Her Bizarre Night Guest


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Lee family books, the book store Joo Hee ran for many years, is notified by a termination of lease out of the blue. Since she cannot sit on the street like a homeless person, Joo Hee visits Park Shin-woo, the owner of the building and chairman of Hansung Group. But the first meeting with the owner of the building turns into a naked meeting where she happens to run into his bare chest. What was even worse? He has even made a strange suggestion to go out with him for three times without any preconceptions.….

“Can I make a suggestion?”


“If you go out with me three times, I will think about rewriting the Lee family books’s lease contract.”

This is the strange romance between Joo Hee, a woman who has to somehow keep Lee family books, and Shin Woo, a man who tries to tie her up.

‘Her Bizarre Night Guest’

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기묘한 그녀의 밤손님
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