Heart Stealer Young Master Bo


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“If you run away again, I will destroy the world!”

“I won’t run, I won’t run. I’ll be good!”

Bo Yucheng watches the vixen who intently tries to escape and gets his hands on two marriage certificates instantly.

“If you dare to escape illegally again, I will use legal means to bring you back.”

The girl nods her head fervently.

From this moment on, Young Master Bo has become addicted to pampering and protecting his wife.

However, there are rumors that Mrs Bo is an ugly, idiotic, and s*upid woman from a poor family background, making her undeserving of Young Master Bo’s love and favor.

Hence, billions of fans from all over the world become unhappy. “Who dares to talk bad about our goddess?”

The people from world-class medical research institute are also annoyed. “Who is so blind to belittle the successor of our institute?”

Even the First Young Master of the wealthiest family is enraged. “I heard that someone is looking down on the daughter of the Shi Family?”

Everyone is dumbfounded and shocked as they look at the girl who is placed on the pedestal in various fields.

Young Master Bo pulls his wife into his embrace immediately and smirks. “If anyone dares to provoke my wife again… they shall just be put to death.”

[A wolf in sheep’s clothing VS A beautiful queen]
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N.Celeste rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: c1100
Tbh, seeing no responses, no comments here, not even decently tagged I was very skeptical about this book, but I braved through the first few chapters and then I realised it’s not bad, it’s not bad at all. The author doesn’t annoyingly drags the storyline. The MC has multiple vests, but despite that she seems human to me. Like she’s not horridingly cold or low eq person. She strives for family love and affection and responds well to her family (not hypocritical at all). And main plus point for me... more>> is, even though she reincarnated, she doesn’t blindly love- cough worships the Ml. She keeps her rationality like she doesn’t wanna jump into marriage as soon as she reincarnated and realises how much the ML sacrificed for her. She has her own choices and personality which I love. And ya, her vest being stripped off are kinda bland but I just persevered through solely because of the MC. I liked her charming character. It’s not a bad story you can give it a try. <<less
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