He Is That Guy


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**From the very beginning, Yoo Chae and I had a problematic first encounter.**

Jihan, an AOS game ranker who kept losing while being constantly kept in check by the pro gamer ‘Gamgak’, switches games to the MMORPG . When he joined a famous guild, the guild master ‘Yoo Chae’ trips over Jihan’s nickname and picks a fight with him for no reason. However, after learning Jihan’s AOS nickname, he suddenly starts actively flirting with Jihan, and Jihan becomes furious at his changed attitude….

What could be the true feelings of ‘Yoo Chae’, whose attitude has changed?

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That Guy Is That Guy
그놈이 그놈이다
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New Tarocchi rated it
July 8, 2024
Status: c88
I found this through the promo webcomic and so far, I enjoyed the story so much. The game scenes were so easy to picture out in my head. The characters are also amusing especially the dynamics between MC and ML.

MC is so smart. I thought it might be like those tropes where he looks smart but is actually dumb, but this time, he is smart and quick to notice things.

ML is childish but not the bad type of childish. He is like a puppy who wants his hyung's attention.

... more>>

I do question why ML would go to such lengths to hide that Yoo Chae and Gamgak are one person.


Overall, it's one of the stories I await for any new updates. <<less
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