Hey Let’s Go Destroy Another World


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In a listless afternoon within a coffee shop, Yomiya Ruito was nonchalantly skipping college classes. When suddenly he was asked something from the woman who was sharing his table.

「Hey you, come to my world for a bit. I want you to come and destroy it.」

Coming from the girl who calls herself god, regarding the weird request that was asked from him in that time’s circumstances, Ruito found himself unable to decline and was thus invited to another world.

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Chotto isekai wo horoboshi ni ikimasu
I’m Going to Destroy Another World For a Bit
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09/07/17 Uncommitted Translations c4 part2
08/07/17 Uncommitted Translations c4 part1
08/06/17 Uncommitted Translations c3 part3
08/03/17 Uncommitted Translations c3 part2
07/31/17 Uncommitted Translations c3 part1
07/27/17 Uncommitted Translations c2
07/26/17 Uncommitted Translations c1
03/17/16 dadishero c1
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