He’s the Legendary Guard, Isn’t He?


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Taking place in South Korea, an ordinary prison ward named Lee Shi Hyun got brutally dumped by his girlfriend. He awakens on the same day, but there’s something wrong with this awakening.

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전설적인 교도관입니다만
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Heartless rated it
May 23, 2017
Status: c5
It's still too soon to make a fair judgment, but so far we have a good premise.


After the world gets invaded by beasts through dimensional portals, humans starts to awaken to a game-element system. What differs this story's 'awakening' from other novels would be the fact that the status you awaken to is somewhat decided by your circumstances. For instance - a person with anger management problems awoke to 'Anger Management Knight' which hold abilities that reflect that aspect of that person.

Anyhow the MC awakens after getting dumped by his... more>> girlfriend. And as his job is a ward at a prison, he gets ward related abilities.



I'm eager to see how this story develops. Our MC awakens with pretty much the worst stats you could have, however he slowly works his way up. <<less
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Wind Jackal
Wind Jackal rated it
June 6, 2017
Status: c4
I really like it so far, but I wish there were more releases or that they released more frequently.

The background is that monsters can invade through dimensional portals and humanity has 'awakened' to game-element system. However, it appears it is determined how strong an 'awakened' a person is when they are awakened and that is determined by their skills and stats. However, the quality of the skills you get and how much stats you have varies. There are some 'awakened' how have negative skills that make it harder for a... more>> person, skills that are only good as they hold a condition (such as only being strong against a single type of monster), decent skills (that are good in all situations, but don't excel in a single situation like the condition skills), and great skills (which are the usually OP skills you've probably read in the past). They also receive a title when they awaken, which usually also fits the awakened and their new skills at the time. Someone with anger problems awakened and got the 'Anger Management Knight' which is grows strong/buffed against weak enemies and weak/debuffed when facing strong enemies. Usually you can tell how strong an awakened is by their title: a 'Genius Mage' got a permanent buff that shortened their cast time, a 'Inept Mage' got a permanent debuff that lengthened their cast time.

Our MC awakened, but it wasn't like the rest. For example, our MC is sad because he got dumped and got a 'Depressed Ward' title (Ward meaning guard, basically). His stats were all 1, his title is only strong against prisoners. He appears to be basically useless against monsters.

However, not all is as it seems. At this point, the MC keeps getting little mini-quests, which give him stats, but it says it is 'restoring' stats, I believe. His skills are not unlocked/known yet, which is not what usually (or ever, apparently) happened before. He is slowly working his way up.

Not sure how good a review this is, I read the chapters and got excited. I just really liked this and wish there was more to read right now. <<less
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jenchan rated it
June 12, 2017
Status: c6
I'm really enjoying the story so far. I like the fact that the story is moving at a fast pace and the author doesn't seem to drag out the story. Some novels have way too many fillers, causing the number of chapters to increase. I read the raws for this novel and all I can say is that it's getting pretty exciting.

One thing I like about the MC in general is that he's had it rough and despite of being 'awakened' to his power, he still feels useless. The ability... more>> that he gained is only beneficial to him when he's working as a ward (or guard), but when he goes on raids with the other clan members, he feels like he can't contribute to the raid. However, he's still working his way up by completing quests and doing raids. At this rate, I'm sure he'll be a B rank or even an A rank soon. I like that the MC doesn't start off as some strong character.

The MC does mention a couple of times that his mana level wasn't increasing no matter how many quests he completed. I have a feeling there will be a twist later on in the story where his mana will significantly increase.

Also, I can't help that maybe the MC and the daughter of the Grace Guild will have some sort of romance together. ^^ <<less
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Reaper rated it
June 27, 2017
Status: c9
It reads like a poorly written, prison-themed Seoul Station Necromancer/Evolutionary Theory of the Hunter mash-up, but at least I'm enjoying myself. The whole "monsters have invaded and people awakened to combat them" concept wasn't introduced very well, to the point where the above statement is almost verbatim the explanation proffered by the story. The MC hasn't proven himself incredibly interesting thus far either, but that's subject to change. In short, this novel could have potential, but know that while it has the value of an uncut gem, it is unfit... more>> to ever become a true jewel. <<less
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faerro rated it
August 1, 2017
Status: c18
3 stars for now, will adjust in the future depending on the story.

At this point it feels as though the innate skills provided by the MC's "Ward" class are worthless. The skills themselves can be considered as OP, but the activation restrictions require that the enemy be a convicted criminal. How often when dungeon crawling or going through day to day life will the MC encounter a convicted criminal outside of the prison he works at? Of course there will probably be an arc where he has to chase down... more>> an escaped awakened criminal or something, but so what? Unless the activation restrictions are lessened, he is just going to be a stronger than average adventurer most of the time. Hopefully his locked skills will address this problem in the future. <<less
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keklel rated it
July 13, 2017
Status: c8
Very boring. Filled with tedious details like how the money from a raid is distributed:

“As a carrier, they follow the hunters and only get a fixed amount. But, if you go hunting, the amount will be distributed. For example, our guild collects all the money we earned that day and distribute it according to the number of offensive members. If our earning was 100 and there were four offensive members, then each member will receive 25. Lastly, we distribute the income with the guild. For E rank hunters it’s 4:6 and for D rank hunters, it’s 5:5. Every guild has a different way of distributing the money, but that’s how it works in our guild. Do you understand?”

Nothing exciting happens in the first 8 chapters at all. All that happens... more>> is: MC gets his power, which is the ability to frighten inmates in jail. THAT'S IT. Oh also, he has to do quests like: feed himself, drink water, beat up inmates.... seriously. That's all he has to do. Very boring. <<less
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apaulose rated it
June 19, 2017
Status: c8
I like it but I feel like the description is misleading. I assumed he lived in a normal world and got some amazing power. In actuality people who have awakened fantasy type abilities are not uncommon in his world. Ward seems to be a unique class though. His girlfriend is rank A and he is rank E. It is heavily implied that he'll grow to have the power of an S-rank.
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Davidh2o rated it
January 15, 2018
Status: c30
So far this story is pretty good.

He job and skill are perfect for him as a ward. In fact, the chances are his skill will work on anyone who has been convicted of a crime. So even petty crimes will have a person effected by the MC skill.

In fact, read up to my chapter to see what I mean.
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N0r rated it
January 27, 2019
Status: prologue
There’s nothing particularly outstanding about this novel, but it’s well made in every area. Even though it doesn’t have extraordinary aspects, the way the author builds solid foundations is impressive.
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Xen rated it
October 7, 2018
Status: c25
Just overrated. The sequence is just very selfcentered in a plot that is not even fun. In a moment it is a very long introduction of a detail that is not important, and by another a week, month, days has passed, worse is you vaguely or completely can't catch the time sequence it is in, whether one day has passed or not and by the end after 5+ chapter you just realize the total time he overcome is how just that many days.

What I see it can even be... more>> hard try to put a fitting genre on the story, ¿slice of life?, ¿action?, it is as simple as saying it is leading to nowhere.

About the tag "game element" it makes all again worse, generaly this tag supposes to be a catalystic unyfing the story into the genre the writer preference, either one case slife of life or action, or maybe both, but in case nothing is fitted, only pressume of the leftover poor game logic, the guard whose role became a legend and ¿why? Because author logic, the story can be better read it blindfolded <<less
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