up. There are traps and puzzles and secret shops and it would be a pretty fun game to play.

I want to say the main draw of the novel for me, the reason I rate it 4*, is the comedy. I like the combat too, and I like some of the h-scenes, and the setting and main story are also pretty interesting, but it's definitely my favorite that all of the characters have a few screws loose, and many serious scenes will just be blown away by someone (not always the protagonist) doing something crazy "by coincidence".

The biggest downside is, after all, the setting is too dystopic, too "men strong women weak" aside from the main heroines. It creates a stark contrast that shows how different the protagonist is and enables some of the humor but it gets depressing... <<less
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Daoist CtrlF Quotation Mark
Daoist CtrlF Quotation Mark rated it
July 5, 2022
Status: c33 part3
I'm not going to be too harsh with this, because it's very difficult to understand - the beginning chapters especially. I don't consider translation quality when reviewing as that wouldn't be fair to the work itself. The issue is that I can't tell if the difficulty stems from the author or the translation.

Plot wise it's interesting. I actually want to learn more about the setting and see how the characters interact with it, which is generally rare for smut novels. It's fun to learn about the various classes and their... more>> pros and cons. The social hierarchy, which hasn't been explored in depth yet, is intriguing from both a reader's and worldbuilding perspective. Most of all I want to learn more about the goals and motivations of whoever runs this academy.

Smut wise it can be hit or miss. A lot of girls have an "easy delivery type ass" so, uhh, that's probably hot. Maybe. Sometimes either positions are changed without informing the reader or everyone is Stretch Armstrong. There's another male in the protagonist's party, I can see this driving off a good amount of people,

but he has his own girl and hasn't touched any of MC's.

I know I only listed cons and oddities, but aside from these the smut is good.

Concerning NTR:


There is once instance of NTR. However, this instance is an alt history chapter of the chapter right before it. Assuming the MC isn't the MC and is just another first year. This is the only chapter with anything involving alt history.


Considering everything, I'm going to give it a 3.4. Right in the 3-4 range, but not quite enough to bump it to 4. <<less
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atomsphere rated it
June 26, 2022
Status: c32
Ehh, it's not great. It's a bit on the challenging side to read due to translation quality and MC personality. He's got the social skills of what I imagine a sloth would have if it could speak. It'd be better if it replaced internal monologues with progression. It'd improve if there was just a bit more dungeon time, both the progression and the pov non-party s*x. There's still quite a bit of gangr*pe and even consensual orgies so if that kind of stuff bothers you, find another series.

With that said,... more>> I haven't ran into many novels that hit this perfect little niche: school setting + degenerate af + progression/litrpg. So 4 stars from me. <<less
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