Hidan no Aria Reloaded – Cast Off Table


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A collection of seven stories of set in the world of Hidan no Aria. It was released in the Blu-Ray & DVD limited edition volumes of the anime.

I – Strip Mahjong, II – Strip Billards, III – Princess Kaguya’s Electric Railway, IV – Dice, V – Roulette, VI – Poker, and VII – The Game of Life

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Hidan no Aria Reloaded: Cast-Off Table
Hidan no Aria Reloaded – Castoff Table
緋弾のアリア リローデッド キャストオフ・テーブル
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
03/06/13 Baka-Tsuki c5
01/22/13 Baka-Tsuki illustrations
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