Hero Of The Rebellion ~A Cliché Otherworld Summoning And Reverse-Transportation To Japan~


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When Sasahara Shinta was suddenly summoned to another world with the objective of subjugating the Demon Lord, he makes full use of his cheat skill that sees people’s status and tries taking a look at the Princess who summoned him. When he did, it’s written there that the Hero is arranged to be assassinated after the Demon Lord’s subjugation.

That’s right, this is a shitty otherworld where the Hero’s life is treated like dirt.

To avoid being assassinated, Shinta pretends to submit, but…….

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hangyaku no yuusha ~tenpurekuso isekai shoukan to nihon gyaku tensou~
反逆の勇者 〜テンプレクソ異世界召喚と日本逆転送〜
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HentMas rated it
July 30, 2023
Status: c37
OK, people here have it all skewered because they are not familiar with Karma and Dharma.

There is no "good" or "evil" in the premise, just "Karma".

I explain my reasoning down, but I would advise you to read my explanation until you're certain you're enjoying the novel but don't understand why the Hero is doing things this way, it's properly explained, people are just not used to the premise, and if you are you might understand it without my spoilers.

... more>>

The "Hero" gains a power called "Karmic Curse" which, you guessed it, haves the culprit receive retribution trough some means that are similar to what they've done in their life, specially what they are more guilty of it's more present when activated, IE: a bandid leader is basically attacked by a whole bunch of the "ghosts" he killed but the only one that looks to have more "solid" form is his wife that he killed in a fit of rage... that's his Karma, what his Dharma has been telling him he did wrong.

IF you're not familiar with the Karma and Dharma premise, you might think he should be doing "more" but the premise in itself is tied to that notion, so he can't do "more" than what the culprits have "accumulated" or he will receive the "backlash".

his "Dharma" doesn't allow him to go beyond a certain threshold, and that threshold is the "Karma" of everyone, basically what they themselves feel guilty of.

This isn't about being "morally ambiguous" or following what you're used to think as "Society Standards and Morals" this is straight up "Amoral", as long as he doesn't go further than the Karma of each person, it's fine.

I get that it's a difficult concept to grasp because people have grown accustomed to a "Judeo-christian" set of values due to their culture, "good" and "evil", someone "judging" what other person is doing, that's not how "Karma" works, Karma works on the premise of the Dharma of each person (personal values, what they consider their own personal moral compass, their religious beliefs and how they interpret them, their position in the universe), if they do something they know is "bad" they must be prepared for a similarly "bad" thing to be done to them, it even plays with the theme when he's done and his victim accepts it, they were always aware that they "deserve" it, even if unconsciously.

The "Dharma" of the MC is set, from the start, to just be able to do things "within" the Karma of the "culprit", all his powers, abilities and effects are steered towards this "Equivalent Exchange" (he knows the misdeeds people have committed with his power), him KNOWING he's a scumbag taking advantage of it doesn't matter because his Dharma is to bring the Karma the others have gathered to fruition.

He said it himself "I'm not here to be judging people and killing them, that's what a Demon Lord would do."

This isn't "Justice".

This is "Karmic Retribution".

In a more "western" way of putting it, "Poetic justice" or "Poetic Irony", it's always pertaining to the particular persons Karma.

It's never from the "Outside in" (someone judging you, implanting on you their ideas) it's always from the "Inside out" (what you judge to be right or correct, what you deserve from your own actions).

If you're willing to kill, be prepared to be killed, if you're willing to torture, be prepared to be tortured.

The Dharma of the "Hero" is to be the person that brings this to fruition, and it's also his Karma (the manifestation of it).


Leaving that aside, let me point out the fetishes mostly revolve about "voyeurism", "shame play" and "domination" with some "scat" mixed around when appropriate, so it's relatively mild with no real grotesque gore (although just so far, I don't know how it will continue, but considering the premise, I don't think it will go that route)

It's an interesting story that explores the perverse, it really does reminds me of Marquis de Sade, especially in the Poetic Irony of it.

EDIT: oh right, the only thing I have against it is the overly winded over explanation in exposition dump format that sometimes doesn't even matter because it's all BS and we know better since we were already told something different before that is common on japanese WN... but just because of the premise been very well done and the different action scenes written similarly in a very well done way I won't substract a star since it's par of the course on JWN... which for a novel like this I'm willing to endure and don't mind, it would be different if the rest was sub-par, but I'm genuinely enjoying the premise, it makes up in its flaws with the execution of the rest. <<less
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jjm152 rated it
March 1, 2023
Status: c24
It's okay.

The main story here is that the hero wants to survive, and in order to survive he needs to unlock his powers and avoid the death the princess wants to impose on him. The way to do that is to "tame" the princess, which unlocks his powers (as they are sealed in accordance to how much she "recognizes" him).

The story starts off really good, particularly for an R-18 novel with a bit of kink and dominance of the princess and originally I was excited to read more since I... more>> assumed that the story would be something like, he makes the princess fall further and further into depravity while unlocking his power to escape or survive. But then it just kind of goes off the rails and meanders for a large section where there is almost no real progress with the princess.

I feel like a part of the problem is the characterization of the main character. He's not enough of a scumbag or even enough of a dominate in the story, until the very end chapters where he essentially acquires a s*ave, who is of course really evil, so all the evil sh*t he is going to do to her is totally justified. Ahem. More or less - the author here is afraid to commit to his character. He needs to give him some sort of moral justification for doing pe*verted things and raping these women, but does it in the most transparent and silly way. "Oh, they're WORSE, so it's punishment." All it does is make the MC come off like a typical wishy-washy Japanese isekai protaganist.

There are parts of this novel I really enjoyed, but also parts that are redundant, boring and frankly disappointing. The author had a great premise and kind of did nothing with it and it appears it's because he's just afraid of committing to his story. That's never a good sign. <<less
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AcceptingTanuki rated it
January 26, 2023
Status: c51
The official description is somewhat inaccurate. There's no one trying to assassinate the MC (after all it's expensive to summon heroes and he's necessary until after the demon lord is dead). No one treats him that badly either, though he learns from one of his skills that several people in the castle dislike heroes because of damage they've presumably caused in the past. Also, 7 of his 10 hero skills have been secretly sealed by the princess as a precaution. Pretty reasonable to me.

With that correction out of the way,... more>> this story is just OK. The focus is definitely the "plot" with a large number of explicit scenes. They're fairly vanilla, and there haven't been any (too) weird fetishes or exhibitionism as of chapter 50. The MC is pretty boring, but at the very least he's not one of those stereotypical pushovers that suddenly becomes a saint and can't kill a fly. This one gets the job done when there's a fight scene.

Speaking of fight scenes, there's not many of them. The story progress is slow which is fairly typical of this genre. My main gripe is the endless, convoluted item and skill descriptions. In some chapters, these make up 50% of the content and it's extremely tedious.


One of his main skills is Otherworld Transportation, and to use it he has to designate where the person will be transported, for how long, every piece of equipment he wants to generate for them, etc. What's worse the equipment starts getting more and more specific, with each item having 6-12 bullet points for effect and restriction descriptions. It's way too much. The later skills that get unsealed are the same and it really detracts from the flow of the story.


All to say, I'm personally not interested enough to keep reading, but I didn't hate the chapters I read either. <<less
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H2oJacKle rated it
March 20, 2023
Status: --
I enjoy it at first. Plot is really interesting and MC look like thinker or planner but more I read more I realized he didn't think anything at all (he didn't plan much too)

Characteristic of MC is half-baked he didn't full of evil he didn't full of plan he didn't full of anything and I found more I read more boring I got

story kind of slow progress MC had though in mind a lot but actually he just think of the same thing over and over (I need to... more>> read about last boss had 'in-sta death' skill about 100 times already)

s*x scene is kind of... boring for me most of he doing is make girl c*m and watching

it would be more interesting if author focus on princess first until MC successfully capture her
event after event is half-baked just like MC
It's fun to read some but might not fun for long run


author forgot the 'rule' of story too MC make a fake 'rule' for princess that if he far away from her princess will teleport to Japan but at middle of story this rule completely forgotten

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cheezieTrees rated it
February 3, 2023
Status: --
Written like a small child telling an improvised story. Zero setting descriptives. Blank canvas of a MC, no personality at all, simply a device to deliver dialogue. "Author" tries to give readers whiplash by jumping from event to event with no actual story taking place. Characters can only ever be as intelligent as their author, and all these characters have an IQ lower than room temperature. In short, it is offensively bad, appalling, low-effort tr*sh.
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