Hello, it’s Mary-san. I’m in Another World now……


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Mary-san, who everyone knows from the urban legend “Mary-san’s Phone Call”, has been transported to another world due to a slight mistake! The only thing Mary-san can rely on is her calls with “me”, her target.
The unreliable Mary-san will do her best in another world, acting according to “my”suitable advice!

A chaotic comedy interweaving a protagonist with nerves as tough as super-alloy steel and a (physically) dangerous girl.

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Atashi, Mary-san. Ima Isekai ni iru no......
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October 14, 2022
Status: c5
As of chapter 5, there are basically two issues I have with the story.

One is the comedic (?) style of going "Hey, something interesting is happening but I'll just ignore it and go do something boring instead!" that I've seen in a number of Japanese novels. This on top of the main character also being unlikeable causes a lot of disappointment that potential fun and good characters will just end up background decoration.

The second is that, while otherwise fun and interesting, Mary's verbal tic of starting every line with "This... more>> is Mary" is... it worked in the urban legend because each was a separate phone call, y'know? You're not supposed to say that more than once in the same conversation unless you hang up and call back... It got annoying pretty fast. <<less
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