Hera’s Modern Life


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Suddenly I was the Goddess of the world.

One month before my marriage, I had gone to Greece for my bachelor’s trip. One morning, I suddenly remembered that I had another name Hera, and –

I am a married woman, and my husband is Zeus.

What a desperate reality.

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Hè Lā De Hòu Xiàndài Shēnghuó
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New ojayysmol rated it
October 19, 2021
Status: Completed
This novel was one of the best thing I ever read till date. I love it !!.

... more>>

at first I literallyy hated hated HATED! zeus, and how unworthy he was of hera. But now I am really joyful of how he treated hera in her human life, and again in the final chapter when hera has reincarnated, she meets zeus again and LMAO its good :

"Please wait, lady."
Suddenly, a voice stopped her, and Kris turned her head strangely, and found that the well-known scholar who was surrounded by people was smiling and looking at herself, with blond hair and blue eyes, she was handsome, but she didn't know why she saw it. I feel annoying.
"Why? Want to date me? Sorry, there are too many suitors for this lady. Let's line up obediently."
Kris said unceremoniously, turning her head and leaving.
"Wait a minute, I just want to ask a question." The
man chased after him.
"Now, are you happy?"
Chris was on fire, and was about to answer what's up to you, but saw tears in the man's eyes, although he was trying to smile. This was the first time I saw a big man crying in front of her, and she was shocked, wondering if this guy had a brain problem?
"What's your name?" But
she didn't know why, she asked this sentence.
"... Zeus." The
man replied, making her heart feel a bit of colic inexplicably. It's strange, is it something strange?
"My name is Chris."
Finally, she magically introduced herself.
"A nice name, Kris." The
man smiled softly.



Hera, she's amazing! I loved her.

tbh I didn't really like hera while reading greek mythology and viewed her as an envious and selfish goddess, I just judged her based on other's perspectives, but in this novel I learned and judged her pov and let me tell you she is the most strong, selfless, amazing goddess. You'll totally love her



i really liked ares, how he was angry for her because of what zeus did to her. For the sake of his mother he was ready to declare a war on zeus, its hilarious on how he curses zeus and becomes a protective son to his mother.

Hephaestus is no less inferior. The way hera thinks how is he even her son, because of his kind and honest personality. He such a cinnamon roll to his mother

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April 13, 2020
Status: Completed
Omg this novel.

I started reading this with the thought that it will be similar to other stories that I've seen but I was pleasantly surprised when it proved me otherwise.

First of all, our MC truly goes through some heavy character development and seing her experience tides of emotions then learning to face and deal with them - it's fascinating.

The plot line is excellent, it has a very unexpected ending and a lot of plot twists. When you think it can't possibly get worse (or better) BAM ! It does.I had... more>> to say that I even cried, the writing and the way the author describes personal conflicts mixed with struggles that come w power and divinity made me feel incredibly sad for the characters.

I recommend this novel if you want to read something bittersweet, something that will relate the life of a woman who lost herself in love and intrigues. The love story between Hera and Zeus is touching and makes you realize not everything is black and white.

Although my review is a little bit focused on the darker side of things, it still has a good amount of humour, love and last but not least a badass MC.

Happy reading ! <<less
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Inifrita rated it
June 18, 2020
Status: Completed
This story realy superb, I was crying when reading the end. I thought it will be some dog blood or revenge stories but it was really a good twist plot, realy love this story hope there will be some epilog :''
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dhinar rated it
April 8, 2020
Status: c52
I love this story. Because ML (Zeus) is scum man I personally like it when FL (Hera) dies again. She deserves to live happily. She reborn as a human, forgot everything that Zeus did in the past. It is unfortunate that the story does not have additional chapters. I would like it if I could read how Zeus lived when he couldn't be with hera.

#sorry for my bad_english
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ctsum rated it
August 26, 2020
Status: --
I’ve always loved mythology, specially about the greek gods

Reading this from the perspective of Hera, was such a bitter sweet journey. I also regarded her as a jealous goddess and didn’t really think much before cursing her for being so annoying

but, I really liked that the author made her a person not just a character out of a myth or a story. She can also laugh, cry, and be a little crazy. In this, I think that the greek gods are all the same: people with some crazy af powers.

Anyways,... more>> it was really an amazing story, the ending made me cry even more and you should give it a try. <<less
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Laogurl rated it
August 21, 2020
Status: Completed
As a fan of both greek mythology and Chinese novels, I really really love this novel! ?
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matsurin rated it
April 13, 2020
Status: c53
This story is superb! I am very surprised with the ending. I hope there will be 1-2 additional chapters for epilog.. But the ending is still very good! You guys should read this. I really hate the ML here but suddenly the story revealed the plot. So sad that 1 mistake could turn their lifes upside down.
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