Helping with Adventurer Party Management


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“I guess, it’s all right to quit being an adventurer, right?”

Right after retiring, a tale of the supporter of newbie adventurers. No cheats, just plain-old normal developments.

At first, it’s just individual counseling, then onwards to make supporting a business venture.

Associated Names
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Boukensha Party no Keiei wo Shienshimasu!!
The Support Manages the Adventurer Parties!!
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Pyushis rated it
November 16, 2017
Status: c33
If you want to question your attention span this novel is FOR YOU. Introducing the shortest chapters ever!


  • Cliff hanger galore!!
  • Dialogues are made into different chapters! Its that short!
  • New and improved backtracking now introduced in a novel! You'd have to go back some few chapters just to remember the premise of the whole situation because of its terrible wonderful segmentation.
  • A plot so unique you'd want to open your own shoe store to help adventurers. Fighting demons? Fudge that MC is too old for that shiz. He'll just help other people.
  • Ever thought of Wuxia and Xianxia characters not thinking out loud enough? MC here thinks and has a monologue for a whole chapter. AMAZING
  • You can drop this novel and forget about it. Because as unique as the plot or premise may be, it is not memorable nor striking.
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shad12ow rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: v2c11
To be honest, I like this very much. It portrays a different side of the adventurer. Instead of the bloody and 'glory' of the battlefield, it is the logistic side of the story. So far, I don't have any complain. The translator is quite good. Not the best, but still good and able to deliver an enjoyable read so far. I recommend this as a side read among the many serious and action filled novel you may find in here.
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Sir_Spicious rated it
October 2, 2017
Status: v2c12
The novel is a good side novel and the translation is readable.

The chapter are short, so events tend to just get glossed over. The novels is somewhat refreshing though. It may have the protag as a person transported to another world, he doesn't have any cheat powers and there are pretty much no fight scenes as it is mainly about business which is again a nice change.
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AL92 rated it
October 20, 2017
Status: c26
While I liked the setting of a retired adventurer giving help to others, the chapters are way too short and this is hard to enjoy especially when the topic of a discussion is complex and it's split over multiple chapters.
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Nightrojan rated it
September 28, 2017
Status: v2c25
Summary: (I did a final update at c25) I was previously concerned if the story would remain readable but there hasn't been any serious issues in that regard. I would recommend reading to chapter 6 if you like merchant/reincarnation novels (short chapters and off-world-er logic) and then making your choice of whether to continue or not (this remains true as of c25). I will now quit updating this review and have dropped this novel. Hope it's helpful!

Edit: Read chapters 9-12, chapters are still short and story isn't super realistic... more>> but there is a basic premise and it's not a bad read if you like that kind of thing. The author will probably frustrate the reader with his questionable choices (they normally aren't realistic, still an issue up to c25... I can't take it personally) but it's more an issue of style and not of content. The merchant trend continues on the MC side so I will stick with my original review on that point but the author keeps inserting the word "consultation". The consultation feels like heavy handed selling to me and weird practices abound (it doesn't feel natural, it feels like a child scheming. The concepts are normal enough but they stick out like a sore thumb).

Edit: read chapter 8, some minor complaints with wording and too much focus on business but it was a decent read. Translator is decent, I think it's the author's style that is the issue. I do recommend the addition of an editor.

Edit: read chapter 6 and 7, story progressed some. Style feels more manageable although still a bit stunted. The switch to 1st person seems to have helped.

Edit: read chapter 4 and 5, didn't suffer much but original opinion is still valid

Edit: read chapter 3, suffered

Not much to go on right now, I will try to keep up with it and update my review when more comes out later. The story seems to have a merchant theme based on the first 2 chapters, not a traditional consultation feel. Overall quality isn't the best but is definitely acceptable (debatable on some early chapters), chapters are short, MC seems a little stunted character wise. Give it a try if random stories like this are your thing.

I predict that the story will decline into sluggishness after the first 50 chapters, just my guess. Edit: It already feels that way, just keep in mind that it's a merchant themed story. <<less
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Passerby rated it
November 4, 2017
Status: c35
Translation is good and the premise is interesting. However around chapter 30, the story changed style within a few chapters.

From a fast pace/fast forwarded recollection, it came to a grinding halt. With endless elaboration of MC's idea for many chapters, with no actual progress on the storyline.
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