Heaven’s Devourer


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The Yanhuang Ancient Domain, vast without end, gave birth to many Celestials and Demons of antiquity tore Heaven and Earth apart and surpassed the control of the 3 Realms and 5 Elements over the endless years it has existed. Numerous Gods, more than ten thousand races, and humans born with a God class body have also come out from the Domain, traveling through the nether, warping Yin and Yang, omnipotent.

In this current age, Celestial Daoism is in prosperity, tens of thousands of Divine techniques shake the Heavens, numerous mortals strive to become Celestials, and millions of sinners walk the Earth. The Prince Heir of the kingdom East Yue Wu Wu Yu, obtains the legacy of the Battle Celestial of the East in the direst of situations to sweep across the Earth and rebel against the Heavens!

In the eyes of the hundreds of millions of Mortals, he is the Sovereign Emperor Celestial, overcoming a plethora of tribulations to reach his current height.

In the eyes of the Celestials and Buddhas of Heaven, he is a peerless Heaven devouring Demon!

Associated Names
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Record of the Heaven Swallower
Swallowing the Heavens
Tūn Tiān Jì
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New AnonymousNoLife rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: c77
Honestly, not worth reading, The entire story makes makes sense much like how a 1 hour course on rocket science would make sense. It shoves so much down your throat that it makes what in a normal novel would be maybe an entire ark in 60 some odd chapters. Even the first chapter basically shoved the entire back story down your throat. Where is the story, character development. Normally a back story such as in this novel would make the reader feel harmed and feel resentful as the main character... more>> would, make you feel what the MC would. But here I felt more like I couldn't hit the next chapter button faster. Am not going to even attempt to reread when more chapters are out. <<less
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New Aerogfl rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c1521
Update: Nope, I am done with this novel.

The stupidest twist ever in the story without making sense at all.

Furthermore pulling the 'household tv drama' until the end of the novel is just unforgivable.

It is not worth reading at all.

What a waste of time.

Final score 2/5.

Previous Review:

... more>>

Originally I wanted to finish this novel before reviewing it.
Unfortunately, the next story arc have disappointed me and I think would be the biggest downfall of the novel.

Let us begin:

The story follows a young man called Wu Yu, he was a mortal emperor, who stumbled upon an 'immortal' or 'fairy' inheritance.

He will then swear upon himself to become immortal, to break free from life and death cycle.

Parts of this novel especially the characters is inspired by Journey To The West.

-- Main Character:

At the beginning, although smart and decisive, the main character was ultimately naive since he was born and raised as a mortal.

Throughout the story, there will be a plenty of developments for Wu Yu that will nicely develop his character to the more complex and harsh cultivation world.

Wu Yu's comprehension and talent are very good even without the inheritance.

His inheritance is inspired by one of the character from Journey To The West.



Ruyi Jingu Bang (Golden Hoop)


-- Other Character:

Every arc of the story will have its' own notable character that will stay relevant within the story arc.


as the main character become stronger and the story arc moved on, the previous character will usually be irrelevant.
There are few characters that will stay relevant to the future story Random Rant:


Except one character I really hate author wants to keep relevant regardless of reasons


from the early arc.
There are sides characters that will be involved with the Main Character and the story most likely until the end. Hint:


Journey To The West Characters


--World Building:

    • Geo: Not too complicated (for now), mainly continents surrounded by seas.
    • Cultivation:
      I won't spoil too much but it follows Qi Condensation, Jin Dan, etc.

      Where most of them follow the rules from for ex: 1st level of Qi Condensation to 10th level of Qi Condensation.

    • Fighting:
      Thankfully, most of the fight has a proper writing behind it and always influenced by the current skill learned by Wu Yu.

      Against stronger enemy,

      He will tend to use smart strategy to overwhelm or beat the enemy which is a habit he gained since he was a mortal where wisdom could beat strength.

    • Auxiliary Technique:
      Pill and Matrix/Symbol mastery is integrated within their cultivation.

      In order to advance, it is important to understand the 'tao' behind pill and matrix/symbol cultivation.

      Therefore, in this novel, it is expected that everyone would be able to create their own pill or draw their own matrix/symbol.


This is the part that unfortunately disappoint me the most.

The early romance of Wu Yu is very important to his development and ultimately matures him a lot.

This is usually a good thing, however, when the author decided to keep extending this romance arc, it sadly become like a 'household tv drama romance'.

My rant:


The author decided to keep the first girl to become relevant until the future story, whereas her story arc and relationship with the Main character should have ended long ago.

Even the motivation to keep her in the story is very shallow!.

The reason being just because the MC cares.

Which is unbelievable since their relationship was already broken and even the MC decided to cut-off further contact with her.

But then somehow the MC still cares about her and won't move on.

Even she herself hates the MC more than anything.
Oh! And of course the author pulled one of the cliche move where one character will disappear and suddenly either become as strong, or stronger from the MC for some reason.


Other potential romance characters have already start to appear however their conclusion or romance status with the MC have yet to be seen (until ch.916).


In conclusion, this novel is a must try and you may enjoy it.

I may continue reading this novel until the end which will depend on the next story arc.

Unfortunately it is hard to read a story arc when the foundation of that story arc is very weak and lazy (refer to my rant in the romance section).
It would have been 4/5, but until the current chapter I would give this 3/5.

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keklel rated it
August 4, 2016
Status: c35
How is this not a typical cliched xianxia novel? MC gets betrayed by some bad guy, he obtains a special power (literally turns him into the monkey king). Lots of cultivation scenes. There's this scum who killed him after shifting all the blame onto him for some minor mishap and because he's a cripple, etc. Some thug killed his master so he killed him to get revenge. Entering competitions to win prizes. It's all there, played straight. How is this not the same as every other xianxia?
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MondoX rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: c47

The story is great and well written, I do not understand why this series is not more popular. In my opinion it is one of the better novels out there. It is better than a third of the top 25 on this website. The MC falls from the top after almost everything is taken from him, and is working his way back up to get his revenge. My only problem is the time between new releases, because I can not get enough.

Update: When the MC left his sect, he has become stupid and it turns out he is the weakest "immortal" outside his sect.

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crazykat rated it
March 15, 2016
Status: --
Just started reading (Ch22).. And wow its simply awesome. The story flows really well. MC goes from being strong to having everything stolen from him to finding a way to get everything back. Really like the concept. The best thing about this Novel is the effort translator put into translating I havent seen a single grammar error.. Its really well done. The only minus point I can find is the translation speed for the novel is a bit slow compared to other popular novels but I believe its worth it... more>> for the quality of the novel. One of my fav for now. Hopefully it keeps going. My only regret is that I found this series too early.. If only I found it a few months later so I wouldnt need to go through the agony of waiting for new releases. <<less
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badiyee rated it
October 15, 2016
Status: c44
I'm pleasantly surrprised with this novel.

Its true that you get a lot of generic xianxia tropes, but what attracted me to reading (which at the time of writing was chapter 44) the entirety of translated chapters were because of

a) the pacing
b) the transition

... more>> I really like the pacing because its not too fast, nor is it too slow. It stays somewhere in the medium (because the story has tendency to explicate certain things, especially up to the 30 plus chapters), but its not too short nor too draggy.

The transitions are well placed. We know what would happen, but there's always a twist. Therefore the cliffhangers do bring a meaning because its not a matter of "when will you wrap up the matter" (which is prevailent in many xianxia / xuanhuan cliffhangers) but rather a matter of "how are you going to wrap up the matter / solve the problem).

Like another commentator, I'm surprised at the quality of the starting point. Its very strong and I believe if you compare with some of the "top ranking" novels in NUF, this story can hold its weight / ground (well at least up to chapter 44 where as of writing, that's how much its translated) compared to other stories' 44 chapters.

Definitely a good one to read for the action and drama. <<less
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Recklezz rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: c30
I would highly recommend this novel. This novel is about a man who has everything a mortal can desire and end up losing it. He will try to regain his honor and by doing that he will fight on a more grand stage. The Theme of this novel is Daoism with a great amount of mythology and cultivation. The characters are distinct and through the protagonists thoughts we get to know these characters. The only problem with this novel is the antagonists, they aren't really a threat to the protagnist,... more>> it might seem like it, but they can't beat him intellectually or potential. But even then characters are different and I for once can remember most of the side characters.

The translation speed isn't the highest, though it seem to be catching up to a few releases pr. Week.

Again I recommend this novel and I hope it continues to progress and expand in therms of world building and interaction with characters! Also good for once to see a cultivation method that isn't just meditation! <<less
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