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I, Hyoudou Issei, am a 2nd Year High school student and my age is equal to the number of years I haven’t had a girlfriend. And, someone like me got a girlfriend! I’m sorry buddies, I will walk the path of becoming an adult before you guys! – That’s how it was supposed to be, but why did I get killed by my girlfriend!?

I still haven’t done anything yet! Are there no Gods in this World!?

And, the person who saved me is the most beautiful girl in my school, Rias Gremory-senpai. I learned the shocking truth from her who isn’t a God but a Devil. “You have reincarnated as a Devil! Work for me!”

Lured by Senpai’s breasts and treats, my life as a reincarnated Devil began.

So the “Academy×Love Comedy×Battle Fantasy” starts here with just aggressive and worldly desires!

High School DxD average rating 4.4/5 - 135 user ratings
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High School DxD
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New RarestProGamer rated it
December 9, 2017
Status: v16c4
Holyhell, this might probably the longest harem novel I have seen which I guess has led to its downfall. As an author, you gotta know when to end the story, just to be clear I loved this novel till volume 12, but after that things started to get dragged out a lot. You see, when your harem story is plagued with stereotypical main polygamy protagonist who is pervert and all about boobs this and harem king that, but actually is full of hot air when it comes to real action.... more>> After one point, the whole ecchiness and fan-service gets tedious and tiring because you know the characters are never gonna reach the 2nd base, just when the things starts to get serious they always get interrupt by someone and you know the first snu-snu2 is obviously gonna happen with the main female lead Riaz first, so other girls needs to get in line. The illustrations in each novel has gotten a lot less too, nearly every illustration is a fan-service and only rarely you would see an illustration with Issei on action.

-Seriously, this novel is almost 22 volumes strong and still on-going you are gonna get annoyed, and I don't blame people who hate harem (and believe there are a lot) because the whole genre is infested with such silly tropes where characters act like retarded and don't know how penis and vagina works or where specially s*x is treated as end game final boss item only to be used at last. Look, I am not asking for a full blown hentai storyline from author, it can even happen in the background (which it probably would for the other characters) for all I care, but at least characters would move on from the standstill and act differently in front of Issei instead of always teasing him into s*x which never happens.

Conclusion:- At volume 16, I am official dropping this novel for good even a great harem story like Mushoku Tensei's author knew when to end it properly and that had a harem for just 3 girls instead of whole army we have going around here which gets stronger and stronger by each volume. The author is obviously milking the story because of popularity with three anime adaption and 4th season on the way. <<less
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sdarkpaladin rated it
January 25, 2016
Status: --
1 word. Boobs.

If you are able to get past the ginormous fanservice, you will be able to see a deep story involving personal issues among the whole cast.

But lets face it, you read this for the fanservice don't you.

Lastly, Issei really needs to grow a pair and make this an 18+ LN.
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March 5, 2017
Status: --
This is the most shounen you can get.

Perverted highschooler gets awesome magical ability. Proceeds to become OP without a lot of training. Forms harem of all kinds of powerful girls. Epic fights. Friends with all of the most powerful beings. Everybody loves him.

This is the epitome of wish fulfillment. I've never watched this, and if I ever told somebody I did, I'd be embarrassed.

But somehow, I'm glad this exists.
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mechafanboy rated it
October 21, 2016
Status: --
Fanservicey to a fault. Normally this is a bad thing as fanservice (in general) implies a hastily written plot or just badly written in general, but well.... the level of escalation that is involved with the main character's love for fanservice kind of transcends that to the point where even as a casual reader, the reader is FORCED to just sit back and stare in wonderment as his love of fanservice breaks all known laws in the book's universe itself. I mean it's not often you end up reading a... more>> novel where the main character makes an ancient relic cry not by beating them but by being praised.

Frankly, the fun factor in this series is really high and it deserves every bit of it, it's not the absolute best novel out there, but if you enjoy the basic premise of the story, you'll find that this is actually one of the better written pieces of fanservicey novel, the characters do have depth (and volume... and bounciness.....) and there is an overall plot that is rather strong. <<less
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zaoh rated it
October 7, 2015
Status: --
Must say that they always get to the point of having s** but never actually do it. It gets really annoying after occurring repeatedly. I got so frustrated that I gave up reading.
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CrossFyre rated it
September 4, 2016
Status: --
Let me start off and say that since this is my favorite Light Novel, I may be slightly biased. But there is much more to this story than meets the eye.

This novel has a bizarrely schizophrenic feel to it. It almost feels as if the writer was writing two different stories at once and didn't realize they involved the same characters until after he was done.

On one side you have a truly delicious harem lovefest only hampered by the editorial restrictions keeping things from going R-15. All of the... more>> girls have their own distinct personalities, and every one of them is both lovable and interesting, a rarity among harem series. Moreover, every major character has their own personal development, showing a level of character development not normally seen in such series. This includes Issei, who goes from Generic McPervy #496247 to someone fully aware of his own flaws and strives to improve both himself and the world around him. Also, in a turn of events that heralded the oncoming tide of "True Harem" stories, any notion that the story will end with a single girl "winning" is thrown out the window by the writer himself in one of the afterwords. The series going full-on Tenchi was an excellent move on the writers part as it skips all the drama and goes straight to "lots of cute girls do lots of cute things".

Then we get to the other half of the story, and are thrown into a massive world filled to the brim with every mythology you can think of, all on the brink of another devastating super-war that would inevitably lead to the annihilation of everything. However, the powers-that-be have wised up a bit since last time and are trying to keep things from boiling over. For once it actually works, and a tentative alliance between the three Christianity based factions (Angels, Demons, and Fallen Angels) is born. And then immediately put under siege by dissenters who very much want to do the whole "everybody dies" thing. Thus the crux of the plot is born.

For once, power is in the hands of the good guys (as one would expect since they seized power from the assholes trying to get everyone killed), and the enemy organization (the Chaose Brigade) is incapable of fighting the leaders head on. They are, however, very good at launching terrorist strikes and guerrilla warfare. Which is where the main characters come in. The Gremory peerage starts out simply being wrapped up in various attacks, and then gradually becomes the Brigades living nightmare. They manage to take out several of the Brigades leaders, which doesn't go unnoticed. Following the Brigades collapse and replacement by a much worse organization, the Alliance forms a counter-terror team (called DxD, of course) from the Gremory peerage and several similarly anomalous groups.

So there we have it. A massive myth-filled world with a modern take on the gods and demons of ages past, concerning the desperate need to move forward and change set against the stubborn pride of ancient beings thousands of years old, all centered around a Tenchi-esque romcom and a boy learning to be a man.

And yet, it works. It works nearly perfectly. The two stories blend almost seamlessly, giving the greater story a much more personal and relatable standpoint while adding a sense of tension and risk to the smaller one. Not to say there aren't a few hiccups, like when Ishibumi forgets which story he's writing at the time and brings out a song about boobs in the middle of a tense and emotionally straining scene involving Ise going on a murderous rampage, but eh, nobody is perfect.

At the end of the day, Highschool DxD is just really damn good (hah, cause they're devils). The comedy makes me laugh, the fights make me cheer, the romance (yes, actual romance) makes me "D'AWWWW" right out of my chair. Now we just need to club the editor in a back alley so Issei and the girls can get on with it. <<less
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Lachiel rated it
October 24, 2015
Status: --
Me and this novel has a love and hate relationship so take this with a grain of salt yo. So lets start off with our MC, he starts off whimpy, and has never had a girl friend.. Go figure. :D. Slowly the nice little niche "ecchi action" novel starts to take weird turns somewhere down the road and we somehow get power flowing from nipples.. Meeeeh. That's where me and this novel started to have relationship issues. Doesn't help our MC is obsessed with breasts to a idiotic extent..... more>> But hey! If you like ecchi and a decent plot.. And waifu's heres your novel! <<less
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aakashwadhwa7 rated it
May 13, 2017
Status: v14
This novel is unusual balance of harem, humor and action.

There are many novels who deal with these genres but miss out one of the things or mess up plot while doing so.

Story is very balance paced and there are none plot holes so far.

... more>> This novel is ecchi but its not like its to the level you feel disgusting, its used in sense of humor which should be okay for almost all people to read even those who dislike ecchi.

Girls tend to be quite open in the whole series but it doesnt go much beyond kissing and those too tend to come very few times.

General plot line focuses on Devils, Fallen Angels, Angels, Gods, Valkeyrine, Dragons and heroes.

MC is a Dragon and a Devil at the same time. MC is a pervert and has a harem seeking fetish, he's an idiot. A likeable one!

His Team is ofcourse that of Devils in which all of them are unusual ones (as expected of a team to backup MC!)

If you tend to have interests in Mythologies and stuff along those lines. This is going to be a good read for you. Even though its not much but it does touch lots of mythologies while plot is moving.

Overall its very fun to read, give it a try! <<less
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Synyster Jeet
Synyster Jeet rated it
September 18, 2016
Status: v21 afterword
Well so basically we have a wimpy protagonist who gets killed by a hot girl, only to be revived by another hot girl but, this time with cool powers. Join our protagonist Hyoudou Issei as he goes on his mission of savouring boobs while saving the world as a side project. The story indeed gets frustrating because with every girl, he gets to the point of just having s** when suddenly something happens.

In the end if you are really going to give this book a read, I have just... more>> one thing to say to you, Boobs.

No, I'm serious, it actually reaches a point where his complete power is derived from boobs. <<less
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Simple rated it
September 5, 2016
Status: v21 afterword
I love it. Plain and Simple. Forget the eechi, it's just fanservice. If you can get past that, you'll see an amazing world filled with good story telling, deep plot, and even more amazing characters.

The only real problem I have with this novel is how little time has passed in it. 22 Volumes in, and they are still in high school. Even though they are going to live for [thousands, maybe even ten's of thousands of years.] << taken straight from the novel.

Oh, and the fact that Issei, our Oppai... more>> loving dragon still hasn't taken the virginity from his many wives yet; makes me wonder how much of a pervert he really is. <<less
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Aruzu rated it
September 2, 2015
Status: --
A lot of fan service, but unlike the anime the light novel does have a story and a really good one I must say, full of action, suspense and comedy, It's a great novel overall if you dismiss the excessive fan service that surprisingly works really well with the story. In conclusion a must if you like ecchi, action and fantasy
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Logan_Cross rated it
August 22, 2016
Status: --
This is like the bible for Harem and Ecchi fans. Issei is like the personification of all breast lovers. Lol

What makes this series so great is the comedy, and characters. The story starts off as a supernatural slice of life series but as time goes on the conflict becomes more and more intense and story gets a lot more serious, but of course with Issei as your MC you'll still laugh in some of the serious moments. Although has of late there hasm't been much laughing and mostly epic ass... more>> kicking.

TBH this story would still be great without the boobs. The story is actually really interesting. The way the author mixes a lot of different mythologies is pretty creative.

All in all it's a really fun series. Oh, how could I forget the harem?! You wanna know how good the harem is?

The leaders of the fallen angels, devils, and angels have a bet on how much kids will Issei have in the future lol <<less
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Aki rated it
August 16, 2016
Status: v21
Honestly, I can stand all the bullsh*t plot armor, typical "as long as I believe in my freinds" shounen ridiculousness, but what I can't stand is how much of a limp d*ck the MC is.

Sorry if that sounds so bad, no this isn't another Shinji Akari (thank god.)

I mean, he's a ridiculous perv, an [Oppai Dragon] yet he's to scared to make a move on HIS women? Ai, there was a reason he didn't, but that gets resolved by the girls themselves, so what's his excuse now? Nothing... more>> and that's what kills me.

Other than that, great story, great characters, decent plot, I absolutely love it! It's a long series, so you should set aside some free days, because you got some catching up to do. The good kind.

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Subhrodeep Saha
Subhrodeep Saha rated it
November 17, 2015
Status: --
Even without the ecchi it has good story !!!
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Shio rated it
November 6, 2015
Status: --
Ecchi power 100%.

This novel is revolved around breast and has a lot of fan service. We got action and backstory, which is nice. It's really hot blodded and the fighting scene is quite nice.

It get less interesting when Ise get to the top level power and start to think more mature, but the pace get picked up again later
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