Heaven’s Greatest Plan


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Zhao Yu had been secretly in love with a Xiao Gege[1] for ten years.

She was going to confess to the Xiao Gege when she graduated from high school, but she didn’t expect to find out that her Xiao Gege had become a popular celebrity by the time her college entrance exams were over.

The Xiao Gege had actually taken advantage of when she was working hard to study for the college entrance exams behind closed doors to make his debut with an absolutely beautiful solo stage!

And it only took him half a year before he was granted the title of God-level top celebrity! Thousands of fans supported him as he walked on a bright path to stardom.

Zhao Yu: “…I have some **** that I don’t know if I should say or not.”

* Urgent! Help! How can I date a top celebrity?

* Thank you for the question. Just become a top celebrity. I wish you success~

Thus, Zhao Yu began to strive towards the path to becoming a top celebrity.

She became the center for the most popular girl group, and became the most popular female idol.

She became one of the top three celebrities in the country and was as famous as her Xiao Gege.

The know-nothing Shen Junyi: “I heard that someone has a crush on me?”

The calm, cool, and collected Zhao Yu: “Sorry, you heard it too late.”

Wasn’t she a popular idol now? Why would she want to fall in love?

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The Sliveren
The Sliveren rated it
March 26, 2021
Status: Completed
It was a great read.

The romance build up was quite nice, but what I appreciate more is her character development.

On what I notice, she was like Lisa Manoban in this story. She was more inclined to the stage instead of acting (which I'm truly grateful for since I'm totally bored on film drama entertainment kind of whatever plot).

... more>> The author really did a wonderful job on writing the MC's journey. Not when she return to China, but her journey on South Korea.

About the ML, I could say that he's a complex character. In MC's POV (early age), she sees him as a gentle and kind. He was like a moon that the MC wanted to reach. The white moonlight if I were to label him.

It only crashes when she return to China which her filter view on him was shattered. It was a challenge for me to understand him. MC saw him as a golden retriever on which I totally agree!

In the later chapters, I slowly started to notice his feelings on MC. He was helpless and his view on her changes when he sees her shine bright like a diamond.

From the little sister from his neighborhood to the woman who shone brightly under the stage.

It was wonderful.

Then he pursuit her.

Edit: I read the Get to Know the Wife Fan.

I read that Shen Junyi have a crush on Sheng Qiao and I cried. I realized that Shen Junyi is so goddamn cruel.

When I read a chapter that Zhao Yu said he likes her, what does she feel? Did she feel dejected or heartbroken?
It's too unfair. The author just wipe her hands on this conflict and let Zhao Yu accept Shen Junyi. Like wtf?
I hope that the author revise her work. That novel and this novel have a lot of difference. I take my back my vote, instead of 5 stars. I'll give this a 4.3. <<less
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kyrez rated it
September 3, 2021
Status: Completed
This story is a cross-over to author's 2 other novels (you can find them in the shared universe part^^).

The is the 3rd in the series. But it starts about 10 years (plus another 10 years of secret crush) before the 1st series. So I guess among the characters of the 3 novels, SJY (ML) & ZY (FL) are seniors.

... more>>

The 1st and 2nd novels didn't intersect with each other (edited: they do! I've just re-read the 2nd novel - the auntie & uncle love watching dramas acted by the FL in the 1st novel. And the 2nd novel's FL went to this 3rd novel's ML's (SJY) concert with her best friend^^).

In this story, we get to meet the 1st & 2nd novels' characters. In which SJY was the first to meet them all and ZY was introduced to the characters later.

1st novel: HX & SQ - HX is SJY's top rival in the industry (so he's also a senior, just like SJY & ZY). Transmigrator SQ had some sort of rumour with SJY (they filmed one season of variety show together) and also met with ZY in a travellog show later.

2nd novel: The new director YL - she's SJY's fan and QY's (FL) best mate. She introduced the script to SJY's agency. The screenplay was inspired based on QY & JR's (ML) love story. SJY & ZY also met QY & JR during filming.


Anyway, I felt that the romance in this story comes very late as we go through years (and years) of how ZY reaches the pinnacle of the entertainment industry. Not much was shared about SJY during this time (but you can read more about him in the 1st novel).

I guess that's why I got really angsty when I finally realised who SJY was.


When I first read about ZY and SJY in the 1st novel, I thought they were cute and were meant to be with each other. But now that I got to read their own story, I felt very reluctant. I want ZY to find her happiness and not dwell on the past. They have too much and too long of a past. It felt like they've wasted too much time ㅠㅠ


But I commend how SJY reacted when he realised that he had missed his chance with ZY long ago. Their love journey was actually short and simple. And after they got together, it's really sweet.. And I felt that the author could have written more (or at least some extra chapters) about their daily life as a couple~

Anyway, I'd recommend to read the other 2 novels before reading this^^ 🌈 <<less
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Sue Shie
Sue Shie rated it
November 6, 2021
Status: --
I've wanted to read this since long ago but I've been scared by the comments that says ML likes the FL from another novel of the same author. Don't get me wrong, I love her too but it just sounds so unfair for the MC.

I've read the other two books written by the author and I loved them. Thus, I'd be diving head in with this one despite the alarm bells ringing in my head. 🤗
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Shortk rated it
October 12, 2021
Status: Completed
Ngl idk why the extras ended like that op but overall probably one of the most independent and inspiring Female MCs to date. A FL who went after a man to find her dream and identity, who also is logical and has consideration for the person she likes.

I'm gonna say this now. This is the most badass "realistic" modern female MC I have read yet. She literally found herself and was like I am Good Enough and I love who I have become even without the ml. Bad ass.

I mean yes she ends up w him. Also I find the ML funny that just like her, the readers had to break the rose colored glasses and find out his real personality


Although it gets slightly boring and op linear once they get together, the characters alone are enough to warrant enjoyment, appreciation, and satisfaction for the book. Also hats off for no weird chinese nationalism when she was in korea. That's very rare in any chinese book with characters abroad.
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Lois. rated it
May 7, 2022
Status: --
I found the story quite realistic, a lot of Chinese novels uses the statement that familiarity breeds fondness and I think that's what happened in this one.

It was quite slow burn. A lot of times our first love fill us with hope and inspiration but at some point we also give up. I felt lackluster about how ML got FL so effortlessly in a sense but it's understandable FL never really did welcome anyone else into her eyes when she was in love with ML and no matter how broken... more>> the former "image" has gotten the memories will always last.

Personally I didn't really like how the author used the 'oh they're both on top and no one else can match with them except each other' in the 'fans or public's opinion' because no I could say that Xiao Yuan or Wei Chi or some other male character do deserve to be loved by or end up with Zhao Yu it's just that Shen Jinyu's timing worked well for him.

I found the part where Sheng qiao and Zhao Yu interacted bittersweet because it obviously hurt Zhao Yu to be faced with Sheng but she treated her sincerely and did not judge her by the rumors said about her and instead got mad at the man she liked lol because she knew that it wasn't Sheng's fault she was liked.

P.S. I don't hate the main couple I actually find them really cute. <<less
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Extra Me
Extra Me
March 24, 2022
Status: Completed
It was a worth read.

... more>>

ML had a crush on another novel's FL. I don't mind that. But what mind is the timing. Like he had crush on Sheng Qiao (another novel's FL) after our MC (Zhou you) returned to China and was already at peak and they already met each other and were friends. Like the saddest part was when ML's grandma passed away. Our MC didn't know at first and after knowing his grandma passed away she was really sad and called him after all she also knew and loved his grandma. But he somewhat dismissed her. She didn't go to her funeral to avoid scandal in his hard time. But ML called Sheng Qiao to seek comfort and SQ dismissed him. They had scandal and he was in a hurry to prove her innocent and didnt mind exposing his own scars. I feel this part was really unfair for the MC. And MC waited for really long and she had thought he won't like anyone. But she had to find out he was really on love with another woman and see a side she never saw before. Her heart really turned cold then. I really hoped she will give him a bit harder time chasing her.


But it's also true that they were cute in the later part of the story. <<less
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solivagantsoul rated it
April 6, 2023
Status: Completed
ill give it3.5 stars. It was very enjoyable for sure! I fully loved the growth of MC, and how she was able to find passion on stage. I like that the ML has got such a lovely personality but I cant help but feel sad for MC's 10+ years of unrequited love that was so easily obtained by him. I just feel like he got it too smoothly! Don't get me wrong I don't like angst and dog-blood drama but I think I would appreciate him more if he had... more>> to watch her be in a relationship too... also I saw reviews talking about how he had a crush on another celeb who was the MC of the authors previous book and how in this novel he looked for comfort from her??? I honestly don't even know where this happened...I'm even wondering if I missed a couple things here that were angsty as some comments are saying lol...

it's pretty sweet and cute when they get together or more like he realizes his feelings for her which took ages man like the romance bit probs happened in 3/4 the novel.

if there is one thing im dissatisfied with is how we have no clue on ML's journey throughout the years and how he's been faring-apparently thsi can be found in teh previous books but as a standalone it's a little disappointing!

anyways, it's a fun read! <<less
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chrissy987 rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c49
It's more like Climbing up idol Career for now. ML is pretty absent and low in contact. But she's so straightforward, cute and funny! Reading it for her personality lol
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awesomehuman134 rated it
August 19, 2021
Status: c6
I've only read to chapter 6 but by pacing and characterisation of mobs and main character, if the story keep going on like this, this could be one of the best, if not the best idol/entertainment story in the novelupdates imo.
    1. All Characters Feels Human
        • The thing that surprised me the most and reassure me that this is going to be a good story is when the female older cousin, the one used as a comparison to show that the FL are, well she's pretty but not that academically smart is not only described as soft spoken and kind but under pressure of the constant comparing!!! Like wow!!! I did not expect that description (I hope to god that the author won't make this character to someone that is jealous of FL or something ugh) not only that, other female trainess, teacher, and her deskmate are all kind (except the antagonist, but well the story needs an antagonist to progress)
        • FL so far are not OP Marysue, She's pretty but not that academically talented, she's quite petty (the typical my idol is the best! Pettyness lol), she gave up easily on most things and as of now she's still in the lovesick phase of "I'm doing everything for the one I love!" but she's still entertaining and relatable enough that you root for her
        • FL progress and advancement are well explained
    • anyway, for now, this is a breath of fresh air in the entertainment/idol genre, deff look forward to future chapter
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
June 17, 2021
Status: Completed
The story so sweet... instead of just focus on love... its first focus on the MC growth and her journey in career.. how her mindset change as years goes by from immature to mature.. the ML also likeable instead of typical overbearing man.

he is funny and warm an sweet

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peachtoplease rated it
June 11, 2021
Status: Completed
Good story.

although the description here is all about romance but the whole story mainly about FL career and her growing. It’s the journey of her career. First she entered this career because of the ridiculous reason like chasing the star but she ended up like it and find her dream. When she question herself is it worth for chasing someone and indulge herself too much, I really teared up. At the last stage, she can let go of that hidden puppy love and focus on her career.
It’s a happy... more>> ending so don’t worry about it guys. <<less
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meatbunluver rated it
January 10, 2024
Status: Completed
I loved the FL's character growth, from someone pining after the ML to growing into someone who could stand on her own. The hardships she faced on her journey to becoming a star were well written.

... more>>

Her journey to becoming an idol with the her experiences in South Korea and the friends she made on the way were excellent. I also loved how she stayed true to herself and her love for performing.


Like the other reviewers stated, I wish the ML suffered more.


He gained her love too easily for all the heartache he caused her. Like another reviewer did, I also read Get to Know the Wife Fan and knowing that he loved the FL in that story rather than Zhao Yu made me feel so bad for ZY. She deserved more groveling from him (though I know you can't help liking who you like and it's not his fault, but still :<).


Overall FL is a champ and I'm proud of all the success she has. <<less
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MakiG rated it
July 12, 2023
Status: Completed
i was waiting for more fluff and interaction but only got it towards the end... I loved the premise but the execution needed work. The dramas achieved were glossed over so quick and the timeline was kinda fast. Not much development in their personality and twists. It was good but I wanted more.
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LittlechrysanthemumFairy rated it
July 11, 2023
Status: Completed
One of my favorite stories! It’s such a cute read. I like how it focused on her development and when her ideas of him shatter. LOL ^-^

The only thing I find unsatisfactory about this novel is that I wanted the male lead to chase her more like it only took a couple chapters for them to get together. I was so disappointed.
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Kawaii Panda
Kawaii Panda
June 26, 2021
Status: --
Oh, this one is good (*´ω`*) this focused on Mc's development to become celebrity and achieve her dream afterwards. The ML hmm he's likable :3 at first, he only see her as a lil sis from their neighborhood to a woman who shines so bright in the stage, its HE dont worry
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