Hegel’s Confession


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As investigating partners, Zhu Xuan always wondered if her boss, Chu Haoran, had multiple personalities? How could he be so proud and obnoxious one minute, then caring and tender the next? One day after work, Haoran put up his long legs on her sofa table, announcing that he was living with her now. Xuan: “What about your own home?” Haoran: “There’s no point in resisting!”

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New Animooos rated it
May 23, 2019
Status: --
The description of the story is a little confusing and hasn’t been shown in the plot so far at all, but who know what the future will behold.

But the murder mysteries are well written and executed! It makes you want to find out how and why the people committed those crimes. Romance is definitely slow, but we may be rewarded if we’re patient.
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