Heaven’s Devourer


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The Yanhuang Ancient Domain, vast without end, gave birth to many Celestials and Demons of antiquity tore Heaven and Earth apart and surpassed the control of the 3 Realms and 5 Elements over the endless years it has existed. Numerous Gods, more than ten thousand races, and humans born with a God class body have also come out from the Domain, traveling through the nether, warping Yin and Yang, omnipotent.

In this current age, Celestial Daoism is in prosperity, tens of thousands of Divine techniques shake the Heavens, numerous mortals strive to become Celestials, and millions of sinners walk the Earth. The Prince Heir of the kingdom East Yue Wu Wu Yu, obtains the legacy of the Battle Celestial of the East in the direst of situations to sweep across the Earth and rebel against the Heavens!

In the eyes of the hundreds of millions of Mortals, he is the Sovereign Emperor Celestial, overcoming a plethora of tribulations to reach his current height.

In the eyes of the Celestials and Buddhas of Heaven, he is a peerless Heaven devouring Demon!

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Swallowing the Heavens
Tūn Tiān Jì
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Aerogfl rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c1521
Update: Nope, I am done with this novel.

The s*upidest twist ever in the story without making sense at all.

Furthermore pulling the 'household tv drama' until the end of the novel is just unforgivable.

It is not worth reading at all.

What a waste of time.

Final score 2/5.

Previous Review:

... more>>

Originally I wanted to finish this novel before reviewing it.
Unfortunately, the next story arc have disappointed me and I think would be the biggest downfall of the novel.

Let us begin:

The story follows a young man called Wu Yu, he was a mortal emperor, who stumbled upon an 'immortal' or 'fairy' inheritance.

He will then swear upon himself to become immortal, to break free from life and death cycle.

Parts of this novel especially the characters is inspired by Journey To The West.

-- Main Character:

At the beginning, although smart and decisive, the main character was ultimately naive since he was born and raised as a mortal.

Throughout the story, there will be a plenty of developments for Wu Yu that will nicely develop his character to the more complex and harsh cultivation world.

Wu Yu's comprehension and talent are very good even without the inheritance.

His inheritance is inspired by one of the character from Journey To The West.



Ruyi Jingu Bang (Golden Hoop)


-- Other Character:

Every arc of the story will have its' own notable character that will stay relevant within the story arc.


as the main character become stronger and the story arc moved on, the previous character will usually be irrelevant.
There are few characters that will stay relevant to the future story Random Rant:


Except one character I really hate author wants to keep relevant regardless of reasons


from the early arc.
There are sides characters that will be involved with the Main Character and the story most likely until the end. Hint:


Journey To The West Characters


--World Building:

    • Geo: Not too complicated (for now), mainly continents surrounded by seas.
    • Cultivation:
      I won't spoil too much but it follows Qi Condensation, Jin Dan, etc.

      Where most of them follow the rules from for ex: 1st level of Qi Condensation to 10th level of Qi Condensation.

    • Fighting:
      Thankfully, most of the fight has a proper writing behind it and always influenced by the current skill learned by Wu Yu.

      Against stronger enemy,

      He will tend to use smart strategy to overwhelm or beat the enemy which is a habit he gained since he was a mortal where wisdom could beat strength.

    • Auxiliary Technique:
      Pill and Matrix/Symbol mastery is integrated within their cultivation.

      In order to advance, it is important to understand the 'tao' behind pill and matrix/symbol cultivation.

      Therefore, in this novel, it is expected that everyone would be able to create their own pill or draw their own matrix/symbol.


This is the part that unfortunately disappoint me the most.

The early romance of Wu Yu is very important to his development and ultimately matures him a lot.

This is usually a good thing, however, when the author decided to keep extending this romance arc, it sadly become like a 'household tv drama romance'.

My rant:


The author decided to keep the first girl to become relevant until the future story, whereas her story arc and relationship with the Main character should have ended long ago.

Even the motivation to keep her in the story is very shallow!.

The reason being just because the MC cares.

Which is unbelievable since their relationship was already broken and even the MC decided to cut-off further contact with her.

But then somehow the MC still cares about her and won't move on.

Even she herself hates the MC more than anything.
Oh! And of course the author pulled one of the cliche move where one character will disappear and suddenly either become as strong, or stronger from the MC for some reason.


Other potential romance characters have already start to appear however their conclusion or romance status with the MC have yet to be seen (until ch.916).


In conclusion, this novel is a must try and you may enjoy it.

I may continue reading this novel until the end which will depend on the next story arc.

Unfortunately it is hard to read a story arc when the foundation of that story arc is very weak and lazy (refer to my rant in the romance section).
It would have been 4/5, but until the current chapter I would give this 3/5.

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Lordusopp7 rated it
July 22, 2019
Status: c120
So far this novel is very interesting however the author is the one I have problems with. The main love interest was clear cut at the beginning of the sect arc. However ... more>>

The main tsundere enemy chick called Lan Shuiye is spending alot of time with him. He eneded up saving her multiple times despite her literally trying to kill him for days on end (literally). I have a knack of dropping novels when they make the MC have an erection when a woman wants to kill them, Or I should say beautiful woman. Look at it this way, if a very pretty woman had a shotgun and kept shooting at your car, then you drove your car away but it was very damaged and you almost lost your life. Then other cars chased you down. You finally barely escaped and now you return later to see that these people are being hunted down and killed. Whats your next move? Will it be "Ohh she is from the same country as me I have to save her?? No you would be an absolute ret*rd if you risked your life to save those people who wanted nothing more than your head on a plate. So thats exactly what our MC has done. But it turns out he cants save them all, so who deos he save? The most prettiest and evil one which happened to be the one who made them all hunt him. So yeah after that she is NOT grateful to him but she kinda apologises. But all she needs to do is to say I love you and the MC would be like omg I loved you ever since you tried to kill me. There you have it they may as well become husband and wife.


So currently im not sure if she is the main love interest but if she is ill be dropping it. I cant stand great MC who are burdened by weak and pathetic women. <<less
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MondoX rated it
April 13, 2016
Status: c47
The story is great and well written, I do not understand why this series is not more popular. In my opinion it is one of the better novels out there. It is better than a third of the top 25 on this website. The MC falls from the top after almost everything is taken from him, and is working his way back up to get his revenge. My only problem is the time between new releases, because I can not get enough. Update: When the MC left his sect, he... more>> has become s*upid and it turns out he is the weakest "immortal" outside his sect.

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GrumpyNPC rated it
November 12, 2019
Status: c471
MC is softer than a 90 year old man's pen*s on a cold winter night. In the first 200 chapters the MC is very disappointing, he is strong in a fight but is weak of character and also an idiot. He allows himself to be humiliated many times because he was an idiot and put himself in a position were he was not strong enough to retaliate or if he is strong enough he endures anyways because of some idiotic plan that requires his strength stays hidden.

He is also supposed... more>> to be a war veteran from his mortal days as crown prince, but somehow entering the cultivation world made him softer, he shows way too much mercy to his enemies. I don't need an MC to be ruthless, but one that is soft on his enemies is frustrating. He lets his enemies off one to0 many times.

The author outright retcons some characters with a single sentence. A female disciple that had humiliated the MC, tried to castrate him, and tried to outright kill him on numerous occasions goes from being an evil bit*h to someone who just used to be a bit arrogant because she grew up sheltered. An elder goes from being an evil corrupt elder trying to undermine the sect leader and who broke the rules on numerous occasions to try and get the MC killed, even tried to kill him herself, somehow becomes a respected elder who is a good match for the sect leader, who happens to be the master of our MC, who she tried to kill not more than 30 chapters ago. Maybe the MC can forget all that, but as the audience I find it hard to ignore.

The story seems to be getting better, but I'm barely hanging on and might drop it any minute. (Edit: dropped it around a 100 chapters later. I just couldn't get behind the MC's meek personality. Aside from a couple of moments when he manages to locate his balls, the rest of the time the MC is pathetic) <<less
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AnonymousNoLife rated it
July 4, 2019
Status: c77
Honestly, not worth reading, The entire story makes makes sense much like how a 1 hour course on rocket science would make sense. It shoves so much down your throat that it makes what in a normal novel would be maybe an entire ark in 60 some odd chapters. Even the first chapter basically shoved the entire back story down your throat. Where is the story, character development. Normally a back story such as in this novel would make the reader feel harmed and feel resentful as the main character... more>> would, make you feel what the MC would. But here I felt more like I couldn't hit the next chapter button faster. Am not going to even attempt to reread when more chapters are out. <<less
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crazykat rated it
March 15, 2016
Status: --
Just started reading (Ch22).. And wow its simply awesome. The story flows really well. MC goes from being strong to having everything stolen from him to finding a way to get everything back. Really like the concept. The best thing about this Novel is the effort translator put into translating I havent seen a single grammar error.. Its really well done. The only minus point I can find is the translation speed for the novel is a bit slow compared to other popular novels but I believe its worth it... more>> for the quality of the novel. One of my fav for now. Hopefully it keeps going. My only regret is that I found this series too early.. If only I found it a few months later so I wouldnt need to go through the agony of waiting for new releases. <<less
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Poireau rated it
September 20, 2019
Status: c60
The most frustrating novel I ever read.

Frustration is fine in some novel such as TGOGF or Dark Blood Age, for which I've read 300+ chapters each, because the MC is a bit clever and the story and world development, interesting. Furthermore, the frustration doesn't last long even if it comes back from time to time.

Here with Heaven's Devourer, the frustration is present all the time (almost every chapters) and most of all, the MC isn't a bright one. After 60 chapters, not a single time the MC used his brain... more>> to deal with his enemies: He goes straight into the wall, and win with a "deus ex machina", and the frustration never goes away. Not even the other characters are likable...

I've read a lot of novel and I always trusted wuxiaworld. com for their novel choices (at least, compared to webnovel. com) and most of all, the translation quality, but Heaven's Devourer, even if well translated, is a bad novel. <<less
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Ssjgkazama rated it
August 26, 2019
Status: 580
So far its better than I initially thought. This novel has an MC that is too damn loyal though. No sane person will pledge a to the death loyalty for a sect they were supposed to be a servant of. Like id understand if he was treated like tr*sh everywhere he went, however he was the crown prince. This identity means you were the literal face of the empire, yet as soon as he makes a name for him in his sect. "Ah what was that empire I was born... more>> in called? Damn I only remember my sister is there."

Things I dont like about the novel? Dude has crappy goals. What I mean crappy is the immortality. Like out of nowhere the author sprung upon us, " I dont want to ever die, I want to live forever." like where did that come from? Literally the dude was a warrior prince. He fought many battles, so he should not have any excessive fear of death or overly obsessed love for life. Therefore in my opinon it is not logical for him to have any such goal of living forever. He hasnt tasted any sort of glory where he would want to live forever. Dude has a crappy life and is very unlucky. Plot armor isnt thick but you know his legacy is going to save him if things get rough. As for the story, so far it trends on the typical cliche plot BUT it has twists and turns and you will rarely guess the outcome. The plot armor isn't thick and there are a few plot holes at the moment, however im sure they will be explained sufficiently later on. Right now there isnt an overarching plot that the MC has to settle, none of that as of the moment. This MC is the type to react not act. Meaning he doesnt seek conflict he only deals with the conflicts he is dragged into by his surroundings, relations or actions. He uses logic alot and there hasnt really been a time where he has been impulsive. However he has a knack of getting kidnapped quite alot and his fellow disciples are ALL useless.

Overall not a bad read, very different from other xuanhuan novels where the MC is a hypocrite and very impulsive. Also this MC will definitely go through some sort of tragedy to nurture him, his character doesnt have room for development on the sense of the righteous part. The ruthlessness hasn't been instilled into him so I believe the tragedy tag will definitely do the job. Right now I think its the typical, join a sect as the cannon fodder then become number 1 then realise they are actually tr*sh and then join another sect become number 1 and repeat <<less
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badiyee rated it
October 15, 2016
Status: c44
I'm pleasantly surrprised with this novel.

Its true that you get a lot of generic xianxia tropes, but what attracted me to reading (which at the time of writing was chapter 44) the entirety of translated chapters were because of

a) the pacing
b) the transition

... more>> I really like the pacing because its not too fast, nor is it too slow. It stays somewhere in the medium (because the story has tendency to explicate certain things, especially up to the 30 plus chapters), but its not too short nor too draggy.

The transitions are well placed. We know what would happen, but there's always a twist. Therefore the cliffhangers do bring a meaning because its not a matter of "when will you wrap up the matter" (which is prevailent in many xianxia / xuanhuan cliffhangers) but rather a matter of "how are you going to wrap up the matter / solve the problem).

Like another commentator, I'm surprised at the quality of the starting point. Its very strong and I believe if you compare with some of the "top ranking" novels in NUF, this story can hold its weight / ground (well at least up to chapter 44 where as of writing, that's how much its translated) compared to other stories' 44 chapters.

Definitely a good one to read for the action and drama. <<less
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spastic117 rated it
September 8, 2019
Status: c650
i have read quite abit of this novel in machine translation and my God it’s better than most of these tr*sh novels in the wuxia genre. The MC is given an extremely powerful inheritance by a servant and cultivates it to the limit. Based off Sun wukong.

Overall the novel has a decent MC who is rather righteous but also s*upid too. I mean the whole demons and humans can’t get along and will always be enemies because humans eat demons all the time is s*upid. Why? Because even in the... more>> demon world they eat each other. A lion will always eat a zebra when they come into contact, there is no we are both demons I shall spare you on behalf of my hatred for humans. No, it’s in its nature to feast on zebra meat whether the lion has sentience or not. So in this regard humans are at the top of the food chain, the lower animals don’t have a right to complain unless they can overthrow humanity.

The love life is where this novel gets interesting.

many of us thought, Lan Shuiye would be a love interest due to her behaviour at the start acting all tsundere but we were wrong. It doesn’t seem like she is a love interest as of yet. The love interest is a little girl named Nangong Wei, she is rather cute and is introduced in the novel as a 12 or 13 year old girl. The MC is rather foolish to indulge her everywhere he goes as if she his blood sister. He knowingly took her out of the sect despite her never leaving before and her parents obviously didn’t want her gone. Anyways time to spoil the novel. This girl wants him to kill demons like they are ants on the floor. But Wu Yu foolish righteousness refuses to kill demons who are not evil. Not evil here means they don’t eat humans. So she gets rather angry every time he gets soft and I believe a situation happened where he had to pick between killing an innocent demon or his relationship with nangong. At that point they are pretty much dating or exclusive best friends. The MC chooses to spare the demon which results in beef. After that the little girl follows her dads wishes and accepts the marriage to a young genius of the sect. This enrages Wu Yu but he resolves himself and cuts the connection between them. The girl accepted a dao companion and three years later I believe was the marriage or something. Coincidentally Wu Yu was expelled from the sect and taken in by a major power. He then comes back three years later and defeats both the little girl and her boyfriend. She is still angry with him and now deeply in love with her boyfriend. The boyfriend then says “wu Yu you have won, now go and leave us alone. We will be dao companions whether you like it or not.” Now the author couldn’t risk anyone interpreting this as ntr so he made Wu Yu kill that guy for saying that. Mind you it was a life and death match in which he should have also killed the little girl who has grown up btw. But he spared her and let her live due to old times, despite their connection being cut off and her hating him more than anyone. Wu Yu finds another woman and gets with her while that little girl stays relevant here and there throughout the novel.


so a really interesting Romantic plot in this novel. As of yet I don’t think it’s going harem route but who knows perhaps it will. Wu Yu can kill a woman who tries to kill him which I like, since he acts righteous then he shouldn’t discriminate between genders. After all when it comes to justice there is no gender discrimination.

My grievances with this novel is that, the MC really doesn’t have much of a motivation. He was a crown prince and almost died, he became a cultivator by luck too. He is fearless when it comes to danger, but he is sh*t scared of actual death. It contradicts his nature, for example this guy goes into dangerous situations like they are nothing. If there was a 95% chance of dying in a tomb, he will enter it because of that 5%. Despite all this fearlessness. His actual motivation is that he fears death and wants to live forever. Now that doesn’t make sense, he relies on plot armor to survive wild endeavours but he fears death to the point of wishing to live forever. Other MC they want peak strength or something, this guy doesn’t want to die. So what does he do? Go into the most dangerous situation you can imagine and barely live. He disregards his own life for the safety of others, but again he fears death. So my point is, if someone really feared death. Would they risk their life every single day for small gains, when there is a safer route.

My other grievances is that, with regards to the plot. There isn’t any overarching amazing plot. It’s just many arcs divided into smaller arcs which have their good and bad.

Overall this novel is a fresh new read for this genre. The MC is likeable, comedy is zero, romance is passable, fights are amazing, plot is not bad in regards to each arc. I would say it’s a decent novel that deserves higher praise. I gave it a 3 because it really doesn’t have a ground breaking plot and is using Sun wukong’s abilities. Idk if a copyright strike will be sent down so yea lol. <<less
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ShinUon rated it
November 17, 2019
Status: c360
This is an excellent story. But it should be emphasized that this story is first and foremost about the MC and his path toward attaining immortality. It is a long and arduous path, and he will have fated encounters and meetings and eventual partings as well. Such is life.

The second important point is that this story is very much rooted in Buddhist philosophy. In that regard, at its core it's a bit different from other xuanhuan and may conflict with what some readers expect from this genre.

Those two points (story... more>> of MC's path toward attaining immortality & roots in Buddhist philosophy) go together. They explain the MC's character, his actions, how he evaluations his decisions, and why some things happen (karma/fate).

The path to immortality (or enlightnment in Buddhism) may involve fated encounters and guidance received along the way, but it's primarily one you are responsible for walking towards alone (it's based on your own efforts, comprehension, control of your mind, and decisions). In that regard, the MC's actions and thinking are generally very consistent and also explain why he lets some things go while not others (he prioritizes not letting things distract his mind and lets things go when possible).

There's also a recognition that he is his own person with his own beliefs (dao) while the same applies to others. The MC recognizes it's not possible to force his dao on others and vice versa. This is an important point for being at peace with oneself and to be in control of your mind, and is an underlying basis for his interactions with others (it may not be obvious to some until near the end of the Shushan arc).

Anyway, some of the criticisms I might give for other series, I can't give here as it is part of the Buddhist philosophy of the story and handled naturally. Overall, I've enjoyed the read so far through chapter 360. <<less
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Recklezz rated it
July 8, 2016
Status: c30
I would highly recommend this novel. This novel is about a man who has everything a mortal can desire and end up losing it. He will try to regain his honor and by doing that he will fight on a more grand stage. The Theme of this novel is Daoism with a great amount of mythology and cultivation. The characters are distinct and through the protagonists thoughts we get to know these characters. The only problem with this novel is the antagonists, they aren't really a threat to the protagnist,... more>> it might seem like it, but they can't beat him intellectually or potential. But even then characters are different and I for once can remember most of the side characters.

The translation speed isn't the highest, though it seem to be catching up to a few releases pr. Week.

Again I recommend this novel and I hope it continues to progress and expand in therms of world building and interaction with characters! Also good for once to see a cultivation method that isn't just meditation! <<less
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LoneDK rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: c573
Had a lot of potentials but the author chose the safe route and be generic. The novel would build up a nice story and decent character in a "region" of the story but then the MC would be wisp away to another one where the level cap is increased... Just like 99% of the cultivation novel on this site. I mean the side characters are decent but the author never develops further instead introducing tons and tons of superfluous characters that will be inevitably discarded. Some of the story arcs... more>> are excellent but others feel like fillers. After reaching c573 I've had it. Another s*upid filler arc where everyone underestimate the protagonist only for him to come out on top in the end. It's so generic and boring. <<less
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Yuzu rated it
February 16, 2020
Status: c500
It was an interesting read, though I did stop after he set off for the new continent.

As you'd expect, the author is part of the Sun Wukong idolization group. Even MC's weapon was a staff and his cultivation inherits 'ape' iirc.

Just keep in mind that the world separates the mortals from those aiming for immortality. Though its peculiar that nations rely on these sects which contradicts the concept of abstaining from mortal affairs.

lest a demon runs amok.

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godlykser rated it
November 2, 2019
Status: c355
A fantastic novel. To be honest, I've grown tired of most CNs; I feel they've used up their tropes, the constant OP is this cool guy, whose silver tongue always shows the one-dimensional baddies whose names get forgotten, if even mentioned, 3 chapters after the MC is done with them.

I don't want to spoil the story, so I won't write much about it aside from the fact that while it is written very well (at least the WW translation does justice to the reader, I saw some guy posting here... more>> that he read the entire novel already, I'm assuming through MTL), it does have it's fair-share of plot-holes and inconsistencies. But every novel that needs to get updated day by day is like that, I don't think any Chinese webnovel is free of discarded ideas that the author tried to implement, and etc.

The thing I actually love about this novel is character development. MC has constant inner-debates, and slowly builds up his confidence regarding what it is he wishes to do, what is his path towards becoming an immortal. Wu Yu, the main character of this novel, starts off relatively naïve. He has general aspirations, and knows he wants to walk down the path to becoming an immortal, but doesn't really understand what it entails. Throughout the story, at least up until to the point where I'm at, Wu Yu keeps facing dilemmas between conflicting ideas or desires, while also finding for himself what he believes to be the correct path. This is a story about a man looking for his own justice, a man who slowly builds up character and turns from someone who only knows how to fight for himself, learns how to fight for what he believes is right.

If you like meaningless villains whose only job in the story is to be a pedestal to raise the people's view of the MC, and an MC that constantly gets underestimated only to show what he's truly worth and awe everyone every single arc, this might not be it. If you want a Chinese novel with western quality, where characters have feelings you can actually feel, not just read off of a page, and a main character you actually can see develop and grow as a person, from a naïve youth to a then this novel probably will satisfy you. <<less
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IceMaster49 rated it
January 30, 2020
Status: --
MC is slow. Only decides to become an immortal due to inheritance.

QHe kills based on what he thinks is right and wrong. He sticks to his ideals. He doesn't hate anyone only gets angry due to his weakness because he understands it's a man eat man world and if he can't protect or fight for the things he believes in then they shouldn't be his ideals.

A lot of MCs enemies and friends he makes are ignorant which don't shares the same ideals due to sheltered living.

He is two inheritances that... more>> are from immortals (body cultivation and the Ying yang energy cultivation), soul cultivation is him choosing is path (his ideals and goals which effects his understanding of the DOA as far (Ch 300)).

The writer doesn't push novel forward with a woman who gets taken away or moves due to his one weakness.

Novel is very dark. Similar to warlock of the magus world. Relationships are open but not to the woman in high positions as they have a role to play in the family. <<less
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jpmrblood rated it
January 5, 2020
Status: c475
Have you ever wonder why sects of high caliber haven't gonr extinct already with so many conceited young masters? Have you ever like RWX's aunt protesting the behavior of protagonist on a Chinese LN? Have you ever wonder why anyone outside of protagonist is like an NPC in a RPG, never have any intelligent on MC after doing things so big?

I think this LN may suit you.

The story sweet so far. I like how many of the characters is behaving like how a normal wise person would do.

Of course, love... more>> and pride can cloud someone's judgement. Which is normal. I've seen it in real world. That's why, I can understand some motivations of each character.

The translation is great as you would expect from WW site. I can read the story without ever feel confused.

Kudos to the translator and author. <<less
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