He’s so Flirty


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Everyone said that Wen Yufeng was the school bully of No. 1 High School.

Cutting classes, fighting, poor grades, smoking and clubbing to make girlfriends, he did all kinds of bad things.

Until a young talented girl from middle school skipped some grades.

“Brother Yu, the grandsons of No. 3 High School are looking for trouble again! What should we do?”

The boy flung aside his cigarette, his eyes narrowed, and his handsome face was lazy and ruthless: “Kill them.”

At night, the fiendish entourage arrived at the door of the No. 1 class.

A slender beautiful girl was standing at the boys’ desk.

Her voice was soft.

“He hasn’t finished his vocabulary, so he can’t go.”

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7starkiller99 rated it
January 8, 2022
Status: Completed
Novel not recommended to read.
... more>>


1) Cardboard world: Nothing seems real. We have a super ridiculous OP obsessed creep ML and a perfect weak beauty MC. The families are barely touched on and the school is the typical useless Chinese one where students mystically have more pull and all the teachers are useless incompetents. Gang fight and ML’s famous family background etc.

2) Bizarre and crummy coincidental events: Author decides to suddenly have ML join “special forces” or whatever moronic thing and have them “break up.” MC can’t drink so ML has to send her back. MC and ML live right next to each other. MC gets Leukemia and ML has temporary blindness. Horrible forced drama that only makes the novel worse.

3) Boring side characters: Other than the one dimensional MC and ML everyone else is just a trope or an annoying fodder who pops up a few times. The greatest interaction you see are the Ml’s two idiots acting s*upidly and being stunned that ML likes way younger MC or Mc’s one girlfriend being a moron and taking her to go drink.

4) The endlessly repeated situation. ML supposedly has the whole school in fear but they all bully MC and keep signing her up for stuff without Ml’s consent and then getting away with it. ML sure isn’t useful for ruling the place. Also the author’s weird obsession with writing that “MC is in a daze.” She’s practically empty headed by the end of the story.

-300tril/10 Disappointing.

p.s. Making the ML a creepy guy and repeating endlessly “MC is like a rabbit and ML the big wolf hehe” is just s*upid.

17 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Kassandra rated it
April 15, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a campus romance. Qin Qing, the protagonist have a high IQ, so she skipped grades.

Wen Yufeng, the male lead, he's a bit complicated. His background was vague, the details behind him was not clearly said. There's only few information about him in the whole novel.

For just passing time, this passed the criteria. The first half (maybe more than a bit half) consists of their development in campus. The latter half is the time skip of their lives.

There's a bit conflict, not too high. There's also misunderstanding but it... more>> was solved quickly. It's fortunate the misunderstanding wasn't too detailed or I'll cry my eyes out.

Recommending this to people who love campus romance. Which is also the reason why I decided to read this. <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
lightning018 rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: c32
I stopped reading at Ch32. It feels boring to me, I think in every chapter always describes how starry her eyes or pinkish the MC skin XD just like a typical shoujo or how strong the ML and cliche scenarios...

<s... more>>

just random... her male cousin led her to mixed martial arts stadium knowing that MC is conservative "weak" and studious, innocent she is. Not knowing the world of WWE sports haha and then she got scared when the ML appeared as a rookie the MC got scared then her male cousin gets angry to the rookie who ofc won (ML) then why are they doing in the first place? Thats just so random... just to connect those two that makes it bland for me.

1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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