Hidden Assassin


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One of the top expert killers, tired of endless assassinations and having survived a cruel and suppressed life, decided to escape the world’s strictest assassin organization.

A chance came during one of the nights when the organization was least prepared, and he fled. However, he discovered that the night he escaped was the night when the organization had sent out many experts and ability type users to capture a phoenix weakened by its rebirth. Eventually, when surrounded and knowing that his situation was hopeless, he desperately shot at the ability user blocking his way. This helped the phoenix break out of the encirclement and grant him his one and only wish – freedom.

The assassin’s soul was sent back to his ten year old self. He woke up at a point in time that would allow him to drastically change his fate – he killed the two assassins that picked him up and brought him to the organization.

Thus, he began a brand new life.

Two naive little girls and one experienced boy living together and filling their days with warm memories of childhood…

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Yin Sha
Ẩn Sát
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Citrus rated it
November 18, 2017
Status: Completed
I have read this novel in its entirety perhaps twenty times.

Without a doubt, it is the best webnovel in China, perhaps even in the world. Angry Banana is a master of the pen, and his descriptive scenery is incredibly vivid. The emotional developments are full-bodied and lovely, and even though it is basically a harem it is rather well-justified.

But what shines most about it is the fact that the author poured his soul into this work. Through almost movie-like literary depiction, he paints a picture of '80s and '90s China... more>> in a nostalgic light. Furthermore it evokes feelings of childhood relationships, of friendship, of the passions and struggles of youth, and most of all the value of life and love. Its action scenes are fluid and moving, its dialogue both humorous and thought-provoking; it's a love letter, an epistle, an ode, and I enjoyed every moment of it.

That's not to say it doesn't have its flaws, but they are quite minor. Sometimes the flurry of words slip a little, and I see minor improvements that could have been made. Sometimes it feels just a little contrived (but only a minuscule amount, mind you!). For the most part, however, the talent and devotion exhibited in this book earns it my wholehearted approval, and I daresay it is much better than even a majority of published material -- not to say it wasn't published, because it was in Taiwan, after the conclusion of the story.

Yin Sha is both an overture and an eulogy. It crams in all the best things about life, from a colorful cast of supporting characters to a dramatic plot to a grab-basket chock full of surprising plot twists; culminating into a high-tempo, satisfying, and yet a little regretful ending, with crystallized memories that are almost tearful to behold.

It's a good book. Read it if you have the chance. I'd like to pick it up from Arvel Hurst, who clearly isn't doing any more on it, and frankly did not do even the opening chapters justice. Yin Sha is a book that really requires a lot of literary finesse to maneuver, and I prepare myself every day for a time which I know will come. <<less
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keklel rated it
March 24, 2018
Status: c30
Those who had tried to commit suicide and did not succeed the first time, generally would not have the courage to try a second time.

Uhuh. Author should probably do a little bit of research (a quick google would suffice) before spouting bullsh*t like this. Contrary to his claims, previous suicide attempts are among the best predictors of future suicide attempts. Please no! You are an American! Taking drugs at the age of twelve, having s*x at the age of fourteen, getting pregnant at seventeen and then giving birth at eighteen... more>> – a pure American!

The author seems to actually believe that this applies to the majority of Americans. Really makes you wonder where he's getting his information from. Rap music videos maybe?

Also also, MC saves an American woman and she immediately asks him to have s*x with her, despite her husband having been killed just hours before, and her daughter being in the next room. This is supposed to be representative of the typical American woman. I don't know what to say about this. So, there is a bunch of bullsh*t like that in this novel.

Generally speaking, I dislike novels set in a modern day setting with normal human assassins, because they try to make assassins do things that normal humans are not able to do. An expert is one who is trained in methods that normal people are not trained in. They do not have superhuman reaction times, strength, agility etc. The novel does not describe these methods (which are taught to navy SEALs, and which do not make them superhumans), only that the MC seems to have supernatural abilities such as the ability to see in pitch darkness where nobody else is able to see anything.

EDIT: Those who enjoy modern-day-assassin stories may enjoy 人间冰器, which is very highly rated on Chinese novel review sites and is considered to be the best in that genre. I have tried reading the first few chapters and couldn't stomach the brutality but YMMV. Compare this to Daoist Gu (which isn't even focused on fighting), where the MC's fighting tactics, such as fighting with his back to the Sun in order to surprise-blind his enemies during combat, was described in detail. The fighting tactics in this novel are non-existent, not even described. Just "there are bullet sounds and some explosions, then all the enemies fall down and the MC walks out unscathed". That's literally it.

As for the plot, the "reborn assassin turns into good guy who saves cute girls" theme is overdone and boring. Even overlooking the fact that the entirety of the first 20 chapters of this novel describes a kid's boring middle school life with 2 cute girls (who seem to do nothing but fight bullies all day), there is nothing engaging about the story. It's been 30 chapters and basically there's been no worldbuilding. What are metahumans? What abilities do they have? Is there anything significantly different between the MC's world and ours? If not, why should I care?

I'm quite disappointed, honestly. Given the high ratings I was expecting something interesting, at least a MC whose entire motivation in life can't just be summed up as "I want to live a carefree life and die of old age surrounded by my wife and kids" - unfortunately the case for the MC in this novel. Too much descriptions of sexy girls and nothing actually interesting like fighting, worldbuilding or plot. <<less
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GinMagi rated it
March 12, 2018
Status: c28
This novel is full of the People's Republic of China is the best, LEI FENG IS THE BEST!!! WOOOO...

"In England, people at the age of 13 and 14 are already having sex."

"American is an uncivilised and barbaric country"

... more>> "What are you talking about, in America, people do drugs at 12, have s*x when they are 16"

This is literally what is stated multiple times in this novel, guess what guys the Assassination organisation his from, is based in Japan, get ready for some Japanese getting their ass kicked while you are tired of racism towards Americans get some racism towards the Japanese.

Also, be told how great and pure China is while America is just full of sluts. <<less
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ipapotihus rated it
May 4, 2018
Status: c62
An hidden gem. Go grab it before it goes away.

This is a harem done right, this is reincarnation done right, this is character development done right, this is pacing done right.

Hours, days or month can go by between chapters.

... more>> The only flaw is see there, his the openess of the MC. He is strong. I don't think anyone can threaten him directly. At least if I take the low-key into account. Still, People around him are not s*upid and he can completely hide is openess.

Now, stop reading review and go read this. <<less
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EricBannen rated it
March 30, 2018
Status: c45
Unusual reincarnation...✨✨✨✨

Great romantic sub-plot...✨✨✨✨✨

Fitting descriptions and well made lines.... Good layout of characters and a very well thought out method to keep pace...✨✨✨✨✨

Surprisingly good read with a TERRIBLE NAMING SENSE for the BOOK... You do not know if the Assasin is hidden or that the assassination is hidden or that people just die... ????????????

I give it 4.4/5 for an intriguing story ????
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pomoli rated it
March 15, 2018
Status: c39
I recommend that one, truly a hidden gem. I avoided it because of a comment saying that there was extreme nationalism in there, but reading it, it's not true at all.


  • Amazing MC, like actually behaving like an assassin, and really low key, while being a good guy overall. He's also mature.
  • Well fleshed out setting, with interesting tidbits here and there.
  • It doesn't shy from sex, even lesbian love. Quite rare in Chinese WN.
  • Non Chinese characters, even Japanese ones, are not written as some kind of devils.

  • Too many coincidences.
  • Some dumb young antagonists.
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HoloH rated it
February 25, 2018
Status: c28
First time in a long while I started a book through this site and literally could not put it down. I'm pretty bummed that I am caught up to the newest translation, but it was good enough that I am posting this review. to be simple it's great. its not too unrealistic in terms of the mc's attitude, where he isn't rambo nor what many people call "beta". so far its very fast paced, & despite having sexual content it doesn't turn into p*rn which is just amazing in my... more>> experience on this sight. the MC is likable, despite being a "reincarnated king of assassins" cliche he is anything but an edge-lord that makes you sigh in disappointment. I guess what I want to say is the author does a good job doing the most simple yet hardest thing that many stories on this site fail at, by making the characters feel relatively human & not like dolls who revolve around the MC.

This novel could still be considered wish fulfillment as the MC is described as a humble badass; gets b*tches, slaps face (kinda), kills fools, & brushes the dust off his shoulders w/o a bragging once. though I am still in the beginning of the story so no set backs is kinda a given, but so far nothing close to the level of xianxia MC plot armor.

I normally don't post reviews but I am really enjoying the story, to the point I just spent 5-6 hours in a row on it, wasting my day, & am dying rn holding in a piss, but wnna hurry up and finish this review but gd dmnt typing fast on a phone is hard to fk up doin.

So yeah read it, its good despite being 4.1 stars (low-mid tier according to novel updates ratings) & im guessing its only that good cuz people who gave atg & mga 5 stars read & were bummed that there was no r*pe yet. but then again im the kind of guy who thinks people who have different preferences all go into this category called "sh*t taste". so if you dislike this novel then now you know you don't have taste as bad as mine. *gold star* hope this review lets people deterred by how stereotypical it appears enjoy this hidden gem ^.^ I hope you can swear in these reviews... I almost feel like spell checking... jk <<less
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Aryan-18 rated it
May 13, 2019
Status: c79
By far the best Assassin novel, like don't miss this one guys it really is an underrated gem which has one hell of an MC who doesn't hesitate to f*ck everyone up like a real badass, yeah it is a bit fast romantic but it really doesn't matter with such an MC and storyline which focuses more on the development of scenarios rather than characters
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Trickster rated it
August 15, 2017
Status: c1
So far, the main character is being chased down by an organization, who he tries to escape from. As he tries to shoot one of the enemies which he failed to as they are more powerful and can be considered an elite. His bullet unknowingly saved a Phoenix who was at the weakest moment. The Phoenix granted the main character a chance to have freedom.

Usually, a main character in other stories would be a powerful character before their death. But, in this case, the main charactor is a lower rank... more>> assassin who is chased down by higher rank organizations. <<less
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Minokyuu rated it
May 6, 2018
Status: --
One of the best novel I have ever read, the only thing I hated about is why the hell he hides his identity -.-, anyway It doens't have endless s*upid repititive like the usual novel that I usually read today, there's only one that pissed me off in this novel when he got beaten up just to hide his identity a bit too risky I guess his action.
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Belgarion_Heap rated it
April 28, 2018
Status: c48
Me gusta! Fast paced novel with satisfying action, progressive plot, developing characters, and amusing romance.
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a7davidz rated it
April 12, 2018
Status: Completed
I give a rough summary, not telling much of story, but as whole. Since there too much to explain, only if you read it you know.

But I recommend Zhui Xu from this author 愤怒的香蕉 over his partnerships novel with Angry banana, reason is Zhui Xu more detailed, more realistic, more realism, the story more well written & etc, gravity tales should take over that novel, since it abandoned since 2017, when it better than Hidden Assassin,

Below spoiler for story of Hidden Assassin,

... more>>

The story takes part of phoenix granting MC back to age 10, It kinda like a parallel world, since it was mention MC not suppose to belong in this world by another person, the story was cut short in parts of antagonist or villains, but it ok, I forgot who, if I would rate this out of 10 it would be a 7 can be fine out of 10 to be honest, the author himself gave himself a ok rating too, well my rating kinda similar to author, if I remember correct. The Ending kinda weird, a bit really rushed, as the author try to summ it all up with a summary of sort, but it ok, not as bad as most of rushed ending, it kinda when I got to near end, it got kinda boring, as I noticed author must have thought the same so summed it up & try to end it the way & be done & give reader a better experience. As it a harem ending, but one thing I hate was Mu Qing Qing, if I remember correctly was not part of his harem, but accidentally with another got her pregnant at age 29+, I kinda at that time wanted to curse at author. Since she took care of MC when he had headache & was ill & lying on street selling sugar chestnut when he still ill, they even was in bed, but not the wrong thinking you think, but just lying sleeping together once & it kinda lasted 6 month+ he in her house. She suppose to be MC, since she kinda had feeling for MC. This is prob my only complain, that why I would have given the author a 7.5, but 8 for those who wouldn’t care about this.

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March 14, 2018
Status: v1c39

This novel is tr*sh, the MC is a beta male that hides his abilities resulting in a tomboy girl sleeping with his supposed to be gf. They literally haven't gone to last base only because they are afraid their marriage prospects get ruined. Literally, he has to watch as another girl is violating her and has to walk away like a beta male MC I freaking hate this novel. Dropped

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ninthlite rated it
January 21, 2018
Status: c53
The nine chapters are pretty interesting so far. I was surpised to find that this was not some self jerking mary sue story as most "go back into time to where I was a youth with adult mindset" stories. The MC plays it lowkey and tries to hide his skills. Which is all that has really been shown so far. Hope the chapters keep coming, and the story stays strong.

Okay the harem tag is gettign to be super over powering, every character he meets is some beautiful... more>> young girl who just happens to fall in love with the MC. Its getting to be incredibly boring how predictable the story gets. As the chapters have been never ending arcs of getting harem members. The MC is losing intelligence, and story is losing steam. Its getting bogged down by pointless harem fluff as so many of these web novels do.

I would say its bad at this point buts the author has clearly lost whatever direction he was bringing the story into. <<less
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Vivek_ryuu rated it
July 8, 2019
Status: Completed
I have read this novel in recently for modernday genre. Without a doubt, it is the best webnovel in China, perhaps even in the world. Angry Banana is a master of the pen, and his descriptive scenery is incredibly vivid. The emotional developments are full-bodied and lovely, and even though it is basically a harem it is rather well-justified.

Novel ending also good without rushing, not forgetting any characters.

I wished novel had more chapters.
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Kefi rated it
March 25, 2018
Status: c44
A reincarnation story set in modern times with cultivation undertones... That was fine by me.

The MC's goal in this new life is to find the peace and freedom he longed for in his first life, yet he can't help through actions or inactions getting sucked back into the dark world of assassins... That's what I was expecting.

The oversexualisation of every female, from pretty children to MILfs (which incidentally seems to represent every female in this world), who can't seem to help wanting to f*ck a child (our MC) ruins this... more>> for me as it takes more and more place in the story.

Also, most of the other male characters are pedophiles and rapists waiting to show their true colors at the first opportunity.

Dropped. <<less
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Zaj_Kub rated it
April 16, 2018
Status: c51
I like how the story is progressing and the build up of it. The MC makes decisive decision considering he doesn't want to implicate himself nor his friends. He does try to hide is abilitis but he will have to use them eventually. And when he does uses them it'll end up in a massacre with blood, limbs, innards, and heads, flying and rolling everywhere.
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UselesslyUseless rated it
November 29, 2019
Status: --
This is my favorite novel. An assassin that knew what he was doing, knew it was f*cked up, and tried his best to gtfo, so once he did he kept himself hidden really really well. It has some low points, like the interaction with the American mother daughter pairs, or the bizarre ending, but it was good for the vast majority of the ride.

Also the part about Chinese being the best was sarcasm. I don't know whose fault was it that you guys couldn't pick up, but in my language... more>> (vietnamese), these were really absurd statements that nobody could take seriously at all, intended as heavy handed jokes. Please stick around, I implore you all, and give my favorite recommendation another chance. <<less
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apsisodia rated it
November 15, 2019
Status: Completed
(sorry my English isn't good)

This is a hidden gem. If you like modern slice of life story with plenty of action and romance then you should read it. Highly recommended for you then. This novel isn't perfect. There were some storylines which I didn't like. But that didn't stop me from enjoying the story. Author wrote this novel too well. Some scenes are written very beautifully. You will feel like you are watching a movie. If you have rich imagination then you will like it. P.S. Some reviewers... more>> are criticizing MC for hiding his abilities even when he is kidnapped. Guys the title of the novel is "Hidden Assassin", so yeah he will hide the fact that he is an Assassin. He doesn't reveal his abilities and make people suspect him like a moron.
. Anyways, you guys should read it. Highly recommended. <<less
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Adyanthaya rated it
May 29, 2018
Status: c69
While the theme is good the story feels more like a slice of life. One of the thing's I dislike is just because he's trying to keep a 'low-profile' he waits too long to do anything. He watches the person suffer and then extends his hand out to him. I mean if you're planning to keep a low-profile then you might as well pretend all the through. While it's sensible, it's not fun to read as a story especially when you got phoenixes & reincarnations in it so please!
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