He’s My Real Brother, Duke


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In a fantasy novel, I possessed the hidden younger sister of the Male Lead, ‘Astel’.

While my brother Cassian is struggling for the revenge of the family, it’s my job to find and deal with the final Villain that has not been revealed even at the end of the original novel!!!

In order to do that, I must first enter the Northern Duke Castle, where the family’s traitors are hiding.

Somehow, I became an “imprint of companion” of Duke Anais, a beast of beast and a leading candidate for the final villain.


“Please kiss me now, Astel.”

In order to live, you’re required to have a daily skinship with your ‘imprint partner’.

There was no such thing in the contents of the original story!

“Shall we go see your favorite sea today?”

“I……I don’t think I can. I have to meet Sir Cassian today.”

The Duke gritted his teeth with a cold face. I was slightly scared as I saw him. Maybe he’s teething? Because he’s a wild beast!

* * *

One day, after I received the Duke’s favor and consideration. My older brother Cassian left his son to me for a while.

However, the Duke seems to have made a huge misunderstanding.

“It will become our child.”


“Cassian Gray will disappear from this world now, so you will not become his bride.”


When did I become Cassian Gray’s bride, aren’t we relatives?

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그 남자는 제 친오빠인데요,공작님
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8 Reviews

Feb 06, 2021
Status: c1
This is so cuteeeee! I really like this story. It is about intimacy that will bring both ML and FL together since they are imprinted. Translation wise is good and thank you for picking this up
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Apr 16, 2021
Status: c2
While the synopsis sounds good, the writing either by the author or translator makes the story a bit of a dizzy read. The story doesn't flow coherently so it takes a bit more effort to analyse, connect and give meaning to what the author is intending for the characters to say. It feels as if everything is happening because someone says so making it quite a bland read. Having said that, I've only read two chapters so it may have room to grow - what I've read so far doesn't... more>> compel me to explore any further. <<less
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May 16, 2021
Status: c4
An alright premise and start, however, the writing style and format makes it difficult to know who is speaking, and the story is hard to follow as the disconnected subjects make it hard to mark time. Overall okay. Some may be able to read it. I cant. Best of luck to those who can.
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Jun 23, 2021
Status: c12
I don't know if it's the translation or the Author's writing style, but reading this story is pretty dizzying. You sometimes just can't tell who is talking to who. It feels like reading an MTL. Can I also mention that the author is telling too much instead of showing! It's like slapping your face with everything.

Bellow will be full of Spoilers so be careful. It is also a full blown summary of the story. Just in case I dropped the story and wanted to read it again. So I don't... more>> have to re-read and I can just read this. A list of the important cast is also added or maybe non important ones too.

There might be some typos cause am writing this from the phone.


  • FL= Astell
  • ML= Duke of Anais
  • FLB/Female lead brother= Cassian
  • Sloth Maid= Rudel
  • Suspect 1= Sam
Plot Review as of CH11

FL is a very skittish person at the start, it's a little annoying.


FL reincarnated into the current world, and in her world this world she is reincarnated in to is a story. She's trying to figure out who killed her parents and take revenge. From her foreknowledge -because of reading the story- FL presumed that the person who killed her parents is hiding in ML's Palace/Mansion (?). And FL presumed that ML is the final Villain in the story. Why use so many presumed"? Because FL never finished reading the damn book (at least that's the conclusion I came to for now).

So, using the knowledge she has from the book FL knew that a healer (I forgot what FL call em but basically it's a healer) found the ML dying. Nursed ML back to health and gained his trust, then the ML invited the healer to his Palace to stay. FL decided to insert herself into the healer's position. Essentially. But she got more than what she bargained for, for she ended up being ML's imprint companion.

(I think this is what happened to the healer too. I mean why would ML invite a stranger into their own house he's too cautious for that. Even if they're ML's savior I don't think he'll casually invite them to live with him.)

Being ML's imprint companion means they have to have skin ship or they both will die. FL has officially become ML's weakness, even ML said it so himself. According to the doctor they'll be stuck together for a whole year. That's how FL ended up staying in ML's Palace.

(You know? I think this is how FL's brother (FLB) killed ML. Because ML was told by a friend of his from the dark guild (?) That ML might be related to FL and FLB family's downfall. FLB could've potentially kill the healer to kill ML, because he thinks ML killed their parents.)


Speaking of which throughout the whole thing FL way of speaking to ML is damn... I dunno should I call it dumb? Or telling? Maybe telling is the right word here. It's pretty obvious to anyone who hear her interactions with ML. That she's suspicious or hiding something. Thankfully the author wrote that the ML is also suspicious of FL. Or else I can 100% say that ML is blind.


After arriving in ML's Palace. FL begins to plot on how to win the trust of ML and the ppl in the Palace. So, potentially in turn they could help her uncover the three identities of the ppl that framed/kill her parents.

FL tends to exchange letters with her older brother in the capital through a magical bird. Problem is ML warned FL that she can't open the window because she's not a shapeshifter. That she'll die because of the wards protecting the Palace. Thankfully FL figured out that she just needs to get another shapeshifter to open the window for her.

That's how FL tries to win the trust of a Maid Sloth -as in the animal Sloth- Rudel. Rudel obviously didn't like FL though. More like every single shapeshifter (I think?) Isn't a fan of humans because they used to ens*aved the shapeshifter. In the past the ens*aved shapeshifter revolted against the human and ran to the northern parts. That's how the Emperor/King decided to officially make the northern parts of the Kingdom their territory, it's also beneficial to the Kingdom cause the shapeshifter will be tanking against demons for the Kingdom. (You know what this part of the story isn't very clear. What I mean is that it's pretty hard to read. It's dizzying so I might get this part wrong.)

(This also lead me to believe that the ones who caused FL and FLB family's downfall isn't even a shapeshifter. But someone from the

FL who spends three years working as a healer in the shapeshifter territory managed to figured out most of the shapeshifters quirky personality. She knows that Rudel is a Sloth and that normal sloths can be lazy (?) Or messy (?) Or unorganized (?). But Rudel is one of the shapeshifter that defies their natural instinct. Making her the total opposite of a normal sloth. She's very meticulously organized, almost like OCD? Rudel Just loves seeing the place perfectly organized and clean. That's why FL impressed Rudel with her clean and organized room. After gaining Rudel's approval FL mentioned how she needs to air out the room. And she got Rudel to opened up the window for her.

Side note so far FL had won the approval of the Doctor. That explained FL and ML imprint situation. And Rudel the sloth Maid.

After opening the window FL received a letter from her brother through the bird (it's name is Cello). Basically here FL tells FLB that she's staying in ML's place. Then she quickly received FLB reply, he's asking her how she met ML. That sort of thing. Nothing too interesting you can guess it.

But ML who is in his office noticed the bird going inside FL's bedroom. ML notes that normal ppl can't see the bird unless they have magic. (I think the author is trying to say that ppl who doesn't have strong magic can't see Cello the bird.) This is where ML states that he is suspicious of FL. And that the direction that Cello took off to is the imperial capital. Which apparently he doesn't have a fond memories of.

(This part isn't clear because of how dizzying it is. There's a part where it's said that ML isn't the former Duke's son. Because of how he just arrived in the Palace one day. With shackles and bloodied body. I feel like he's a s*ave back at the imperial capital.)

I honestly forgot if this happened before FL received the letter from her brother or after. But ML had a dinner with FL and he kissed her hand. Here ML mentioned that he had one friend, a girl, in the past. But she died. And ML wants to kill the person responsible for her death.

(At the very least I don't think that ML caused the downfall of FL and FLB family. Since he states that he hasn't found the killer of his friend. Yet.)

Also FLB is quite dark. In the imperial capital most ppl thinks that he's a wall flower. But he's more of a dark wall. According to FLB POV FL thinks that FLB is that pure and innocent sibling. Which he isn't. He also has a misunderstanding with his sister. At least that's what the author wrote.



There's not much plot progression on chapter 12 mostly FL befriending the two golden retriever puppies shape shifter. Jenny and Sally. And bribing Rudel to trust FL more.

But there's a part that makes Me want to face palm

FL have the habit of making to-do list for her revenge plans. She does keep it with her at all times. Even when she's asleep. Problem is she didn't even woke up when two maids is watching her sleeping. Imagine if the ML finds out. You would think that a revenge plan that relates to killing ppl and what not will be a serious topic.

Chapter thirteen is when the author dumps in info that progresses the Main Plot. FL reveals more about what she knows. Like that there's 4 major shapeshifter family.

They're basically the Wolf, the Fox, the Jaguar, and the Shark. Each family successor has the potential to inherit the title Duke of Anais.


TBC <<less
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Dec 08, 2021
Status: c5
Contrary to the reviews here, for me, it's actually readable. For me. So for anyone who would like to try reading it, you should. The synopsis looks promising and the plot seems to be interesting. I'm still on chapter 5 and things seem so far, so good.
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Jun 09, 2021
Status: c165
The Male lead is a complete psychopath he's possessive and controlling if you a masochistic female who desires a handsome man who's mental like those in CEO novels well congratulations this is for you. All I have to say is considering that psychopaths actions throughout the story and how the FL responds to his actions is just disappointing. The story is meh nothing really special or unique that would make me remember this later on it's also hard to tell who's talking.
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Mar 11, 2022
Status: c52
In my opinion, I feel like the story is pretty well-formed and have a good build-up when it comes to relationship. It's not like you just threw a character inside and then suddenly they love each other in just a few chapters. Their feelings and trust build slowly from the bottom and I like the pace since I don't really like it when the progress gets way too fast. MC earned trust by her own effort while not being too ambitious about it. Trust come with effort and effort come... more>> with entertainment. Some heated up moments and some pluff here and there make a good story. Well sorry if it was not a villainess type of story that you guys hope and whenever they walk past awe comes without even properly knowing the person. I don't like that type of story because it just felt empty. Well, that's just my opinion so just take it as a grain of salt. I love the novel and I hope you guys will as well. Good luck and give it a try as well. Your opinion might differ from others so just because others said it was bad might not be one in your eyes. Try it and judge it on your own. ❤❤ <<less
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Feb 10, 2022
Status: c46
The story is quite slow paced and overstuffed I guess, when a new chapter comes out I don't feel the excitement to read it. Now that I've read almost 50 chapters the story is becoming boring. I'll just wait for a few more chapters to come out maybe it'll become better.
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