Hello, I Am the Hero’s Father. I Am Sorry for the Trouble My Stupid Son Has Caused. 〜I’m Going on a Journey To Beat Up My Son, Who Has Abandoned His Childhood Fiance and Is Doing Whatever He Wants Out There. Even if He Apologizes Now, It’s Already Too Late~


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A hero has been born in this village…

When Arca, Clore’s son reached 15 years old, he received an oracle.
As the oracle said, Clore entrusted Arca to the Kingdom Knights as a hero.
His childhood friend and fiancee, Saaya went with him as his caretaker.
Three years have passed. Only the tattered Saaya has returned.

According to her story.
Arca uses his authority as a hero to pick up many women.
He demands an unreasonable amount of rewards.
He never apologized for anything.
It seems he’s doing whatever he wants in the name of justice.

His father (Clore) lost his temper.

It is too late to apologize.
The journey to beat up his s*upid son begins now.

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Doumo, yuusha no chichi desu. Kono tabi wa gusoku ga gomeiwaku wo kakete, moushiwake arimasen. ~Osananajimi no iinazuke wo sute, sokora de suki houdai yatteru musuko wo bunnaguru tame ni tabi ni demasu. Ima sara ayamatte mo mou osoi~
どうも、勇者の父です。この度は愚息がご迷惑を掛けて、申し訳ありません。 〜幼馴染みの許嫁を捨て、そこらで好き放題やってる息子をぶん殴るために旅に出ます。今更謝ってももう遅い〜
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evanesco99211 rated it
February 6, 2022
Status: prologue part1
MTLed to chapter 32.

I am so glad to finally see a functional family where great parents would whack... I mean, re-educate their son who is straying from the right path. Instead of a dead father or mother, both parents are alive here. And, the next best part is, the strength of the chosen hero makes a lot of sense considering his background and his strength doesn't come by just because the cheat... I mean, plot, says so.

=^___^= cheers!

Oh, and disgusting heroes who let rapists, murderers, and heavy criminals go just... more>> because 'all lives matter' are NOT, I repeat, NOT, in this story. Disgusting heroes who murder everyone just because are not here either.

=^___^= double cheers! <<less
11 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Phadrig rated it
March 7, 2022
Status: c2
I only read the first few chapters and I don't think I'm going to read more.

This is basically the story of a man who abandoned his only son to strangers at the age of 15, and upon hearing that said son he abandoned has gone off the rails with the absence of any parental figure in his life, decides that domestic violence is the only way to set his son straight.

An interesting premise to be sure, but it's the story of a man who wants his cake and to eat... more>> it to. I would be much more interested in reading the novel "Help! My father abandoned me and now expects me to obey his every whim."

Even the very first interaction we see between father and son shows that the son is incredibly fearful of physical reprisal from the man that should be guarding and nurturing him.

I also only rate it 2 stats, but for whatever reason although I can edit the text of my review I can't change the star ratings. It was 3 stars at first, but the more I read the less I'm inclined to rate it well. <<less
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
DMR rated it
April 26, 2022
Status: --
I want to be fair in one thing; remember that this is a story about an older time situation. For a huge chunk of human history, people were considered adults at 15... we live in a modern society where that's not the case and there is more immaturity, but the people aren't. So don't think of it as a dad abandoning his 15 year old child.

Instead, think of it as a young adult going out on his own and then getting drunk on power and the dad trying to take... more>> responsibility. He's 15, not 5... in our modern society, it might seem young, but that's how we raise our kids now...

Even in the story, it's started that he's at the age where he can join the knights or work as a hunter.

And don't forget that it was also an order from royalty.

And frankly, it's a great premise, the idea of a hero getting drunk on power is nothing new, but the parents actually trying to take responsibility??? Not so much.

That said, I do think it kinda gets a bit boring, but they are honestly trying to make up for the hero's mistakes... kinda interesting... <<less
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