Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry


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Born as the Princess of War, touted as the Greatest Mage, her name was Leticiel.

She lost her family and partner to the neighboring kingdom’s invasion. In order to prevent her power from falling into enemy hands, Leticiel took her own life… or that was what was supposed to happen. Instead, she woke up to see an unfamiliar ceiling.

After gathering information, Leticiel realized she had somehow transmigrated into another person living a thousand years after.

To make things worse, she was a talentless lady who was shunned by her acquaintances, family, and even her fiancee.

There were many issues she wanted to complain about, but when she witnessed the magecraft of the world from a thousand years after… “Magecraft Maniac” Leticiel was livid at its lameness.

“The magecraft level in this world is too looooow!!!”

The tale of an eccentric Royal Highness blasting open her path in life using the strongest magecraft, begins!

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Oujo Denka wa Oikari no You desu
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May 9, 2019
Status: v1c4.5
Just going to write this as a counter-argument to what Bizmatech was writing, because it's pretty clear that there's some lack of reading comprehension there and there's no "downvote" or "bad review" button here. It's a bit too early for me to give a rating on this, so I'm leaving no rating on the review.

... more>>

1: "Instead of grieving for her husband, family, and kingdom, she goes of to school and acts bored."

Literally what? One of the things she does the most is read books. She f*cking spends hours in the library and on her free time reading about shit, and it's pretty clear that she still thinks about her former love and is interested in what happened for society to get to this point. She just has other things pre-occupying her at the moment. Just seeing someone who slightly resembles her husband caused her to start crying, you think she isn't grieving?

2: "When the MC wakes up, her first thought is that she's being held hostage, so she tries to kill herself with a broken bottle. Her butler and maids stop her, and then simply pretend that nothing happened.

Nobody tells her family. Nobody asks her why she attempted suicide. It's just, "Okay. We got the glass away from her. Put a bandaid on her quickly or she'll be late for breakfast!""

Ah, so you haven't read the story at all. Or you need it to be stated in plain text to understand. Drossel is ostracized by everyone around her. Her peers, her family, even her fiance, to the point that it's not a stretch to say that it might have driven her to suicide. Her family and peers also very clearly view her as so repulsive or evil that they probably would be glad if she dropped dead the next day. C4.5 even literally states that since birth she was an unwanted child, and all of her servants look at her in contempt and disgust.

3: "Most of the characters start off hating the MC because... she has no magic power. Despite this, for some reason she's also somehow the fiance of the prince... who also hates her."

Political marriage. Degradation of understanding of magic resulted in people with no magic power being ostracized and looked down upon. Stated in plain text. Next.

4: "The civilization of the MC's previous life is presented as such a grimdark hellscape of total war that I have to question how they were even able to maintain any level of civilization in the first place."

Not sure what kind of point is trying to be made here. It's not like society began this barbaric and hellish. A seemingly normal and peaceful world can be turned to hell in an instant by a world power suddenly being under control of a power-hungry imperialist. It's not outright stated or established in detail, but it doesn't take much of a leap of logic to understand how the world became this way.

Anyways, I concede on a lot of other points, like how convenient a lot of the writing is, e.g. first person she meets is a magic powerless, she teaches her easily, they become best friends, stumbles upon obvious love interest, etc. etc.


5: The point on the degradation of magic/technology/etc. over centuries because of "peace" and "there not being a need to further it" I agree is also a s*upid trope that just doesn't make any sense, but I'm willing to give the novel the benefit of the doubt that this will be further elaborated upon. With how close to complete anarchy and chaos the world was before, it's not unimaginable that someone might take that opportunity to sculpt the world into a form that would suit themselves better. Whatever country ended up winning the world war would be in a position to flip the narrative however they pleased, and in an era where people kept knowledge in their heads with memorization magic instead of recorded in books, the complete erasure and re-writing of history isn't beyond comprehension.

This is all conjecture, of course, but it's just one way for all of this sh*t to make sense, and as of now, it's still a mystery why society degraded to the point it did over time. Give it some time. Complaining about mysteries that have yet to be solved in... *checks notes* 4 chapters plus the prologue is silly.

Not all the answers are going to be there immediately. It seems like we're currently in the stage of the story where Leticiel is just taking the opportunity to experience things she didn't before. She had a fixation/hobby in reading, so in a literature-rich age she's understandably ecstatic, among other minor things like the improvement in food quality over time. In a society as different as this in general, there are a lot of things for her to do, research, and learn about for there to be plenty of room for potential future plot developments. I can understand reading through like, maybe two volumes and there being no semblance of whatever intrigue there is being developed, but again, four chapters.

But sure, I guess. If you don't have the ability to suspend disbelief or the patience to read beyond 4 chapters for everything to make sense, then this really is a sh*t novel. Don't even waste your time. Pepega


I suppose I'll also point out that I haven't read ahead in the novel or anything, so I only know what's been translated thus far. For all I know I could be wrong and it's just slice of life bullsh*t and there's not much substance to it, but let's hold off on making hasty judgments now, shall we? Cross that bridge when we get there. <<less
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Bizmatech rated it
May 7, 2019
Status: v1c4
I usually try to get a bit farther into a series before I rate them, but it's pretty clear from the start that this is nothing more than a dumpster fire of badly written tropes that won't be getting any better.

OP MC: Check

... more>>

The magic used by the MC is amazingly more powerful than anyone else in the new time period.

The magic system in this setting is presented as being very mathematical and codified.

There is no explanation for how magic became such a mess, and despite being a magic otaku, the MC barely even gives it a passing thought.

It's okay though. She was so amazing in her past life that the drop in magic quality doesn't make much of a difference anyway.


MC adjusts to the new life surprisingly fast: Double check


The MC and her family all die tragic and violent deaths. A thousand years later, she wakes up in someone else's body as if no time has passed.

Instead of grieving for her husband, family, and kingdom, she goes of to school and acts bored.


Flat out bad writing: Goddamn right that's a check


● When the MC wakes up, her first thought is that she's being held hostage, so she tries to kill herself with a broken bottle. Her butler and maids stop her, and then simply pretend that nothing happened.

Nobody tells her family. Nobody asks her why she attempted suicide. It's just, "Okay. We got the glass away from her. Put a bandaid on her quickly or she'll be late for breakfast!"

● She wakes up in someone else's body, but not in a "I remembered my past life" sort of way. She has no knowledge of who this person is. No thought is given to what happened to that person, or how she ended up in their body. She's just, "Oh! I'm alive! Thank the gods. By the way, who are you Mr. Butler?"

● Nobody realizes that she has complete amnesia, and anyone who even notices that her personality has suddenly changed just assumes that she's acting silly for shits and giggles.

● My that medieval/renaissance academy sure does resemble a japanese high school. I bet those test scores are going to be super important for all these nobles whose jobs are inherited and marriages are prearranged.

● Multiple thoughts of "Oh, it's been so long since I did X." You've been awake for less than a day! It hasn't been that long!

● Most of the characters start off hating the MC because... she has no magic power. Despite this, for some reason she's also somehow the fiance of the prince... who also hates her.

● The civilization of the MC's previous life is presented as such a grimdark hellscape of total war that I have to question how they were even able to maintain any level of civilization in the first place.

●The MC's style of magic is apparently so easy that she's able to teach her friend the basics in less than an hour. Kinda makes me wonder how, if it's that simple, it managed to get lost in the first place and how nobody has rediscovered it in the past 1000 years.


Other contrived nonsense: Of course that's a check.


The very first class she goes to just happens to be about the time period she lives in, all so that she can give an impressive answer when the teacher thinks that she isn't paying attention.

Despite "having no magic power" she's still expected to take magic classes, all so she can show off how good her magic formulas are.

After the first day, she skips all of her classes anyway, so I'm not sure why the school setting was even neccessary.

Of course the first person she actually talks to at school immediately becomes her best friend. And of course that person is going to have a similar "low magic" problem to the MC, giving her someone she can mentor and show off to.

Of course the first boy she actually talks to is going to end up as the main love interest. But he reminds her of her husband from her previous life! Isn't that romantic?!


The translation is great though, which seems a waste of skill on such a crap series. It really is just a bunch of tropes crudely stitched into a horrific frankenstein abomination of a story. If you think SAO is good because it's "fun" you'll probably love it. <<less
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Vietpride218 rated it
February 25, 2019
Status: v1c2
So far really enjoyable. She resembles an amnesiac in how she doesn't know what is going on in her present situation, but pair that with her knowledge in her past life, leads to plenty of hilarious situations.
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Riyaa rated it
March 15, 2019
Status: v1c2
Have to say, kind of intrigued by this concept. Nevertheless, pretty fun to read, and I find myself impatient for more chapters
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EndFrost rated it
July 29, 2019
Status: v1c4
The story is kinda so-so. But, I feel like it is missing a romance or shoujo tag because the story is slowly getting into a love story which I HATE straight-love story.
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Blazeflare rated it
June 1, 2019
Status: v1 epilogue
Long chapters with high word count and the fan translation having some soul put into it really made this light novel enjoyable to read through. If you can tolerate the "Overpowered MC" and "Academy life" settings, give this translated LN a shot.
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S.D. rated it
May 5, 2019
Status: c3.5
It is probably not very fair to judge it based on the first 3 chapters, but so far it's a rather generic novel. Perhaps I would had better expectations if I haven't read a few other novels with similar plot, but unfortunately I did. This kind of novels all tend to have one epic plothole - protagonist is reincarnated in the future where magic knowledge is in a sorry state and wonders why, and in the end author just never could come up with a sound explanation for that. But... more>> you know, I can overlook that. But the typical follow-up of that premise is protagonist tries to teach others his knowledge of magic, and others are surprisingly proficient at learning it.


It gets absurd in this novel where protagonist teaches his friend a proper way to use magic in less than a day


Why I hate it? Because it makes an assumption humans are idiots. No matter what kind of catastrophe or conspiracy occured, if it's something you could teach in a day then it's not something easily lost.

For now I'll rate it at 3 stars because the feeling of deja vu is just too strong from reading this one. I'll add it to reading list, so if it gets better I'll reconsider it. <<less
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Auree rated it
June 18, 2019
Status: v1 epilogue
Cliche story, op character mistakenly taken lightly by others around her.

HOWEVER, this novel does everything right so as to make the story really interesting, despite you knowing roughly where it is leading.

The world building is surprisingly good; a large part of the fun comes from it. The explanation of the "magic power system" is strongly based on the distinction between the old time and the new. It really interests me as I wanna know how the MC is going to clear the mist around her. How she is going to... more>> reveal her power. How does others see her differently. The author does a really good job at holding my interests. <<less
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May 17, 2019
Status: v1c5
Just to add to Shiraori_'s Point #3 and something general: (Last three paragraphs are my view on this very work)

... more>>

Chapter 4.5 even specifically mentions how the past Drossel acted, before she became embittered. She became the perfect queen candidate, which is different to becoming the queen mother. In short, she was thought to make the most suitable puppet considering her abilities and the role which does not require magic power.


Of course considering the small mystery part, one has to suspend their disbelief and let me tell ya, I sure am one who is repulsed by any work demanding one to suspend their disbelief through all layers of hell, while fans even praise it to be more than merely entertaining. However, that is not the case here for the time being. There is but one coincidence, not many that depend on each other.

The world building sure is believable and needless to say, the saying about World War #4 being fought with sticks and stones is also not that unbelievable, although exaggerated, it's precisely because we would prioritize technology that we'd destroy it. It's ironic how the "fit" rather fight each other (ultimately for the best mate (s)) than weed out the weak (rather exploit them in one way, as work force, or another, virtue signalling banzai!) but that is, too, today the truth. Not that I condone either practice.

Just consider what might have happened at the end of the great war there: The last country standing ultimately "imploded", a civil war, the last "fit" (nobles) being massacred by the weak (commoners) which lack most of the knowledge. There is no end to history until everyone is gone, every end is the premise for another story.

The end of first world war here could not prevent the second, on the contrary, while the second ended and the cold war began. Now what will it be, what will we become? It's not a stretch to say that we are indeed in a culture war, war between the sexes and a war between the wings where now the other side is dominant. My humble guess is that yet again society will do a few many barrel rolls, and not a comfortable one, one without safety belts.

Now without digressing to far, this work, "Her Royal Highness Seems to be Angry", does not have that much social-political-historical commentary, yet at least, but by being so close to what could be reality is what gets me thinking about the above and ultimately mirrors a small desire many may hold, at least I do. "I don't want to care too much about how terrible oh-so-much is, yet I'd like to still change some many things for the better." That's what we expect from her to do (for us), no?

I'm also holding off on rating but looking forward for more. Ultimately I personally can only give anything a "5/5, It's Perfect" when it is finished or not rating it at all (I'm no good with, i.e don't like, arbitrary ratings with numbers). Merely recommending it or not.

What I can say though is that currently it is still on track for that 5/5 so obviously I recommend it for anyone interested. As long as I don't update this review, one can expect that either there is no piece within the text that objectively deducts in whatever way from a "for what it is, it's perfect" or, well, if I do not update this I am no more. <<less
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foreigntimes2 rated it
June 5, 2019
Status: v1 epilogue
Hm, well, I only have one thing to say.

This is a novel which makes use of the mainstream OP reincarnation setting (so if you hate it then don't read this one), but is actually interesting mainly because of the author's writing rather than the originality. I am usually very picky about stories and kind of just drop stuff halfway down the road, but this novel was good enough to make me want to continue reading. I actually had fun doing so, too.

Again, though, if you dislike the isekai trope, then... more>> this isn't for you. <<less
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Animeninja808 rated it
September 28, 2019
Status: v2c1
Great story, characters, everything. Started out kind of dark, but eventually ended up as a great read. I am sad that some of the enemies have no sense of danger, or intelligence.
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new008 rated it
October 27, 2019
Status: v1c4
i like this novel, it was really refreshing when I read a new plot not like any others reincarnation novel. Her personality changed to badass and I really though it was cool. But when a new support come up, it blow off my fun on this story.

like hell why do we need another crush (sieg) in her reincarnation ? Oh well, will it became her crush (future) for real or not I couldn't really care

having family and fiance who ignore her was really great, it will became best opportunity crush... more>> them without mercy

why do we need guy acting like puppy ? Why not he just be a dog ? <<less
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July 5, 2019
Status: v1 epilogue
Kinda good, at first I got annoyed cause how the MC acts is kinda dumb but she is not, it's just that everything is new to her after a one thousand years has pass. She got transmigrated to a new body but she dint have the memories of that new body. OP mc?sure why not, but everyone can become OP too specially the person who is the same with her (if she intends to share on how to use mage craft that is).

... more>>

I laugh so hard after she finally snaps to her fiance LOL

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