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The Celestial Masters Sect’s Eldest Senior Disciple Sister was reborn, and the body she was reborn to was a young girl Nie Wei who had passed away unexpectedly. As the Eldest Senior Disciple Sister who is skillful in ghost exorcism skill, Nie Wei did not feel any pressure. However, why someone is telling her that this world was originally a manhua, and everyone in the world are manhua characters……

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MiyaMira rated it
December 31, 2018
Status: c319
I've already started reading this novel wayyy before translation starts because I finished reading Oddette. The storyline is pretty nice, but for people who prefer romance then I suggest you look somewhere else. As far as I've read (ch319),

... more>>

not even a speck of romance blossomed between MC and the (highest probability to be the) ML though I fantasized that they have some spark. They're friends at least.

They'd kissed once, but that's because MC was affected by an evil god power who promotes lust (and so was actually unconscious) and ML just finished destroying the evil god and hasn't had time to react. It was forced plot progressions, but MC felt so guilty about (unconsciously) sexually harassing ML just because he has the fate to become an eminent MONK and so had sinned against the whole cultivation world. MC actually felt what she did was a blasphemy to ML.

Anyway, don't hope for romance for now, because you won't get any.


Before spoiling about the characters, I'd spoil a bit about the story. This novel is NOT a romance category. I repeat, this is NOT ROMANCE. It's a supernatural detective kind of novel, where you solve mysterious murders and catch the culprit, most often ghost or some other kind of supernatural beings.

Romance is not even secondary, but adventure is. Don't be deceived by author writing romance novel before, because Oddette also have very slow romance but this one will only exists in our delusions for a longer time. Like in Oddette, this is a story inside a story kind of transmigration. If Oddette is a novel transmigration, Celestial Master is a manhua transmigration, and genre is also very different because for the Male Protagonist in the manhua of this novel, there's no Female Protagonist. Another transmigrator (a female otaku who is an avid fan of the manhua) said that there are several candidates for the female protagonist, but most of the fan of the manhua said that no one can suit their very very very handsome MP god. Both MC and ML are powerful exorcists (using the general term here) ; MC with her knowledge passed from her own time and hardworking skill, and ML with his god-like OP power (which is a literal meaning in later chapters). The supernatural events happening are sometimes brutal and savage, and sometimes also plays with human feelings. Both MC and ML are not exactly compassionate people.

What I like about this novel is that most of the so-called spiritual cultivators in the novel are not reckless people that would seek death or excessive in their actions. Sure, they'd have the sneering and such similar things, but most of them would know not to offend excessively. Instead, it was the so-called normal citizens in the novel that shows the how petty a human can be to the point of ruining others.

The protagonists are in spoiler because I'd end up rambling instead of giving reviews:


Nie Wei (MC) : Reborn after getting betrayed her own 2nd Younger Disciple Sister and fellow sect younger disciples. Somehow got reborn to a girl called Nie Wei in a world that have low aura for cultivation. Her real name before transmigration is Ruo Xu. Narrations about her makes her seems cold, but in front of others she actually looks pretty amiable with a noble temper. Have above average looks and pretty hardworking. Have "Sky eyes", an ability that lets her sees the past and future at certain times. Very skillful in handling ghosts and have knowledge on almost every thing related to exorcism, demon sealing, cultivation practice, etc but have average skill for alchemy and feng shui. Considered to be a genius in a millennium year and was the next-in-line for the Sect Master position in Celestial Masters Sect. Thinks of Li Chen (ML) as a rival and benefactor. Currently a freshman at Qingyun University Chinese Literature department and also a signed 18-line artist in a small company. Has 2 ghost servants; Zuo Qing and Lan Lan, and a doll demon An Yue.

Li Chen (possible ML) : The male protagonist of the manhua that Nie Wei transmigrated into. The reincarnation of a Buddhist deity, he have golden aura which is the merit accumulated from his past lives surrounding his body and can be controlled by will. Nie Wei said his golden aura is so strong it can blind people's eyes. He's from a rich an influential family, but because of his golden merit has been raised in a Buddhist temple since very young. Have the temperament of a Buddhist monk, and so he looks gentle and kind but honestly have none of the so called human desires so his EQ is pretty low and is not very talkative. Has two older cousin; Li Rui is the most popular movie king and Li Yang is a national school prince. The Li clan all have very good-looking genes in their body and Li Chen is the most handsome out of his cousins. His golden merit have the power to purify evil, so he's very powerful. He is the direct disciple of the abbot of Famen Temple and also the adviser of Dragon Group. Originally is a freshman in the Chinese Literature department of Qingyun University, but because of his overwhelming popularity on campus that even disturbing the class, he changed to the Religion department. Appreciates Nie Wei's attitude and admires her strength, also have skill to alchemy dan.


tldr; MC very cool, very noble, very domineering. ML very handsome, very handsome, very handsome (important things are repeated 3 times!), and very OP.

If I would rate the story, it would be 4.5 just because the novel in itself is interesting but turtle-speed romance is pretty hard to bear for me. It was easy to follow the story, but I would suggest the editor (for me since it's MTL its not their own real translation) to find a proofreader because it was pretty painful to read the novel again without at least have some know-how on the terms because there'll be a lot of technical terms on exorcising and spells later to think of. The only reason my rating fell down to 3 is because of the translation. Sorry, you did your best, but I love my novel and need at least decent translation even if it's MTL. <<less
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myx rated it
March 26, 2019
Status: Completed
This is from the author of Oddette so there is bound to be slow romance. I really like it and the mtl is really easy to understand. As MiyaMira said the ML is the world's protagonist and it has been confirmed but not much romance just MC doing her thing like Feng Wu. Like Oddette beside MC transmigrating there is also another girl and a girl with a system that takes others luck (?). This book is just an easy enjoyable read really recommend.

(Edit) It had a good start... more>> and then it ended. I mean it made sense from beginning to end but it felt off like it could go on more. I mean this story is more like a life reincarnations just traveling through cycles of life with the MC going through it with the ML.


I mean come on MC was a fish and ML was a Buddha in heaven. Oh yeah they had their wedding in heaven after their mortal selves died.

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